Theresa’s philosophy is apparently to never let a disaster go to waste when you’re trying to score political points

In the wake of tornados pummeling Sioux Falls, in the middle of the city making sure people are safe, making sure streets are passable, and all the other things they’re doing, of couse we have those trying to make it about themselves.

Hot off the press from Sioux Falls City Councilwoman Theresa “Pay attention to me – me me me” Stehly:

I believe it was former Obama Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel who said “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.

So of course, Stehly tries to make the disaster about her. Despite the fact that the City has it well in hand with their response, and hours ago noted they were already looking into what happened with some sirens not firing (without Theresa’s prompting).  Ugh.

What was that cartoon from Dakota Posts from early this year…

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  1. It’s worth noting she was responding to people’s comments around 12-1 am who where questioning why they didn’t hear the sirens.

  2. She was doing what a leader does. She is listening to the concerns of her constituents and getting to work. Provide support for those affected while analyzing what could have been done better. Even TenHaken called for looking into the siren failure. Are you going to criticize him as well? Looks like Powers is starting the political bashing early to help out team Jensen.

  3. Everyone has been talking about the sirens all night. What about Theresa trying to buy votes by demanding free city services?

  4. So she wants to provide free city cleanup relief, but also will not support a small inflationary increase in property taxes. Where does she think this “free” cleanup would come from. City employees, funded by property and sales tax dollars, who have to be paid, and materials must be used to provide this “free” cleanup. She wants the city to also trim all of the trees in the boulevard throughout the city, and provide more and more “free” services, but doesn’t want to fund any of it. You can’t have it both ways.

    This happened in the last disaster too (the floods), instead of letting the administration do their jobs and staying out of the way, she shoved her way in, and claimed credit for things the administration was already doing. Leading is NOT about claiming credit for things you had nothing to do with and aren’t your job. Let the administration do their job (operations) and you do your job (policy making).

  5. One should probably review the County and/or City Emergency management plan regarding a tornado warning of when and where sirens go off before jumping to conclusions of anything.
    “Warning Sirens
    Outdoor warning sirens are placed strategically throughout the City of Sioux Falls as well as the smaller communities of Minnehaha County. It must be noted that these sirens are outdoor sirens to warn the populace that are outside. They will not and were not designed to reach all areas inside buildings. For indoor warning, people are urged to purchase a weather radio.

    At the present, the City of Sioux Falls is replacing older existing sirens with battery backed-up sirens. Eight of these sirens will be installed by July 1, 2000 with an additional eight installed by December 1, 2000.

    TESTING — The sirens are tested monthly. In the City of Sioux Falls, the test is held the first Friday at 11:00 am. For the smaller communities in Minnehaha County, the sirens are tested the first Saturday at 11:00 am.”

  6. We literally have hundreds of volunteers outside helping with cleanup on private property. Maybe thousands and this crazy liberal’s first impulse is to demand government expenditure.

    It is time we learn not to expect the government to solve our every problem lest we just make the nanny state even more pervasive. We don’t need members of “The Squad” in office here in South Dakota. TS=AOC

    1. Now, is exactly the time for the city to step up and help out. They can optimize that volunteer labor by coordinating with their equipment to speed up the cleanup. What good is having 50 people cleaning up debris if they don’t have a means of hauling it away? Why not reduce overall costs by utilizing that labor as best as possible? Set up drop off points and create collection areas in areas that were affected the most. The city should be able to spend money now to help save money down the road when the work is being done entirely by city workers.

  7. “Mayer”. Oh, for shame. What about “Hamberders”. “Boarder security.” “Covefefe”. “Smocking gun”. “…(got off) Scott free…”. “Councel”. “…lasting peach in the region…”. “…the Israeli’s security…”. “…Holy Sepulcher…”. “…a new approach, couple (sic) with changes…”. “Governor John (sic) Huntsman Jr….”. …explained it to W.H. Council (sic).” “…an unpresidented act.” “…tapp my phones…”. “…no challenge is to great.” “…atakker.” “San Bernadino (sic), CA.” “Denmakr”. “Teresa (sic) May.” “…hear by (sic)…”. “…hearby…”. “…W.E.B. DeBois (sic).”. “…our deepest apologizes for the earlier typo…”. “Secretary of Educatuon Betsy DeVos.” “…coverage about me gas been so false…”. “…in cooperation with Columbia…”. “I am honered to serve you, the great American People…” REALLY PEOPLE?? My 8th grade teacher reminded us that “When you point a finger, you have three pointing right back at you.”

    1. Right, JD. Any person who’s criticized or mocked a public figure’s spelling/ grammar should be de-platformed and canceled. Thankfully, Joe Biden never mocked Dan Quayle or George W. Bush. Dems are reliably tolerant and forgiving. Just ask Marianne Williamson.

      And what’s the statute of limitations? Samuel Gompers used to score political points complaining that “Harding does not use the word ‘normal’. He speaks of ‘normalcy’. The word is obsolete, and so is the condition to which he would return.”

      Remember the jerks going bananas over GWB’s pronunciation of “nuclear,” the same pronunciation used by Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, & Bill Clinton? Eisenhower was the 13th President of Columbia; Jimmy Carter took graduate courses in nuclear physics; Bill Clinton got his JD from Yale. They said it. No one cared. But whenever Bush spoke unconventionally, The Daily Show went wild.

      George W. had the perfect reaction: “Then there is my most famous statement: “Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning.” Let us analyze that sentence for a moment. If you’re a stickler, you probably think the singular verb “is” should have been the plural “are.” But if you read it closely, you’ll see I’m using the intransitive plural subjunctive tense. So the word “is” are correct. (Laughter and applause.) And you know what? Life goes on. My wife and my daughters still love me. Our military still protects our shores. Americans still get up and go to work. I don’t think it’s healthy to take yourself too seriously. But what I DO take seriously is my responsibility as President to all the American people. It’s the office I hold.”

      (apologies for typos).

  8. I reached out to Mayor Paul Tenhaken after being contacted by many citizens via email, facebook and phone calls with concerns about the siren safety and the free clean up request for downed branches.

    Apparently the Mayor reached out to you , Pat Powers before he got the information to me.

    Our Mayor uses facebook for selfies and videos exclusively to communicate with citizens. It is appearing that it is not acceptable for others to communicate using this venue as well.
    I hope that other elected officials don’t cower to these efforts at intimidation. Dragging out your cartoon, media headlines and the other “tools in your toolbox” is NOT going to deter me…I will continue to help the citizens.

    1. Theresa, you might want to dial down your paranoia. Because when you try to cite things that don’t exist such as ” efforts at intimidation,” “dragging out ‘my’ cartoon,” and “tools in your toolbox,” you sound like a complete nut. Or at least, someone with overly thin skin.

      People are allowed to have opinions about the antics of politicians, and they are allowed to question motives, and whether they may be grandstanding. Certainly, I’m not noting any behavior that hasn’t already been documented by the Argus…

      But then again, that might just be another ‘media headline’ from people who are using all the ‘tools in their toolbox’ to try to get you.

    2. The Republican machine is already gearing up to work against you. Pat Powers and Matt Paulson are using whatever they can to shed negative light on you even though the mayor is doing exactly what you asked for. The Jensen campaign is going to criticize every move you make.

    3. Ms. Stehly, I just wanted you to know that grudznick is not “out to get you” like “they” are. I am ambivalent. I don’t even understand what it is you are running for, but I like your cartoon.

  9. One more thing….as of 2:17 pm today, neither me or my staff has received any email communication from the Mayor about my request (on behalf of the citizens) for assistance in cleanup of tree waste.
    Nor has he updated us about the malfunction of our siren system during the tornado last night.
    Communication is so important.

    1. Theresa you as inept as you are uninformed. I watched the media briefing this morning and it was talked about extensively. Shouldn’t you be out cutting branches and helping citizens you claim to be the messiah for rather arguing with commenters on a blog?

    2. Could it be that the Mayor has more pressing things on his agenda than responding to your obvious and unnecessary requests?

      Could it be that the Mayor, like most everyone else, has heard so much bluster from you that they now have you on permanent “ignore” status? Ask Stace Nelson how well that works.

  10. SFVoter is right. The mayor had a two hour press briefing I listened to on the radio. He talked about the sirens and the clean-up which included free landfill usage, two in-town tree drop-off spots, and how city resources were being deployed in cleanup or how to access assistance from organized volunteer/free individual and business resources.

    The intelligence, radical socialist views, and desire for the public eye of Therese Stehley and AOC are eerily similar.

    1. Troy, so you are saying the mayor is putting money towards cleanup? Where is your criticism of him? Oh yeah, he has that big R behind his name. It’s amazing how petty you guys get over politics.

  11. The most troubling part of Councilor Stehly’s behavior is that she was giving out the phone number to the mayor’s office on Facebook and encouraging people to call the mayor and ask about the sirens (which the mayor had already publicly said he was looking into at that time).

    Why give out the mayor’s phone number and tell people to bug him when he’s publicly acknowledged the problem and said he’s working on it?

    Seems like sour grapes on Councilor Stehly’s part because the mayor didn’t call her back.

  12. Theresa absolutely loves, loves, loves attention….truly sad. She is in reelection mode so we will unfortunately be seeing more of Theresa. Not solving problems, but compounding them with misinformation and division. The opposition to her reelection is bi-partisan.

  13. stehly is doing what people do when they intend to be mayor (or mayer) and the government machine won’t let them do it from the inside. watch out.

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