This might be the battle of the plaid campaign. (Updated!)

In Marty’s campaign video below, I couldn’t help but notice his shirt….  Where have I seen that before?

Congresswoman Noem wore it in her 2010 Congressional video:

It’s plaid deja vu.   But in the midst of the plaid battle, Marty threw us a curveball..

He’s got a horse now, but switched up the pattern to blue…

This might be the battle of the plaid campaign. Stay tuned for more clashes of the tartan cloth!

Update: I felt bad, because I couldn’t find any photos of GOP Gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel wearing plaid in a campaign setting. And she’s probably not a plaid person.

So I thought I’d be a helper, and I mocked up what I thought might be the best way for Lora to express her views on the campaign trail in plaid:

Hm… I’ll have to see if it comes in red.

10 Replies to “This might be the battle of the plaid campaign. (Updated!)”

  1. Pat Powers Post author

    (And actually, at about 20 Sec in, Marty has further plaid-ed us.) 🙂

    And smile! It’s a great year to be a Republican in South Dakota!

  2. Cliff Hadley

    Mr. Jackley has on gingham and Ms. Noem wears buffalo check. Ms. Hubbel’s shirt is a solid plaid. That concludes the fashion lesson.