Thune 3rd most popular Senator in America. Rounds #13. Jay Williams is out of time, and out of luck.

Was that the sound of a U-Haul backing up to Jay Williams Campaign Office, so they can start moving equipment into storage?  Because according to the website Morning Consult, Jay’s opponent John Thune is ranked as the 3rd most popular US Senator in America.

According to their methodology, “Based on interviews with almost 72,000 registered voters since May, Morning Consult crunched how constituents feel about their home-state senators (see more on methodology here).”  Bernie Sanders is #1, and John Thune is neck in neck with Maine’s Susan Collins for #2.


He’s 1 percentage point behind on popularity, but has a lower negative. That’s a pretty tough row to hoe for Thune’s opponent Jay Williams, (who will likely respond by muttering that we need to quit using fossil fuels, and that taxes are too low).

And it’s not like South Dakota’s Junior Senator fared poorly himself. Mike Rounds narrowly missed the top ten by coming in at #13:


Go read the entire story, complete with rankings here. 

Not that it comes as a shock to us, but it’s a testament to Republican leadership in South Dakota that we know how to pick ’em, and that they do a good job for our State.  Keep up the good work, Senators!

And sorry Jay. Better luck next time.

If you ask nicely, I’d let you use my appliance cart to load your stuff.  This might be good time to start loading.

20 Replies to “Thune 3rd most popular Senator in America. Rounds #13. Jay Williams is out of time, and out of luck.”

  1. Springer

    And if that awful public funding of campaigns bill would be in effect, think how much taxpayer money would be wasted on a complete bomb of a candidate with no chance regardless of the amount of money that would pour in his campaign.

    1. George

      Amen to that Springer…from what i have read nearly $700,000.00 of taxpayer money on Jay Williams….

      urgh….NO on 22!

      1. David Bergan

        Hi George,

        I just learned yesterday, that our Congressional candidates are not eligible to collect any democracy credits under IM 22. Jay Williams gets nothing here.

        Kind regards,

    1. Anon

      Yeah like a major FAA reauthorization and a Surface Transportation Board reform bill! Oh wait, he already got those passed and signed into law.

  2. Porter Lansing

    I think we’ll just go ahead and let the good people of South Dakota decide, Mr. Powers. It would be pleasant to see you eat a crow burrito.

    1. Anonymous

      Do you just throw things out there to see who is paying attention? Because that statement is ridiculous. The only way in which Williams hasn’t lost the race is only because he never started running one.

    2. Anonymous

      Good people of South Dakota with whom a pretty good senator is very popular as opposed to the people of Vermont who think Sanders is worth a bucket of warm spit. I guess I’d rather be in South Dakota than Vermont; ditto for Susan-RINO-Collins.

      It will be pleasant to see you smoke a Crow joint, Porter.

    1. Anon

      How is that relevant? Sanders and Collins are popular in liberal states, Thune is popular in a conservative one.

      1. Anonymous

        I agree; there is a HUUUUGGGGGEEEE difference between the majority of folks in South Dakota as opposed to the majority of morons. . . I mean, people in Vermont and Maine.

  3. Springer

    Another thought on this publicly funded campaign issue. Will the Dems just field anybody to fill a spot on the ballot in order to collect those funds. Then does that unused money go into the Dems general fund? Even if they are supposed to pay back any unused funds, I would imagine it would be quite easy to find a way to keep it in the Dem coffers. Sneaky!

  4. Anonymous

    If the folks of Kentucky would get the heck rid of Mitch McConnell, I think there could be a resurgence of conservatism in the senate. McConnell is the source of a whole lot of idiocy, and his mush-mouth speaking isn’t appealing either.