7 thoughts on “This new image from Vote No on V gave me a chuckle this AM.

  1. Anonymous

    V is a bad law. For the Democrats claiming to be pro-choice, apparently that only applies to abortion, not schools or apparently the people’s choice in the general election. They want to limit choice to just what fits their agenda.

    V is bad for South Dakota and I will be voting NO

    1. Cliff Hadley

      And don’t forget, Democrats want their special brand of choice for workers by forcing everyone to pay union fees and dues.

  2. Anonymous

    V is supported by the AARP and League of Women Voters, two groups I don’t share values with. That is part of knowing which party someone is affiliated with: if someone voted for Obama and will vote for Hillary, that tells me something (and something not very good) about their “values” and ideology.


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