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Mitt Romney

Most of the time we hear people talk about Romney as a Massachusetts liberal: he is flip flopping on his past positions in order to fit with a more conservative base because he wants to win the GOP presidential primary. If that is possible, isn?t it also possible that Romney has always been mostly conservative, but he realized back in 1994 and 2002 that the electorate of Massachusetts wouldn?t support an open conservative, so he modified his real positions in that race from conservative to moderate or liberal in order to fit Massachusetts? more liberal electorate?

So we can either think Romney is a conservative and softened his positions to run for senator or Governor, or we can think he is a liberal and changed his positions to run for president.

I thought it was worth considering. My guess is Romney is actually more conservative than we admit.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m comfortable with Romney as the nominee because I do think we are really hard on him but I agree with your previous post a couple months ago about voting for Gingrich.

  2. duggersd

    If Romney is the GOP nominee, I will vote for him over BHO. Hopefully a Republican Senate and House will keep him on the right. The problem with the Republicans though is they did nothing to curb spending when they were in power. Have they learned their lesson? IDK. Romney is in about fourth place for me, although I am beginning to have problems wanting to support Cain. The top five on the GOP would be a better choice than BHO. Unfortunately, that is not saying much.

  3. sdpride

    The ironic thing is that Newt Gingrich has become the “alternative” to Romney when he is actually the embodiment of everything Romney critics accuse Mitt of being.

    Newt is the worst kind of political opportunist. First he ran as a liberal for Congress in Georgia and when he couldn’t win that way he became more conservative. When he finally got elected he became a bomb throwing conservative who spent his time attacking Clinton for having affairs while he was doing the same thing.

    After he was booted from Congress amid ethics scandals he became the “solutions candidate” who was neither left nor right but appeared in ads with Pelosi to promote the good of all mankind.

    Now he fancies himself the elder statesman of the party who will lecture debate moderators on how silly their questions are and how smart he is.

    He would get destroyed by Obama. If Republicans want to win their only chance is to nominate Romney.

  4. mittman

    To me Romney seems like the adult in the room. He’s no more lib than Newt is, he’s not as tongue-tied and unpredictable as Perry, he’s not as crazy as Bachman and not stuck at 1-percent like Santorum (who couldn’t even win his last senate race).

    I suspect with people around him like Pawlenty, Thune and Tea-party fave Ayotte, he will govern right of center and not frighten people away.

      1. veldy

        Agreed that Mittens is good at saying what people want to hear. Huntsman, however, nobody wants to hear what he has to say.

  5. caheidelberger

    That’s right, “Bill Clay”, now that John Thune has told you how to vote, you’d better circle the wagons and rationalize the vote you have to cast for Romney. He’s really a conservative—yes, sure, keep telling yourself that, and you’ll make it true.

  6. Doug Wiken

    Romney has two types of issues: Those he was for before he was against them, and those he was against before he was for them.

    He does seem to be a decent human being which is saying something for Republican candidates.

  7. Les

    As much as Newts ability to debate intrigues me, he as none of the others can hold a candle to Ron Paul.

    I wouldn’t wish the presidency on Ron though, with his policy he’d end up pushing daisies with the Kennedy brothers.

    BC, you remind me of a Saturday Night spoof a few years back. “Now, he thinks that I think that he thinks that I think, so I think that he thinks that I think………………

  8. I'm wearing flip flops right now

    Thune is vice nothing in a Romney admin…he brings nothing electorally to the table and Biden would eat him for breakfast at a debate.

    Romney is going down because 75% of the GOP electorate is against him…he can’t break through that ceiling for a reason…because his support ends there.

    Gingrich would eat Romney’s lunch in a debate between the two of them…that debate will happen sooner rather than later as the networks start to winnow out the other GOP candidates from the debates.

    Romney’s immigration position is killer…that Meet the press ad is going to be played over and over in South Carolina by some third party group supporting gingrich…Romney is for amnesty…at least gingrich didn’t go as far as supporting amnesty for illegals…

    BTW why does thune support a guy who supports amnesty?

  9. Bruce Whalen

    The larger point is that any GOP Candidate seen on stage moving their positions these past weeks is better than Obama.

    As much as Democrats and the mainstream media want to pick the GOP Candidate that task is left to GOP voters and in some states, Independent voters too. When the GOP candidate is certainly known we will need to open our check books and fund the ticket because the deck will certainly be stacked against it.

    Christie got it right, why the “hell” are we paying Obama? The meaning of leadership escapes Obama. Although I currently support Gingrich, I will rely on any GOP Nominee to lead as befitting the Presidential Office.

    My thoughts on Romney. On the number line he is more conservative than Obama.


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