Thune becomes 3rd highest ranking Republican

These are exciting times for South Dakota and Senator Thune. The Argus reports:

Thune will become chairman of the Senate Republican
Conference in late January. The conference communicates Republican priorities to the public.

Thune already was the highest ranking Senate Republican in South Dakota history, holding the No. 4 spot in the chamber?s GOP leadership as Policy Committee Chairman since 2009.

The highest ranking Republican senator from South Dakota previously was Chan Gurney, who held the No. 5 party leadership position in 1945-1946.

It’s hard these days to find someone who isn’t impressed with Senator Thune. He continues to climb the ranks of the senate leadership team in DC. The possibilities for him appear to be endless.

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  1. SD Thinker

    You didn’t know till the Argus reported it? Guess you don’t have the insider info you claim to have. Good to know.

    1. Anonymous

      SD Thinker why don’t you look at the earlier post about the vote today and Ron Johnson. you are a screw up. Too bad for you libs.

  2. Anonymous

    Isnt it amazing Thune with power time to vote him out to busy to campaign.Should be stopping the VA, from trying to close hospital in Hot springs .I find it amazing this guy will find money for war but no mandatory funding for health care for all veterans who have served .Does priority 8 veterans ring a bell Johnny.

  3. Anonymous

    Johnny boy is dedicated to the party not to the people of SD……. The party is his power as a follower of those in charge. Johnny boy could not make it on his own so he has sold out………

  4. caheidelberger

    …possibilities for him appear to be endless—what gasbaggery. Thune is solidifying his status as Washington insider, something you guys hate when it’s Dems doing it. He passed (wisely) on running for President this time to stay and play inside ball. The position is great if he’ll use it to further South Dakota’s interests, but that generally means shaking loose federal money for local pork. I can’t wait!

    1. Anonymous

      Do not vote more or less for D or R. Vote for what I consider the best. Johnny boy is not a winner for the long term of SD. He is a sell out for power and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Look around…………

  5. Anonymous

    Thune would have been a serious contender for president if he had run. He is currently on a path to become senate majority leader one day. He is probably in the top 3 VP choices for a lot of people running for president.

    It’s hard for anyone to diminish him these days.

    1. Bruce Whalen

      Do you think that if John thought of himself as a serious contender for president that he would have ran? He and his inner circle knows for sure. For now I am happy with the gains he made and look forward to his leadership in turning this economy around.

    1. Anonymous

      Has he served in the military, peace core, or any other possibility?? He thinks he is tooooooo important to have to step down in this world of vote for it yet do not send me off to die.

      1. BF


        John Thune has no military service?

        And yet, he beat Tom Daschle, a USAF Strategic Air Command intelligence officer?

        Say it ain’t so!

        Does Stacy Nelson know about this?

        1. Anonymous

          Military service has nothing to do with vote only military service. I believe he was a intelligence officer in Air force. I heard today that about 1 % of the citizens of the USA go off to die for the other 99% (about 1% are in military at different levels). Yet the leaders of the government (elected officials) refuse to care the the ones returning that are injured/ill etc.. Yes John refuse to support the injured yet he has not served in the military for the people of the USA. How many of the big important people making comments have served in the military and gone to war that could cause them to die?

  6. Duh

    I knew the pinheads would have a cow on this. Thune’s positional achievement is nothing but a sign of respect. I just saw Thune in SF last weekend. He will be in town this weekend. You have nothing to complain about. If he didn’t take this position, the pinheads would be claiming that he’s an “empty suit” with no power.

    Anon: 9:53. Please order hooked on phonics. Just because a person hasn’t served in the military means that they can’t vote on those issues? I want to send you off to a writing class.

    I’m sick of the same anon whining about vets issues. They’ve always had issues and will continue to. Maybe get on board on getting rid of Oblabla and getting this economy turned around. That way success creates income, income gets taxed, governmental revenues go up to help fund the Vet services. We all win.

    BF: Dachle has a military officer??? Boy, I bet he scared those enemies right out of their boots. LOL. My 10 year old could beat him up. I still remember good ‘ol tommy’s political ad trying to look the part of a hunter in his newby vest with the Scheel’s tag still on it. Or how about his political tank quote “I’m a proud DC resident”???

  7. Bill Fleming

    Duh, TD is the kind of guy who, if he wanted to, could figure out who you are, where you live, and what your schedule is, and make sure that on some specific day, at some specific time, someone would distracted you just enough so that somebody else could sneak up behind you and give you a big old wedgie.

    It’s a whole different type of hunting, brother.

    You’d never know what hit you.

    Better make sure you always got your clean skivvies on.


  8. Lee Schoenbeck

    First, John Thune is a good person, and the promotion recognizes that. He is a good thinker, a good speaker, and embodies good values – like trust and honesty. The people that work with him see that, and his election to this caucus postion reflects that. People can disagree with him (I have) without minimizing his abilities.

    Second, Sen Daschle did serve in the military. I believe he was an information officer in DC. Somebody probably could fill in the rest of those details.

    Third, the hunting vest in that ad was not a new one. It actually belonged to Rep Bob Roe of Brookings! The questions to ask might have been – when they were producing that: who has a hunting vest that clean? and, if you want to present yourself as a hunter, why don’t you have your own vest? But, it was not a new one (I thought so too, until somebody that was there told me). I think Bob Roe needs to be put under oath and questioned about what he does when he claims he was out hunting — how do you keep a vest looking like it was fresh off the rack?

    1. Anonymous

      Good point Lee. Noem at least made sure she dragged hers through a feedlot or something. It’s awfully dirty like she is really afraid of being out machoed by someone.

  9. Lee Schoenbeck

    Annonymous –
    I don’t even know you, but you can have 5 to 1 odds that Kristi can outshoot you and any two South Dakota elected Democrats you want to bring along to help you — heck,you can have all 12 of them help you 🙂

  10. Duh

    Anon: 10:06: If my interpretation of your ramblings are correct, if Thune is an empty suit, then what is Tim “Where’s Waldo” Johnson?? It is apparent that you have no idea what an empty suit is.

  11. BF

    Last time I went “hunting” was with Schoenbeck, Sibby, Pat Powers, Denise Ross, and some other blog people.

    I wore a nice, new yellow/green Carhartt vest and cap like the flagmen on the road crews wear. Trying to start a new trend. It didn’t go over so hot, I guess. I noticed nobody picked up on it the following years anyway. Oh well. This is a conservative state, I guess.

    Here’s a link if anybody wants to sport one this season (or I could just give you mine ;^)

  12. Anonymous

    Sure do Duh, the man is all blow and no go.A typical right winger who can only vote one way.It reminds me of you, the wind blowing then I think of you and Thune .Funny though thought it would be warmer.

  13. Anonymous

    Would rather have some who does not blow wind like the man in the empty suit.By the way its windy outside today are you talking.

  14. Anonymous

    How many of the big important people making comments have served in the military and gone to war that could cause them to die?


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