Thune beginning ads. Cyber ads that is

If you were noticing (as I am) the lack of advertising for the political campaign, I noted today that US Senator John Thune is beginning some advertising for the November election. However, you may se it rolling out primarily via on-line news sources, as evidenced from this Ad at the Pierre Capitol Journal at the top of the page:


This ad leads readers to a his campaign website, and specifically this video for the campaign:

Clocking in at 30 seconds, don’t be surprised to see the on-line ad exposure complement the same ad appearing on television.

10 Replies to “Thune beginning ads. Cyber ads that is”

  1. District 3 Democrats Against Electing Cory Heidelberger

    With everything that has happened did Senator Thune state he will still vote for Trump?

  2. Anonymous

    Who gets more votes Thune or Noem?

    I suspect Noem will get more than Thune because she didn’t abandon the nominee of her party for president.

    Noem getting more votes than Thune will be a big deal in the power rankings of SD officials. She might take the top spot.

  3. Anonymous

    Good let’s get some ads for Thune and Noem and make sure the GOP turns out to vote…so they can vote against these horrible Weiland led out of state ballot measures and help turn out to re-elect Chris Nelson and the GOP slate of legislative candidates….

    1. Anonymous

      Chris Nelson would be a solid pick for Mickelson as LG and bring some energy to the ticket.

      Nelson should prove his dominance in this go around and maybe set himself up for another congressional run.

  4. Anonymous

    One thing that troubles me is that while Thune and Noem are not buying tv they also aren’t doing any grassroots campaigning. No 4×8 signs across the state and very few yard signs. I guess it’s a reflection of their campaigns mindset. Why not get signs out?

    Thune stepped in it and Noem will get more votes.

    1. Rep. Mike Verchio

      There are signs up West River . Thune & Noem supporters out here aren’t as lazy as you East River Republicans .