They left a lot of room at the announcement today for Huether’s head to swell.

I’m not sure how they fit all the reporters in the Huether “Abandon the Dems” presser today..

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    1. Anonymous

      Just talked to some friends in Sioux Falls. He through the door wide open today for either congress or governor and distanced himself from the national Dems like Pelosi, he realized that Trump was not necessarily someone he needed to wrap his arms around if he was going to be an Independent and he through the SDDP under the bus by voting for Thune and Daugaard.

      All I know is that the GOP will need a good candidate to compete with a guy from Sioux Falls if he runs for the US House.

      1. SDGOPer

        If you’re a Republican, you can win statewide without winning Sioux Falls (Noem did it). If you’re a Democrat (or former Dem), you can’t. People are way overplaying the idea that he’s got an advantage being from Sioux Falls (SF is pretty split on him anyway)

        1. Anonymous

          Noem won Sioux Falls in a primary. Dusty won’t win Sioux Falls or west river. I think he has issues.

          1. Anonymous

            Huether is a stronger candidate in the general than Johnson for the GOP. For one he’s a private sector guy. Johnson has been a state employee until less than two years ago. Yes he’s a public servant but he’s also never done anything outside of government.

            I think Rhoden, Krebs, Michels are all stronger than johnson.

        2. Anonymous

          I’m from Sioux Falls as is my wife, and we wouldn’t vote for Mikey. There’s two you don’t get, Mikey!

      2. Anonymous

        “threw” not “through”, unless you’re going to say, “Mike Huether’s political career is through, due to his feeble attempt to portray himself as a moderate.”

  1. anon1

    Wow!! Does this ever qualify as the “I’ll say anything to get elected” category!!

    Throw the party, that’s gotten him elected before, under the bus because they no longer suit his needs! How do you spell S-E-L-F C-E-N-T-E-R-E-D!!

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    I’m always puzzled by the “women vote” or the “Sioux Falls vote” or any other large demographic that is labeled as voting in lockstep, save one reliable Democrat demographic group in southwest South Dakota. Sioux Falls is a large collection of diverse perspectives, and I don’t think anybody owns that vote. In fact, because of voter concentration it would be the easiest group for anybody to campaign in (compare trying to meet a thousand people in Harding County to doing it at a soccer tourney at Yankton Trails park). So, it’s actually the most available eldectorate for any hard working candidate, not own owned by anybody. Just a view from the campaign trenches. GO DUSTY

    1. duggersd

      Interesting comment. I do not believe Heuther will be able to go any farther politically, but I will give him credit for working hard to win his first election as mayor. He was everywhere with his “I Like Mike” pins. The Sioux Empire Fair has10’s of thousands of people coming, most from Sioux Falls. Even though it is over 1/2 of a year from the election, he was there meeting people. The down side for him is now the people know him and most will be glad to see him go. I doubt an overwhelming majority of people from Sioux Falls will vote to keep him in some office.

    2. Anonymous

      I don’t think voters will connect with Johnson. The new senator from Watertown would even destroy him in your home town.

  3. Anonymous

    On Belfrage this morning, I think it was telling that Huether didn’t want to really get into why he pulled this on the show today, but he was looking forward to getting into it on a later visit. Basically this means he hopes that people won’t remember this later so he can sweep it under the rug.

    So basically what he is saying is that he supported a platform that lost the presidency, kept the House and Senate in Republican control, and gave Republicans a big majority in governorships and state governments. I guess a chameleon will assume that color that will get him his dinner.