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Speaker Boehner

It all started back on August 5th when that liberal blogger posted an invitation of a fundraiser at the Minnehaha Country club with Kristi Noem and special guest, Speaker of the House John Boehner.

After that, things went pretty quiet until 5 days later when the Argus Leader’s Johnathon Ellis reported the story to the masses. It obviously produced strong opinions, generating 175 comments online. Ellis brought the story back again in a column on Sunday, where an unnamed former Republican State Senator had plenty to say.

Frankness makes for a much better story and his comments began to peak my curiosity…

…a fundraiser at the Ha has an “elitist” appearance, said my dinner guest. Better to have a public forum at the VFW and a fundraiser later.

Unfortunately the former senator is right on some level, and it does give a poor appearance. There are a lot of places that would have been a better choice than the country club.

We’re all aware that political candidates sometimes blow up in cataclysmic events. Think hookers, bribes and Twitter. But more common are a series of small nicks and cuts, along with an evolving shift in public opinion, that eventually add up to defeat. And the Boehner fundraiser at a country club is one of those
small cuts, in my guest’s opinion…

We can all speculate who that person might be… but it doesn’t really matter to me. We are all entitled to our opinions.

Earlier yesterday afternoon, the SD Dems sent out a tweet offering free pancakes to those who attend their rally to counter Noem and Boehner’s event.

SDDP Tweet declaring free pancakes

This looks like an event to watch; I wonder how it will play out in the public eye.

How would you have handled a John Boehner event if you were Kristi Noem? To me Noem’s handlers miscalculated. I’m certain that there are parameters and guidelines Boehner’s people will accept.

My opinion is not that the Democrats will gain much long term traction from this event but that Kristi Noem will have lost an opportunity greater than any amount she raises on Thursday. This was her moment to end last years victory for the people with an exclamation mark. It was a time to show the people of South Dakota that The Speaker of the People’s House was here for all of us, that the high school kid who donated his free evenings putting up yard signs or went door to door for her had the same opportunity to share in this moment as those who can donate a substantial dollar amount to her campaign. This was her moment to solidify her place as the future of the SD GOP. Kristi’s campaign line was “The US House of Representatives is the people’s house. It’s where the will and sentiments of the people are heard.” This was the chance for her to reiterate that point in front of all of South Dakota with resounding affirmation.

No matter how we would have handled this event we can appreciate that Kristi Noem has entered the big leagues and is a strong asset for South Dakota.

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  1. CaveMan

    Bahambug to all the naysayers. The letter was an invitation to a private fundraiser asking for a donation. Whoop whoop a picture with Boehner. Happens all the time in every state. Go to Dakotafest, any local fair or the State Fair if you want to get up front and close to Rep. Noem. BTW they drilled the good Rep. Noem about a week ago on FOX and she never blinked an eye while speaking like a pro.

    The Dems and Argus are being Nusselfluffed on this one big time; and so are you if you bit on it being a big deal. 🙂

    1. feasant

      I agree with CaveMan, fundraisers are held all the time. Thank you Mr. Boehner for coming to see our great State and supporting Kristi Noem.

      The Dems should bring in Nancy Pelosi to counter Boehner’s efforts.

    2. springer

      Is Noem going to Dakotafest?

      I supported her last year, and one of my main arguments against SHS was that she had no public meetings on the health care bill (OK, she had one before anyone knew what it was or had concerns; once there were problems, SHS was in hiding). I think Noem should have had many town hall type meetings during this month. In the Siouxland Republican Women mailing, Noem had a statement touting her support of the compromise debt ceiling bill; but another article in the same mailing stated exactly what this wonderful “compromise” really was and what it did NOT accomplish – no spending cuts essentially, a commission with authority to raise taxes, etc. Maybe that is why Noem is not meeting with constituents openly – she does not want to explain her vote.

      I still support Noem, but she needs to remember why she was sent to DC and that we want open meetings with her. A fundraiser is one thing, but she should have included a free meet and greet following this too for those of us who want to support her but don’t have the big bucks to afford the country club shindig. And it should be advertised hugely and promoted.

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    Caveman, I only have one complaint – I’d have loved to been invited to tee it up with Boehner. He’s supposed to be a good stick. As for Benji’s pancake feed, I wouldn’t oder too many boxes of mix.

    1. J Rae

      Lee, you weren’t invited? Seriously? Note to Kristi’s staff…Lee is one of those guys that matters. And if he hasn’t spent it on hunting dogs or golf, I’d bet he has a enough to at least cover breakfast.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure it was an email blast invite.

      I’ve never been impressed with Shields or Noem’s handlers. She does have some good people working for her though.

      This was a screw up and it will linger.

    2. Anonymous

      I think you are being modest. You should be in that little golf outing. Have you taught your dogs to find errant tee shots yet?

  3. Duh

    Big Deal. Ok, how about Oblabla’s $35,000 per couple for the privilege of hearing him talk about how he is going to screw us/including those in attendance. What morons. Right up there with an Oblabla bumpsticker on a $100,000 MB.

  4. anon

    These are the kind of mistakes people and parties make when they don’t have real opposition.

    It is also the kind of thing that can hurt in the long run.

  5. Bill Fleming

    I think it’s nice that John Boehner is coming here. I also think it’s nice that Eric Cantor isn’t. Maybe after the fundraiser, Kristi and John can sit down together around the kitchen table and have a good cry. Man, is our country screwed up right now, or what?

    1. Job Creator

      Bill, our country is not nearly as screwed as our systems…

      Legal system = screwed up
      Banking system= screwed up
      Political system = screwed up
      Investment system = screwed up

      You and I and all the rest of these good people in here need to maintain our solid foundations and carry on. We’ll emerge someday with systems that are designed to serve us instead of the shysters that currently occupy the seats inside them.

  6. anon

    The problem child for all is the required dedication to the party be it a D or R..

    40 yrs ago we had parties but they worked together. TODAY it is party first not the people of of AMERICA.

    Who really cares what happen as the parties do not care about the people just the private pocket books………….
    Most of you will bitch about this but then who really cares as those elected do not care.

    I want action not a moving mouth………….. Politicians have moving mouths with no production.

  7. grudznick

    If I had a basement or a back that could shovel with as much alacrity as I had even 30 years ago I’d be storing vast quantities of beans underground, for the coming collapse we will all be facing.

  8. The Truth

    Lee, for $500 you could have had breakfast and for a $10,000 you could have golfed with Boehner. Maybe there’s still time?

  9. caheidelberger

    Bill/Hans, have you ever heard of making your concluding sentence correspond with the thesis of your essay? Most of your text indicates she’s lessened her quality as an asset for South Dakota. Boehner’s visit just shows she’s a lapdog: she sits up and barks, Boehner gives her a treat. Oh yay.

    The Boehner visit is only half of the story. The bigger story, the one that’s really going to bite her, is that halfway into recess, she still hasn’t scheduled any public fora. The roundtable with Mica in Pierre isn’t clearly offering people a chance to speak with her directly. What’s she doing all recess, riding horses back at the ranch? Get the heck back to work, Congresswoman. Shouldn’t you be talking with us about that jobs plan the GOP hasn’t offered yet, or that healthcare repeal the GOP hasn’t delivered? I’m working harder than Noem this summer, and I’m getting paid a heck of a lot less. Noem’s performance is an embarassment.

    1. duggersd

      Cory, on January 19, 2011 the House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal the monstrosity called Obamacare. It went to the Senate where it was not able to be passed due to Democrats, not Republicans. Final tally: 51-47 in favor of defeating it. I am thinking in 2013, it will come up again with a different result…. And what is the Obama jobs plan? Republicans in the House have offered ideas to get the economy going only to be thwarted by the Senate and President.

  10. Anonymous

    Hey Kristi when you have meetings to talk about your medicare vote.Pleas let us know here so I can bring some seniors.

  11. Duh

    You pinheads are so unoriginal. That is the same lines that were used to bring down SHS via Pelosi. Problem is, the GOP’s stance was true, your’s is complete B.S. The underlying reputation off Noem is that she doesn’t back down to anyone. She has her own ideals. Boehner was brought here as a fund raising tool, nothing else. A lapdog? Hardly. How is that different than SHS bringing her toadies to stump for her during the election? Boehner’s popular which will help get $$ for Noem to fight any lacky that you folks pony up. How has she lessened her value to SD? Kristi has ascended up the ranks and is one of the most popular representatives in D.C. and the U.S. which means what she says has credibility and will or should get her way (for SD) OR she will be branded by the pinheads because she won’t open her wallet indiscriminately like the Demos have been taught.

    Other than your continued obsessiveness with Kristi, there’s nothing to the Noem slamming. SHS got her ass handed to her and it’s only going to get worse for your side of the isle in 2012. Maybe if you quit your blathering on the blogs all day, your net income would go up, ironically only to be taxed by your annointed one.

    1. Anonymous

      Speaking of being unoriginal, Duh, you are factually incorrect when you stated SHS got her ass handed to her. Noem only won by 7,114 votes. That does not constitute ones ass being handed to them. Unless your pseudonym is Duh.

  12. El Toro Loco Grande (The big crazy (old) Bull)

    It does if someone takes on an incumbent with more money, and it is in SD with not a lot of people voting…

  13. CaveMan

    Caheidelberger there is one huge flaw in what you wrote above and a tremendous difference between how you view government and how I do. The increase of sustainable jobs in America will be accomplished when the government gets out of the way and lets capitalism work. We find now the Federal Transportation Safety board trying to subvert agriculture and states rights to govern intra-state transportation by forcing all equipment operators to obtain a commercial CDL license. My fourteen year old son will need a CDL to drive a tractor home from the field for me. INSANE!! The Obama EPA is trying to register what we exhale every other few seconds as a noxious gas, (saw a bumper sticker once which stated-“Screw the ACLU!”—now it should read “Ban the EPA!”) taxing companies who exhale more than the Feds like to see. When has the private sector (jobs) ever been able to expand while government is confiscating their earnings? Government growth is akin to graft. Government is not the answer it is the problem. Pretty simple thought process to wrap your mind around but it seems many just don’t get it. Cut ten to fifteen percent of the Federal government and our economic output will increase. The state of South Dakota cut 10 percent of government last session and look what is happening to our sales tax receipts. Wow , it works, less government equals more capitalism. So Mr. CH in keeping with always respecting intellect I will continue working on you and showing proof that your way is blasphemous to the integrity of our future and fight to constrict the growth of government always. The next war we will fight is what does taking another percent out of our economy sending it to gov. coffers do to our growth? When is the next crisis in government going to have some demanding another percent sales tax, and then another and another and another? Or does the increase in output of the people allow for the expansion of the actuall amount in four percent to grow along with the economy thereby sending a larger paycheck to Pierre?

    1. feasant

      Right on CaveMan!

      There are three “shovel ready” projects ready to go in SD, Big Stone 2, Walworth County power plant, and oil refinery in SE, these are all put on hold because of BIG Gov. That is approx 8000 jobs right here in our State. Get the Government out of the way and Capitalism works, if you like Socialism please move to a Country that has that form of Government.

    2. yoyoyoyoyo

      hmmm kind of thought we got into this mess by letting capitalism work…if we continue to let it work as it is i dont see any reason to turn around our economy. Why create american jobs when you can pay foreign workers a fraction of the wage? A consumer driven economy cant servive if the consumers dont have any money.

  14. duh

    Anon: SHS was the incumbent. Any way you spin it, SHS got handled. Even after her attempted chili fiasco, she still got whipped.

  15. anon

    When someone says things you do not like to hear it is a attack!!! Where is the truth in what has and has not been done. The truth is the thing that is almost impossible to find in today’s world of crooked politicians. IT IS TIME TO HAVE SOLUTIONS BE IT A D OR R OR SOMEPLACE BETWEEN. LOTS OF CHARGES NOW PRODUCE THE TRUTH. THE TRUTH WILL PRODUCE A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER. ALL 3 IN DC, ALL 106 IN PIERRE NEED HELP TO TELL THE TRUTH…


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