This is comedy? I'm not laughing

Okay so this is not about the Golden Globes and Ricky Gervais who offended the tender sensibilities of the Hollywood elite — Instead this is about an internet site and a planned Super Bowl ad — one that Fox has said it won’t air.  The site is called Jesus Hates Obama.   The commercial featured bobble heads — and I guess there is other merchandise that is for sale on the website.

Daily News Story

Does the guy have the freedom to run this site….sure.  Does Fox have the right to refuse his ad — absolutely — rejecting the ad doesn’t suppress anyone’s free speech.  But the site and it’s merchandise are in such poor taste I can’t even begin to get it.

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  1. Name

    As if his crappy website could spend 2 million plus to run this ad in the first place. The spot has pretty much gone viral now thanks to blogs and has probably gotten more views than it ever would have on TV. All for free. Obviously this was a publicity stunt that worked for them. I’m sure we’ll be seeing their stupid shirts, hats and mugs any time now.


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