There Romney goes again…

Mitt Romney could have saved himself a lot of trouble by just running as a Democrat in Massachusetts all those years ago. Then he wouldn’t need to contort into awkward reversal while running for president all these years later. Plus he would have had an easier time getting elected in Massachusetts.

It’s getting to the point where any position Romney currently holds, we can expect to find a video of him previously expressing a contradictory opinion.

“There are some, if you will, classical Republicans, and I don’t want to be political here. The classical Republican approach is to say you know what makes America so great is our great corporations. And if we just clear the decks so that corporations can be more successful and give them more money, and make it
easier for them to succeed. Well, then we will do even better on the world stage. I don’t happen to subscribe to that traditional Republican caricature,” Romney said.

Now it’s not necessarily the issue that bothers me. I have my own thoughts about our current version of government subsidized and regulated “free market” and the large corporations that benefit from those subsidies and regulations. It’s the fact that he has a different position on so many issues than he had in the past that makes me inclined to be uncomfortable with Romney.

In the 2010 elections, candidates like Florida Senator Marco Rubio emerged as conservative leaders who brought with them a core set of principles and a willingness to stand up for them. I am at a total loss to understand how two years later the winner in Iowa and New Hampshire is a Republican who does not seem to genuinely fit the mold with consistency and purpose that so many of us desire. I cannot imagine a greater contrast between candidates of the same party.

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  1. rob_dibble

    Bill Clay who would you vote for if the SD primary was today?

    (Most likely Newt, but we’ll see who’s still around in June. BC)


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