The worst candidate rollout in state history is tomorrow.

Ann Tornberg had to work pretty hard to wrest the title of “worst candidate rollout in state history” from Paula Hawks, but somehow she managed it.  Tomorrow, Dems will roll out their “golden boy,” Yankton Democrat Party Chair Jay Williams to the world as their US Senate candidate.

Williams probably didn’t realize when he told the Democrats that “he would do it if no one else would” that he would be the one to get stuck with the hot potato.  And now, as his Yankton hometown newspaper notes, they anticipate that given his no-name status, he will “be little more than a token lamb for slaughter.

Even the Argus mocked the announcement this week, praising Dems only because scotch would be available to blunt such awfulness.

I don’t suspect tomorrow will be any cause for celebration for Democrats. If anything, it’s a chore they can check off their list, as they begin the long march towards the inevitable.

4 Replies to “The worst candidate rollout in state history is tomorrow.”

  1. Sewing Ladies

    Mr. Williams is utterly ridiculous in trying to run against John. Seriously, the election should have been called for our US Senate seat as no one is as good as John at looking out for the best intetests of our state. John Thune will long be remembered as our best US Senator, hands down. Thank you Senator Thune for your willingness to serve South Dakotans, and keep an eye out for our Q1 contribution. If you are ever in the area let us know as our group is always happy to see you.

    1. Richard

      John Thune should be ashamed of himself. He refused to co-sponsor the renewal of the Zadroga Bill, ensuring medical care for 9/11 responders. He didn’t vote for the Omnibus Bill, which included the Zadroga Bill. We served when our country called us, after the deadliest terrorist attack on our soil. We are suffering and dying for our efforts. And Thune turned his back on us. Shame on him.

      1. Springer

        This is the problem with the omnibus bill. Bring the Zadroga bill as a stand alone bill. People are sick of sticking everything in one bill, and then in order to get the good, you have to take mostly the bad. The omnibus bill passed anyway, so why vote for a bill you oppose if you know it will pass anyway.

  2. Billie

    The buzz in Democratic circles is that Tornberg now has an even bigger problem on her hands — this Jay Williams character didn’t actually think he’d have to do this so now he’s getting cold feet. This “roll out” could be even worse for Tornberg’s keystone kops chairmanship of the Democrats.