There’s a rumor of a coming 2018 Gubernatorial Announcement coming.

The world of GOP political gossip is highly charged at the moment, with multiple sources noting that an announcement in the 2018 GOP race for Governor is forthcoming, possibly as soon as today.

While some are speculating that someone is going to announce that they’re in, the more prevalent rumor is that an announcement may be forthcoming that someone is getting out. But again, it’s all a rumor at this point.

If one of the major players in the GOP Hunt for Governor decides to take a pass, it opens up what has generally been a closed contest, and might entice others to dip their toes in the water in an exploratory effort.

Hang on for more.

17 Replies to “There’s a rumor of a coming 2018 Gubernatorial Announcement coming.”

  1. Anonymous

    Mickelson is in. He could announce now or after session. I personally think he should get in at the end of session after he is Speaker.

    Jackley is in. Jackley should announce soon and go all out. He has nothing to wait for. If he waits it signals that he’s waiting to see what Kristi does.

    Huether could be in. I don’t know why he would announce now though. It doesn’t make much sense since he is the top candidate in the SDDP. Maybe he runs as an Independent. That might be his best option. Jackley or Mickelson vs Huether vs Sutton

    Noem on fence could get in and stun everyone right away. That would be incredible. A lot of Republicans and Democrats would be scrambling. Jackely and Mickelson would go nuts and be caught flat footed. I don’t see why she would say she isn’t running the day after the election. Speculation never hurts anyone.

    Nothing major happens today.

    1. Anonymous

      The only person I think that could get in now is Jackley. He should pull the trigger and make the jump. Why would he continue to put up a façade that he’s not running when he is. Basically I see Mickelson having to be tied up from January-March. Jackley should make that his opportunity to get a head start.

      1. Anonymous

        My theory is that if Jackley waits and Noem gets in before him no one will care that Jackley is running. He basically loses if he plays it safe. If he gets in and starts to build an organization publicly then I think that factors in to Kristi’s decision and makes her more likely to stay out.

        Candidates need to show strength especially if they are already telling people they are running.

        Jackley should announce prior to session after the first of the year. Not necessarily today.

        Mickelson after session.

  2. Minnehaha County Observer

    Can’t imagine Mickelson, Jackley or Noem would announce they are out right after the election. When asked if she was running Noem said she would have to see how the Presidential race turned out and IF a Republican won and they able to pass reforms she has been working on, then she would consider Governor.

    More likely is that a non-top tier candidate will announce they are in or out.

    1. Michael Wyland

      He’s already trying to position himself as an independent. I know the indications are that he really wants to be Governor, but being left-of-center politically *and* from Sioux Falls are two negatives in this state. Yes, I know the state’s Democratic Party isn’t well-organized or well-financed these days, but without their volunteer base to support a candidacy, Huether as an independent would have to buy his ground game. Independents, by definition, don’t have a party structure or infrastructure to support candidates.

      The good news for Huether is that he can self-finance his campaign if he chooses to. The bad news is that self-financing often obscures the lack of political support required to achieve the critical momentum necessary to win at the polls. There are a lot of millionaires who thought they could buy political office, bypassing donors, who failed.

  3. Conservative

    It is waaaaaaaay too early to announce. Good lord, we just got done with an excruciating election. Please give voters a break…and candidates who are currently serving in office should focus on doing their job, not running for the next office.

  4. Misty

    Hopefully it is an “I’m in” announcement. There’s awkwardness with an “i’m out” announcement when no one has officially announced being in.

    Wouldn’t a candidate need to be “in” prior to announcing they’re “out?”

    1. Anonymous

      Michael is that true..did you hear it from him directly or is that your speculation on the announcement?

        1. Anonymous

          ok…but was he ever in??? He never publicly said he was running for governor yet he is publicly announcing he’s not.