Thune gets love from Hildebrand

I bet it still stings Hildebrand that Thune got the best of him in ’04.

“I don’t respect his political beliefs, but I do have respect for his political abilities,” said Steve Hildebrand, a South Dakota-based Democratic strategist and a top Obama campaign staffer in 2008. “His race in 2004 against Sen. Daschle was a very difficult race for him to win, and he won it.

Guys like Hildebrand who don’t respect another individual’s right to have a different opinion on issues are always the kind of people who make the political process sunny. Thune would be an ideal running mate for Mitt Romney. And I agree with Hildebrand’s assesment of Thune’s political abilities. He has few equals.

Mike Rounds praised Thune as well:

“Former South Dakota governor Mike Rounds described Thune as someone “who has worked hard for everything he’s got.”

If Thune was the Vice President, we would have two US Senate seats up for election in ’14. One to finish out Thune’s term and one to claim Johnson’s seat. How exciting would that be? And who would Daugaard choose to fill the vacancy?

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  1. insomniac

    Daugaard appoints Rounds because appointing Noem would cause the need for a special election to Congress. That would mean a convention scenario where county chairs would vote again. It didn’t work in ’04 and it wouldn’t work in ’14.

    Dusty would be the odds on favorite at a convention and I don’t think he is very strong anymore.

  2. Anonymous

    Hildebrand is a tool and I don’t think he has ever won anything really. Why does he get so much love?

  3. Anonymous

    I would love to see two Senate races take shape in ’14. One because Vice President Thune would be coming back to SD to campaign and the other is it would just guarantee a rootin’ tootin’ good time.

  4. Anooner

    He said he doesn’t respect thune’s political beliefs, not his right to hold those beliefs. Bit of a difference.


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