Those sensitive Augustana children… prof cancels class due to election.

On Eye on KELOLAND tonight, they just had a story about an Augie prof who canceled class due to the election, while another (psych) prof said those who are particularly sensitive about it should limit their exposure to politics for a while.


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  1. Wow

    To encourage young people to stay away from classes to wallow in disappointment is inexcusable. Life goes on. I would hope that Augie can find a suitable replacement for the professor soon. In a realistic world, we know that we cannot stay home from jobs, shut down businesses and schools, quit everything just because disappointments happen.

  2. Troy Jones

    Oh My Gosh!!! Me thinks the professors might be projecting their inability to deal with life onto their students or they underestimate the mettle of their students. In either case, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. William Beal

    Augie is a private school, so they’re free to indulge as much insanity as their students (and their parents) are willing to pay for.

    On the other hand, I’d really hate to think our state’s Board of Regents would condone such behavior at State Universities. We already fund Kindergartens.

  4. Troy Jones


    Maybe we have a bigger problem than we think. Watch the first 40 seconds of this clip.

    Rachel is actually pretty clever, the person who did this picked a perfect song, but the girl having a meltdown might be the students Augie is concerned about. If they are, they should feel embarrassed they are taking this girl’s (and any other student’s) money because she is not ready for high school.

    1. William Beal

      Unfortunately, you’re right Troy.

      But far to many of our Universities are willing to take money from anyone who cares to give it to them, and far too many are willing to bury themselves in debt, to give it to them.

      It’s good for their bottom line.

  5. Walter Cronkite

    I bet It’s the same leftist “teacher” that led a group of students to walk out of Dick Cheney’s speech at the Boe Forum a number of years ago …

  6. Dave R

    Guessing the Augustana Republicans wouldn’t have needed a time out if Hillary had won.

    When I read stories about college students being given coloring books and play doh to assuage their feelings, I wonder if they are being mocked or we are being trolled.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Tell me about it. My daughter is looking at attending. Bleaugh. (Although I have another one who is looking at transferring to SDSU. So, I’m a happy dad).

      1. Darrin

        Pat, this is one of a couple of reasons I so glad my daughter picked USF not Augie. Even though my wife is a graduate of Augie, I attended Augie, we both have refused to give them any money for the past five years. The college, mainly academics, are a joke. When my wife and I attended in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s Augustana was much different place.

  7. Carl Bernstein

    Augustana assistant professor K.C. Carlson called off her cultural anthropology class Wednesday. She said her students, many of them minorities, needed a mental health break………

    1. Fled to Red

      Maybe it’s more like:

      Augustana assistant professor K.C. Carlson was too hung over or depressed after her election watching party to make it to work on Wednesday. She therefore called off her cultural anthropology class …

  8. Springer

    And today high school kids are being let out of school to protest against Trump, carrying Mexican flags no less. This stuff is out of hand.

    I have relatives who are progressive, probably socialist in their views actually, who are signing petitions to get rid of the electoral college. One even thinks it is unfair that each state gets two senators when the population numbers vary so much. I am not sure anymore if all of this ends well for our nation.

  9. Troy Jones


    I think the aggregate of these protests, the silliness of kids getting a “mental health break”, and the seizures in the media (not to mention the solid steps he has been taking since the election) are confirming to the electorate the right person was elected.

    I’m going bet he will get the standard approval rating bump new Presidents get with the general population and the opposition will be weaker and more isolated. It’s all good.

    1. Springer

      I hope you are right. If this is just a few people here and there protesting, fine. If it is being organized, as evidently can now be shown, by far left people (Soros) with an aim to destroy this nation, I am not sure that common sense will prevail.

  10. Anonymous

    Pfft. You lot are just the latest generation to bloviate on “what’s wrong with kids today?!?” …and yet the world spins on. I don’t think you’ve got too much to worry about concerning the future these good Lutheran kids will make when it comes their time to lead. Relax and remind yourself of the stupid crap your parents told you about being seen and not heard.

  11. AugieDoggie

    One of the most conservative profs on campus called off classes too. This is not an ideology thing as much as a exhaustion one.

    But “kids these days”, right?

    Also, @Pat and everyone else considering other schools, Augie is still the best in the state (for a liberal arts education). Highest pay, best job outcomes.


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