Thune campaigning in Iowa

I know we all wish he was there for his own presidential campaign… But I’m sure it would be a great time to head down to Iowa and watch John Thune give a speech on behalf of Mitt Romney during the waning days of the presidential caucus in Iowa.

Romney will touch down in the Hawkeye State on Tuesday afternoon to deliver a speech in Davenport. He will then embark on a three-day bus tour through communities where he performed well in the 2008 caucuses. Romney also will employ a series of surrogates, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. John Thune (S.D.), to help blanket the state with his message.

It doesn’t get much better than John Thune and Chris Christie on the campaign trail… As exciting as it will be to see Thune campaign in Iowa for Romney, I know plenty of people who would have moved to Iowa just to campaign for John Thune had he embarked on his own run for president.

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  1. Nick Nemec

    I can’t help put think that there are several prominent Republicans who wish they hadn’t bowed out of this race. The GOP field is mostly a bunch of crazies and Romney is the only one not actually inside the clown car although he is hanging on to the bumper.

  2. troy jones

    This will have some impact in the caucus. There are three types of voters in a caucus (% of make-up I have no idea and is probably a moving target).

    1) Issue voters: These voters will not be affected by a surrogate unless the surrogate is the poster boy for their issue(s). They have focused on the candidate they believe will advance their issue(s) best and probably made up their mind.

    2) Cult voters: These voters are enamored with the personality/gravitas/presence of a particular candidate and are unlikely impacted by a surrogate unless the surrogate is who they are most enamored with. (the word cult isn’t meant derogatorily).

    3) Governance voters: These voters are looking at the broadest range of issues, weigh them in relative importance and make value judgments with regard to the issues and the ability of the candidate to effectively move a wide range of issues forward. They also consider the intangible of leadership. These voters are more likely affected a surrogate as a surrogate has a reputation on a wide range of issues and surrogates speak to governance and leadership (they have a follower).

    In a caucus, I believe there is a higher % of issue(s) and cult voters so the effectiveness of Thune/Christie will be less than in a primary. However, in the case of Thune, his proximity to Iowa and reputation on issues dear to Iowans probably gives him slightly greater impact. This said, I expect Thune/Christie et. al. to have bigger impact in S. Carolina/Florida and super Tuesday states.

  3. Aberdeen

    Not a huge Romney fan, he is better than Obama but my dog is smarter than Obama.

    Conservatives have to win in this election, kicking the can down the road about spending too much, has to end. It is time the Federal Gov start cutting spending. Dennis Daugaard should be President, he has the courage to cut spending.

  4. anny mus

    Romney is a Mason and a Morman. Both are incompatible with Christianity. Thune’s first boss was a 33rd degree Mason, again, incompatible with Christianity. Thune is tight with Sanford which advocates Obama Care. Hmmm, Romney is tight with Obama Care also….who said Thune was a Christian Conservative? If Thune is not – fine – but admit it so you don’t deceive those who are. BTY has Thune ever held a non-political job?

  5. Anonymous

    I look at the GOP field and have to say I’m not thrilled. Has Romney ever had a conservative position before he decided to run for President? Gingrich is good but he has baggage.

    The rest are not in the top tier. Perry should be but he obviously didn’t pay attention to issues outside of TX for 10 years. (explain to me how that is possible?)

    Thune, Daniels, Palin, Christie, Rubio and anyone else who was a serious person for president did the country a diservice by not offering themselves up win or lose to the American people.

    Hopefully we have a divided convention and nominate Rubio, Christie or Thune.


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