Thoughts on Noem's fundraising

Kristi Noem

Late last week Noem’s campaign sent out a press release discussing her fundraising for the previous quarter. The numbers indicate that there are only two people the democrats have who could mount a formidable campaign in terms of fundraising, and they are Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin and Brendan Johnson, neither of whom are expected to run this cycle. I also don’t think either could match Noem in fundraising for a congressional campaign or get over the anti-Obama wave that is going to hit South Dakota in 2012.

Which brings me to my other thoughts. Since Minnehaha County Commissioner Jeff Barth has already declared his candidacy for the 2012 race, we know that Noem will not go unchallenged as Thune did in 2010. But realistically, how much can a lower tier candidate seriously make Noem spend? If the Democrats cannot make Noem spend money, it will be rolled over to 2014, and she will have a very sizable advantage in the fundraising race if she chooses to run for Senate. Many people talked about Thune running for President because he had $6 million plus in the bank from an unchallenged Senate race that could be transfered to a presidential campaign. If Noem walks away from 2012 with a sizable amount on hand, it will only increase her stature and her potential as a leader in South Dakota.

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    1. Kareemed Abdul Jabberwock

      Shortly after getting beaten by Rave, I heard Dan gew a beard and had a melt down on Dell Rapids Main Street after getting a parking ticket.

      Is he expanding his DVD rental business, I hear that is a growth market.

      He can always try out for the SkyForce basketball team again, I hear they love inviting people back that pay the fee to try out.

  1. Anonymous

    Either way the D’s need a better primary than Barth vs nobody or Barth vs Varilek.

    Curd, Nelson and Noem were all seen as very credible.

    Curd because he was smart and could raise money, Nelson because he had broad appeal as an elected official and Noem because she was able to contrast herself as the female alternative to SHS and raise money.

  2. Pappy

    Word on the street is that Senator Johnson’s son Brendan is getting in the race for House early next year. He is being very active on the political preparation front. You heard it here first

    1. 73*

      If Brendan Johnson did get in to this race he would be a game changer and really elevate himself. I dont’ think he would need to win either. Even if he kept Noem in the single digits it would elevate his status for an open seate down the road.

      I would recommend her run against her and run a positive campaign.

      More likely though is that he sits it out until Obama loses in ’12 and then is unemployed in the US attorney’s office and looking for a new gig.

    1. Anonymous

      Worst thing the Dems could do is let her run positive campaign ads for 2 months and remake her image as a “nice” girl when the voters currently think she is in the mean girl crowd.


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