There are things that shock me. This was not one of them.

There are things that shock me. This was not one of them.

notshockedIf you’re wondering why I wasn’t shocked, you have a short memory:


(You can read that here.)

7 Replies to “There are things that shock me. This was not one of them.”

  1. JoeSchmoe

    Pat, you’re incredibly disingenuous. You report on the story as if Howie supports Sanders. He doesn’t. As a registered independent, Howie was not allowed to vote in the GOP primary. Since he could not vote for any of the GOP candidates, he cast a ballot for the dem candidate he believed to be weakest. But you knew that, Pat.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      He doesn’t support Sanders? You speak as if a gun was held to his head when he cast his ballot. If you have evidence of this, you should file a police report.

      Otherwise, when he was running for Senate, the PAC supporting him sure took a lot of Union and Soros money. People can draw their own conclusions.

    2. Anonymous

      Apparently he was too dense to realize what an independent can and cannot vote on. Duh.

  2. enquirer

    let’s resist the call for an open republican primary. we know why the dems want theirs open, let’s not succumb.

  3. JoeSchmoe

    I’m not calling for an open primary. I’m asking Pat to report with integrity.

    1. Anonymous

      So, Gordon votes for Sanders, a PAC associated with him took 100k in Union and Soros money, and you’re grumbling about PP? I’m not sure you’re complaining about the right person.

  4. Anonymous

    If he was voting for the weakest candidate, which I didn’t see him claim, he voted for the wrong one as Bernie beats Trump in the polls more than Hillary.