Thune & Daugaard: Dump Trump

I think the latest Donald Trump bombshell was just one too many for some of those in the SDGOP Leadership.

From the Rapid City Journal:

The two top state Republicans made their views known in posts on Twitter on Saturday, calling for Trump to end his presidential bid a month before the election after crude remarks by Trump a decade ago surfaced in a video on Friday.

“Donald Trump should withdraw and Mike Pence should be our nominee effective immediately,” Thune said on Twitter.


Also Saturday, Daugaard re-tweeted Thune’s statement, and added his own Tweet calling for Trump to step aside in favor of Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence.

“Enough is enough. Donald Trump should withdraw in favor of Governor Mike Pence. This election is too important,” Daugaard tweeted, according to KELO.

Read it all here.

For those who had been planning to vote for him, did Trump’s recent comments disqualify him in your mind?

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  1. Gideon Oakes

    I’ve said from Day 2* of his candidacy that he was working with Clinton to give her the election. I just cannot believe that someone can implode that many times without doing so on purpose.

    I applaud Senator Thune and Governor Daugaard for making this difficult, but necessary, stand. Let’s get a real Republican in there who is actually fit to lead the country.

    Hopefully we can move on and heal the rift in the party that has pushed so many out.

    * I say Day 2, because on Day 1, I liked the idea of a Trump candidacy, having heard his old interviews. And then he opened his mouth.

      1. Tara Volesky

        Not shocked at all. Just listen to his Howard Stern interviews .Aside from his potty mouth, he will make a great President. His ego won’t allow him to fail.

        1. grudznick

          Ms. Volesky, if you can abdicate your bizarre following of that young pretty Dr. lady I could see myself putting you forth as a candidate.

      2. Anonymous

        Thune has been waiting for his chance to trash trump like the rest of the career politicians.

    1. Anonymous

      Who do you like that is a republican? I just want to know if you are a Ron Paul republican that dislikes 99% of republicans.

      1. Gideon Oakes

        Yes, I’m a Ron Paul Republican. No, I don’t dislike 99% of Republicans Yes, 99% of all politicians will at some point disappoint me… doesn’t mean they’re all scum. Donald Trump, however, is scum. I’ve been a Republican since long before I could vote. It wasn’t until Trump came along that I legitimately thought about changing my registration. That man *cannot* be allowed to be the face of my party. He is an embarrassment to the conservative cause, both personally and ideologically. Furthermore, belongs in the Democrat camp with his buddies Bill Clinton and Anthony Wiener.

        Speaking of Slick Willy, did you catch Trump’s “apology”? It included saying that Bill Clinton’s said much worse things to him on the golf course. So, first off, he’s openly admitting that he’s personal friends with the Clintons. Second, he’s basing his moral relativism off of BILL CLINTON? It almost reads like a Jeff Foxworthy punchline: “If yooou justify your actions by saying, ‘Well, I’m not as bad as Bill Clinton,’ you might be a scumbag.”

    2. Tara Volesky

      Wrong, the Republican establishment along with Mitt Romney and the Bush family is wanting Clinton to win.

      1. Harry Naasz

        Should Clinton win, Thune and Daugard will be complicit in the continuing destruction of the country. Obama put the US in the toilet, Clinton will finish the job by hitting “flush.” They think Clinton will pay attention to any of their ideas??? So disappointed… Had been a big fan of Thune. Had.

  2. jimmy james

    I would have been shocked if these videos didn’t exist. And special recognition goes to Sean Hannity for sponsoring this creep.

  3. Anonymous

    I think they tried to hold their nose as long as they could, but enough was enough. They made the right decision. Character still matters to some republicans.

      1. Anonymous

        They want total control and trump is a rejection of The Chamber, Thune, Ryan, Bush and Republicanism that is against the little guy.

  4. Troy Jones

    This was all so predictable. He started as my 17th choice among the Republicans and only moved up one spot over the course of the primary (and that has proven to be a mistake).

    Its quite a shame we are talking about something we never had to be talking about (if he hadn’t been selected) and the news cycle would be burying Hillary with these last email revelations. Instead, we have this.

    Trump goes into the debate languishing with support in the low 40’s while Hillary has been in the mid-40’s over the past month. He needed a significant bump UP to turn things around. This will not help (understatement).

    Three things will happen:

    1) He will go to the debate, express a heartfelt apology that engenders forgiveness, and then trounce Hillary. His problem is to trounce her will require him to exhibit some personality traits which undercut his apology.

    2) He will go to the debate, express an apology but realize post debate his only option to avoid being trounced and will drop out. Pence might not win the Presidency but the down-ticket Republicans will be salvaged.

    3) He goes to the debate, performs with belligerence, gets trounced and takes down the ticket (Senate and possibly the House).


    1) The Clintons are the luckiest people in America. But for Ross Perot, we’d never had President Bill Clinton. But for Donald Trump, we wouldn’t be facing a President Hillary Clinton. And the Clinton’s wouldn’t be worth $100 million dollars.

    2) A year-ago the Trump brand was worth a couple of billion dollars. Today, it is worth less than the Clintons.

    1. Anonymous

      Thune is the best thing the clintons have going for them. They are corrupt and represent everything that is wrong with the establishment in politics. Trump is crude and not DC as usual so he’s the bad guy. Go figure. Of course no one likes what he said. He’s a jerk. Get over being offended.

    2. Troy Jones

      Trump being my 17th choice among Republicans has never put him below Hillary who I think the most corrupt person ever to rise to this level in the history of American politics and whose policy prescriptions are worse than Trump. I have no compunction voting Trump even today over Hillary.

      A cad will not harm our nation as much as a crook.

  5. Anonymous

    Dump both Trump and Pence. Pence did a horrible job denying what Trump has said and done in the last debate.

    Tell you what! You get Paul Ryan on the top of a replacement ticket and I really believe he would beat Hillary. Just getting Ryan to accept this top spot would be hard but he just might be able to pull this off. Who would be his VP though? Ryan is a no nonsense guy that really seems to be a class act.

    Pence is very smooth but he completely lost credibility by accepting to be on the ticket with Trump. What a disgrace! We are all so much better than this!

    1. Anthony Renli

      It’s too late for a replacement ballot. Trump is going to be on the ballot. Early voting has already started. Even if he resigns from the ballot, legally the RNC would have to go through their processes to replace the whole on the ballot (including holding another, much smaller convention), which would take (best case) two weeks – more likely three – so we’d be looking at a new candidate on the ballot starting around the 20th of October. Both parties should have dumped their candidates before their respective conventions. It isn’t like ANY of the latest revelations about Trump were not out there. The difference is we now have audio to go along with the statements that people ignored. Trump is a slimeball, and anyone who didn’t know that before they voted in the primaries really wasn’t paying attention.

  6. PNR

    Would that Democrats had the moral character to be as embarrassed by their candidate as Republicans are by theirs.

    We would be better served if both top candidates were to step aside in favor of the vice presidents. Indeed, I think the “vice” adjective more properly belongs to both Clinton and Trump.

  7. Anonymous

    As a woman, I don’t know why anyone cares about this. If you’ve spent anytime around men when they act like this, you’d know it’s common behavior. Especially when it’s just a couple of men trying to prove to each other who’s the ‘bigger man’. You could say that men don’t, or shouldn’t, act like this in today’s society but I would say that’s why we don’t have any real men left. We’re left with pajama boy. Give me a real red blooded man over pajama boy any day.

    1. Anon

      Sexual assault is common behavior? Men may talk about wanting to sleep with women and say other vulgar things, but not many men openly brag about assaulting women and the women not being able to do anything about it.

      You are excusing sexual assault and are part of the problem.

    2. Cliff Hadley

      As a former college athlete and lifetime male, I can assure you that the vast majority of men do not talk about women in the way that Trump does. The few I knew who did talk and behave like him had, not surprisingly, similar backgrounds — rich and entitled. Go figure.

  8. Anonymous

    First off trump is not really a republican and could care less what career politicians think.

    Trump is obnoxious. Big surprise.

    1. Anonymous

      Even losing by a landslide Trump and his family will make ALOT of money off of this presidential run. This presidential race was a win win for him.

  9. jimmy james

    I am not sure that Pence would have the best chance of beating Hillary. I was uncomfortable with him denying so much of what Trump had previously said during his own VP debate.

    Maybe Rubio would have the best general election odds.

    1. Anonymous

      Jimmy remember early into this election during the primaries there were some who suspected Trump was a Hillary plant to not only insure victory bay his bizarre antics no other conventional candidate could ever get away with but also do some serious damage to the Republican Party?

      As well connected as the Clintons are could Trump be a plant. Not trying to go all Hubble/Volesky crazy here but one has to wonder sometimes. 🙂

      1. Tara Volesky

        Take off your tin hat. Trump is a choir compared to some of the insulting names that you called Hubble.

        1. grudznick

          I think Ms. Hubbel spells her name “Hubbel” and I think Ron is a choir boy. Oh yes, a choir boy.

            1. Anonymous

              What frequency is your and Lora’s tin hats tuned into? Trump is toast! It will be a landslide unless we dump him.

  10. Kelly Lieberg

    Get real Thune/Daaugard. Express your disain ? Sure. Replace the ticket 30 days out ? Flat stupid. I would be reassured if you would of also claimed your disdain for a Clinton presidency ! Thune won’t lose his Senatorial election but his under vote totals just exploded. Six years is a long time but a block of opposition has been created at his own doing. Denny just got more lame.

    1. Anon

      You don’t think Thune hasn’t talked extensively about his disdain for Hillary? You’re not paying attention then.

  11. ap

    Where there’s a will there’s a way. Convene emergency meeting tonight, replace Trump, get new nominee on stage tomorrow. It’s the right thing to do, don’t wait!

  12. William Beal

    Two scandals involving the Clintons occured on Friday. One involving WikiLeaks revealing more damning information regarding the Clinton server. The other involving the Clinton Foundation embezzling money from Haiti Earthquake relief money that has now directly resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Haitians.

    If we concede that Donald Trump’s character is bad, Would it be better for the country to have a President of poor character who will be under intense scrutiny by the press and Congress (Trump) or to have a President of poor character who will be given a pass and or defended by the press, the Democrats and apparently the FBI regardless of what they say or do (Hillary)?

    Right now a lot of people are forgetting that for good or ill, the only thing standing between us and the financial, military, security, cultural and constitutional rights disaster that a Hillary Clinton administration would be is Donald Trump.

  13. Anon

    “Hillary Clinton is bad, therefore vote for Donald Trump, even though he is really bad too.” Intellectually and morally ridiculous…

    Maybe if we’d all just agree that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both terrible, terrible people who have no business being President, we wouldn’t have either of them as President? If everybody votes 3rd party, that is possible.

  14. Chplraj

    Ok here is my take….Daugaard and Michels should step down as electors on ballot “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”…..omg…..Men speak “locker room talk when women are not around…does anyone think we do not know this? Men of all age groups can engage in this…. It should be no shock to the younger generation as they are more informed and sexually explicit the most of any age group…As an ordained minister the IRAN deal and Benghazi deaths bother me far more than something Trump said in private. For Gods sake the state of SD is bringing in people groups who treat women as slaves and second class citizens good only for child bearing and pleasure and Daugaard, Michels, and Thune are going to condemn Trump and throw him under the bus???Utter hypocrisy and a sellout of SD Republicans…

  15. Anonymous

    This wasn’t saying something dumb or being anti-PC. Trump wasn’t doing “locker room” humor. He was talking about what he does to women, how he assaults them. We don’t need another Daschle standing up for his man-child. We need and have classy men like Thune and Daugaard to step up and say this isn’t acceptable. Thanks to both. Character still matters to some.

    1. Chplraj

      This is very tempting as both those men have “skeletons” in closet! Classy is NOT a word for either situation they have both attempted to coverify up with help of SD media.

    2. Tara Volesky

      How are all those political scandals in SD doing……Eb-5, MCEC. state’s rating on corruption?

  16. Anne Beal

    It has been Trump’s ability to horrify both parties’ political elites which has elevated him in the eyes of his supporters.
    The more the politicians howl, the more Trump’s fans enjoy the spectacle.
    It really has come to this, the public’s opinion of our dear leaders really is that low.

    Do you suppose any of them will learn from this?

    1. Anonymous

      Thune has to be embarrassed. I mean Trump doesn’t care at all what Thune thinks of him. He said Bush was a war criminal. He is not a republican.

      Thune’s campaign guru Joshua Shields must have taken great joy in writing this tweet for Thune. Too bad it only helps Trump when establishment Republicans who have never worked in the private sector bash him.

  17. Springer

    I am so sick of all the politics of this. Trump said something terrible 11 years ago. And you think the Dems didn’t have this just sitting on the side waiting for the perfect moment two days before the debate to bring it up? And the media was waiting with baited breath to put it front and center for the next four weeks. You think this wasn’t planned?

    This is my take on it. Trump is the nominee, like him or not. To replace him at this point is to hand the election to Hillary. Maybe to keep him as the nominee does the same. I am thinking FORWARD to the next generation. You do know that Hillary will appoint another very liberal Supreme Court justice, and there goes any hope of keeping our Constitution and our country as we have enjoyed. You know that she favors open borders, globalism, amnesty, huge numbers of unvetted refugees; she has said so herself. You know that she will go after our Second Amendment rights, will continue and “fix” (i.e. expand) Obamacare into a single payer which is also what she has said; will expand govt regulations; will expand federal control of education. These are SO MUCH more important to the future of our nation than what a person said 11 years ago. Oh, and remember that she considers at least 25% if not more of the electorate a basket of deplorables. And the fact that she overtly lied to Congress regardless of the FBI’s incompetence. She lied to her voting constituency (tell one thing in private and one thing in public) as proven by the leaked Wikileaks emails.

    If you want to go there, and it seems nobody does these days. Bill and Hillary did much worse to women years ago, but of course that is all forgotten. And the media will of course not cover anything in the latest Wikileaks but instead focus on words from 11 years ago.

    The Dems don’t want Trump of course; that is a given. We now know how much the establishment GOP and DC elite don’t want (and fear) a Trump presidency that would upset their applecarts. Of course he’s not perfect, and everyone knows it. But he is 100% better than Hillary.

    I am so sick of every GOP politician right now that is so quick to dump Trump, which is what they wanted all along anyway but just didn’t have the guts to say before. I am so sick of the media which is complicit in what our politics have become. And I am so sick of the Dems for ignoring the very obvious criminal acts of their candidate.

    1. Ree

      I couldn’t agree with you more Springer. You nailed it. Like it or not, our only choices for president are Hillary, a career criminal with American blood on her hands and money in her pockets from foreign governments paying for access to the White House, and Trump, who is a potty mouthed braggadocio.
      I’ll be voting for Trump although I can’t stand the man because our country is done for if Hillary gets into office.

    2. Anonymous

      Do you ever research your claims before you post them? You think Mrs. Clinton will ‘go after our Second Amendment rights’. Springer, what is the process to repeal a federal constitutional amendment?

      1. Springer

        Ah, contrare. Following in Obama’s footsteps, who never let the Constitution interfere with his plans for fundamentally changing America, Hillary plans to use executive orders to go after guns.

        Hillary’s plan includes universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole by executive order, and imposing manufacturer liability. Senator Bernie Sanders warned of this during the March 6, 2016, Democrat debate, when he said, “If [gun makers] are selling a product to a person who buys it legally, what you’re really talking about is ending gun manufacturing in America.” They have already gone after ammunition manufacturing (and if you don’t believe me again, look it up yourself).

        Chelsea Clinton got into the mix too when she stated: “It matters to me that my mom also recognizes the role the Supreme Court has when it comes to gun control. With Justice Scalia on the bench one of the few areas where the court actually had an inconsistent record relates to gun control. Sometimes the court upheld local and state gun control measures as being compliant with the Second Amendment and sometimes the court struck them down.” And she also stated that voters can count on Hillary Clinton when it comes to “gun control and standing up to the NRA.” So in other words, after Hillary appoints at least one and probably more liberal judges to the Court, the Second Amendment will be one of her main targets.

        1. Anonymous

          You can’t get anything right. ‘Ah, contrare’? Try au contraire. It’s French, translated to English = on the contrary.

          I’ll ask again, how is an amendment to the US Constitution repealed? It’s really not that hard to answer. Unless, of course, ones name is springer.

  18. Anonymous

    I have been a little surprised that more Johnson/Weld for President signs are popping up with such a large faction of voters really turned off by both Hillary and Trump. Johnson really seems to have some memory issues with all the weed he has smoked and cannot answer basic questions that should be easy for any presidential candidate.

  19. Springer

    My hubby just gave me the perfect quote that he read from Nigel Farage (the Brit who organized the Brexit vote NO). “Trump isn’t running for Pope, he is running for President!”

  20. MC

    A couple of thoughts,

    This was an open mic situation. Generally open mic conversations are private and were considered off limits. Does this now mean every private conversation is now up for analysis?

    This recording is over ten years old How far back are we going to go? 20, 30 years, from the day he was born? Are we going to disect every word ever uttered? Do we really want to go there?

    Donald Trump never claimed to be perfect. My guess that is what makes him so popular. He is just a noramal guy, he has had good times, and he has had some rough times, just like many of us. He has made some mistakes, some pretty big mistakes, and he has made some great deals. In the end, he is just a normal guy, who is not part of the political machine.

    1. jimmy james

      That’s what really gets me. He knew he had that microphone on and there were many others on the bus but he still talked like this. But he is a celebrity and, like he said, when you are famous you can get away with anything. He knows that he can take advantage of people, so he does. Now he wants to be powerful too.

  21. Hopeful SoDak

    I’m voting for Johnson/Weld. Morally I cannot vote for either of the major party candidates with their demeanor, lack of character, and shady antics. As a citizen of this great democracy, it is my right and duty to vote in this election, and I plan to do so my way.

    Trump does not represent my values or anything of what I want in a president and representative of my country.

    Former (R) Govs Johnson and Weld may not be perfect, but they are honest and will build a good team to keep our country alive for a couple more years (better than what would happen with Trump or Hillary).

    Hopefully within 4 years we will have strong leadership in our unified GOP so that we can truly get our country back on track.

    1. Ree

      Why bother to vote at all? Voting for Johnson is the same as throwing away your vote. I’ll bet you’ll be happy to know that you are responsible for allowing Hillary to take the White House.

      1. Anonymous

        The only way you can say that is if Hillary wins SD by 1 vote and the EC by 3 or less. If Trump loses SD the EC won’t even be close. So it’ll be Trump’s fault and the morons who voted for him in the primary.

    2. Anonymous

      I’d sure hate to have President Gary Johnson be so forgetful or stoned in a moment of National crisis. Nice guy and has accomplished quite a bit with Triathlons and all but President? No way dude!

  22. Kelly Lieberg

    RNC rules counsel Jim Bopp, “it is impossible” to replace Trump on the ticket at this stage “and it would be politically suicidal”. Shouldn’t our Republican Senatorial candidate have a higher IQ than this ?

  23. Anonymous

    Trump could still drop out, announce Pence will replace him if elected, as Thune said. I typed slow so Lieberg might understand.

    1. Kelly Lieberg

      Ohhh, I see now ! What a master stroke of genius. I’ve already voted, now what ? You and John are about as clever as your pseudonym.

  24. Chplraj

    NO Reoublican statesman in SD at all…YAY Springer……the cover ups on a personal scale for Thune and Daugaard just might involve their personal lives over and above EB-5 snd Gear up and etc…..etc…..LSS link….etc……sad year for America. The era where we need a “Deborah”….is upon us.

  25. Troy Jones

    Two things strike me today about the Clinton supporters about their faux outrage:

    1). They never held Bill Clinton to this standard. Instead the demonized the victims, including Hillary.

    2). They have never had a negative thing to say about Hillary, including the pay for play State Dept./Clinton Foundation, DNC coordination with Hillary Campaign during primary, and the illegal coordination with Super Pacs.

    What strikes me about the Republicans is we are willing to chastise Trump for his cad behavior.

  26. Ymous

    This is a difficult situation. Career politicians almost have to distance themselves and hope for the best. Having daughters but also knowing the “old” school locker talk is now very frowned upon and PC not acceptable. It happened 10 yrs ago. But Bill Clinton with Hillarys help are far more damaging to women then Trump. That being said while I’m very disappointed in the talk, their is no moral equilivent on the Clinton side. The clintons are far worse. It’s the choice. Trump or Hillary. Corruption or Politically in-correct. It’s still not a hard choice.

  27. Ymous

    All this fake outrage by the left and the media is just bull sh-t.
    Where was it on Bill Clinton? Where was it when Hillary was organizing the attacks on these women? Where as it when they were proven to have been lying and intimidating these women? The lying and the cover ups. All of it has made me have zero faith in where this great nation is heading. Very sad.

  28. Liberty Dick

    They just put all of our local races in jeopardy by weighing in too much. Of course Trump’s comments were stupid. But now reporters and Trump’s following (new to the party) are asking their local candidates how they feel about the situation. It’s too bad Thune and Daugaard don’t call for Hillary to drop out for the immoral, illegal, and idiotic things she has done and said.

    1. Anonymous

      That is a good point. Our local state candidates are now being asked if they are supporting Trump and some of those candidates have been trying to dodge the question.

      1. Springer

        Our local candidates need to get a backbone and read my post above. If they don’t have the sense to see the alternatives here, then I’m sorry I already voted for some of them!

  29. Springer

    I wonder if Thune and Daugaard are having any remorse after having immediately jumped on the “dump Trump” bandwagon? I hope so. If I hadn’t already early voted for Thune, I probably would have left it blank this time around. And I hope his people read this blog and get more responses like this!

  30. Troy Jones

    My #1 reaction to the debate is Martha Raddich offended an American sense of fairness. My #2 reaction was Trump showed more poise on the difficult issue of the video vs Clinton on the emails. My #3 reaction is Clinton muffed the Supreme Court question but Trump failed to put the nail in the coffin there.

  31. Troy Jones

    Anthony Renli and others who might know*:

    In our system, we really don’t vote for President but the Electoral College Electors. Whether a Presidential candidate is removed, withdraws, or dies, the system has to imply that the Electors have the ability to vote for another. My question is would the VP candidate automatically ascend to the nominee, would the RNC have the authority to pick another, or if the Trump electors have a majority, would the selection of President go automatically to the House of Representatives?

    * I know this is to some degree a mute question because Trump did more than well enough to remain in the race in the debate and made a good apology/explanation (better than Hillary’s on her email, avoidance of the illegal coordination between the DNC and SuperPacs with her campaign). This question is more out of curiosity and pursuit of understanding.

    P.S. For all those who are upset with Daugaurd and Thune, you can’t expect a person who has high personal morality expectations to not have a reaction. It is wholly possible for two people of goodwill and similar moral expectations to reach different decisions. Both decisions should be respected, even in disagreement.

    For myself, I had dinner with my daughter last night and she asked the question- My response was longer but could be summarized as “I abhor aspects of DT and can’t condone them. In the end, I’ve decided a cad will do less harm to people struggling to make a better future than a lying crook. I’m still voting for Trump but I don’t do it with enthusiasm.”

    1. Anthony Renli

      The issue, as I understand it, would be that some states have laws that require electors to vote with how the majority of their state voted. This would mean that if the Trump/Pence ticket won, they would be legally compelled to vote Trump for president. If this happens we’d see a few possible scenarios:
      1) Clinton has a majority – statistically the most likely scenario – in which case the Trump/Pence issue is moot. (and before people bash on me for saying that this is statistically the most likely scenario – I didn’t say that this is the most desired scenario, I just said it’s the most likely one)
      2) Trump/Pence wins a small majority of the electoral college.
      a) All electors vote for Trump – Trump is president and might step down,
      might not step down. What he would do would be totally up to him.
      b) Some electors vote for Trump (as required by the laws of their state)
      Some electors vote for Pence. No single candidate gets a majority
      of the electoral college and the vote ends up going to the House of
      representatives. Each state gets ONE vote in the House – not one per
      Representative, one vote. In this case, who knows who is going to end
      up as president.
      3) Trump/Pence wins in a landslide and enough electors decide to vote Pence to put him in the Whitehouse – Hello President Pence and Vice President ????? Statistically this is the least likely thing to happen. I can’t think of a situation where they win in a landslide (the numbers just are not there) and/or the electoral college being that disciplined and/or on the ball.

  32. jimmy james

    That was the Talk Radio debate. Trump gave Hannity and Rush listeners what they’ve been itching to hear. Good for him. The problem is that he needed to reach women, minorities and independents.

    The scientific polls show she won by 57/34 and 47/42. What a foolish and short-sighted debate performance. It will go down in history as the ugliest Presidential debate performance…. easily, by a mile.

    And then there are all of the other recordings that are claimed to be out there waiting to drop. Lets hope, if they are there, that they come out very soon. An early October surprise is better than a late one.

  33. Ree

    I haven’t voted yet, but I will NOT be voting for either candidate in the US Senate race. I’ve voted for Thune every time he’s run, but he’s sold us down the river and I’m done with him.

  34. Springer

    Just read that it’s possible that a never-Trumper on Ryan’s own staff leaked the Trump tape. If this is true, it just proves the fact that the powers that be, elitist, entrenched DC politicians put their own power ahead of the nation’s good. Whether or not this is true, and it certainly could be, they evidently are less concerned with turning the country over to a liberal, progressive agenda, globalism, unconstitutional actions, than they are with keeping their own power. The founders of this nation are turning over in their graves, even though Ben Franklin did predict it.

  35. Troy Jones


    I don’t know what conspiracy site you are reading but that is just crazy. That tape has basically put the House in play. We might end up with a Dem Senate, House and White House all thanks to Donald being a cad.