4 Replies to “There’s a bit of divide among legislators on how to raise teacher salaries. And a bit of snark.”

  1. Springer

    They don’t need to be at the capitol early in the morning. They have the news media doing their work for them by pointing out all the “no” vote legislators and giving their addresses and phone numbers, in essence urging everyone to become lobbyists for the bill. I thought news media was supposed to be impartial – ha!

  2. G Laska

    Although the people of SD realize the salary level of teachers needs to be raised, most are against more taxes. If this tax revenue were used just for that specific purpose it would be easier to accept. Administration of several school districts have already stated that all of the funds they receive will not go to teacher’s salaries. On the side of property tax relief, it seems ludicrous to to tax us with one type of tax to give us relief from another.

  3. duggersd

    I was thinking. Why don’t they just take the money from Video Lottery and apply that to education? Then only the people who want to be taxed will be taxed…..