Thune discusses payroll tax cut

Senator Thune discussed the payroll tax cut on KELO.

“Nobody’s going to get everything they want,” Thune said. “So I think this represents the best under the circumstance that could achieved, knowing we’ll have to fight this tight again in a couple of months on a longer term extension,” he said.

According to Thune, Senate Republicans also wanted a year-long extension the house was pushing for, but the compromise included in the bill is the Keystone XL pipeline, which he said will immediately affect the economy. Democrats wanted more time to study the pipeline before approving it.

“Getting the pipeline language in the bill is a big victory for Republicans who really wanted this to include something that creates jobs,” Thune said. “And that was the component in this package that does create jobs, shovel ready jobs.”


10 Replies to “Thune discusses payroll tax cut”

  1. feasant

    Thank God we have John Thune representing us in DC. He doesn’t care what Party you belong to, he represents all of us. To say he is for big business is just plain wrong.

  2. springer

    We have too. And no, we don’t have a lot of $$ or a big name in politics. That’s a democrat thingie, i.e. access to Obama!

  3. troy jones

    During 2011, three of my four face-to-face conversations with Senator Thune occurred at HyVee, the state basketball tourney, and an Augie basketball game. I also saw him from a distance at three other public events talking to other people.

  4. Elais

    Thune is little different than any other GOPer, I have yet to see any GOP member vote against corporate interests.

    I don’t get the hero worship of him.


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