Thune Joins Fox News’s ‘Cavuto LIVE’ to Discuss Judge Amy Coney Barrett and COVID-19 Relief Negotiations

Thune Joins Fox News’s ‘Cavuto LIVE’ to Discuss Judge Amy Coney Barrett and COVID-19 Relief Negotiations

“Unfortunately, the Democrats have really politicized the court by their tactics, not showing up at the Judiciary Committee where her nomination was reported out, not showing up yesterday on the floor when it was called up. … but that can’t stop us from carrying out our constitutional responsibility of advice and consent here in the Senate, and we’re going to carry that out today, tomorrow, and on Monday.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today joined Fox News’s “Cavuto LIVE” to discuss his strong support for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett ahead of her upcoming confirmation vote in the Senate. Thune also discussed the importance of passing a targeted COVID-19 relief bill, like the one the Senate voted on earlier this week. He urged Democrats to work with Republicans in good faith to arrive at a compromise bill that both parties can support and that can actually make it to the president’s desk.

Thune also spoke on the Senate floor today about Democrats’ continued delay tactics on the Barrett nomination and urged his Democrat colleagues to ditch their all-or-nothing approach to COVID-19 relief.

On Democrats protesting Judge Barrett’s confirmation vote:

“Unfortunately, the Democrats have really politicized the court by their tactics – not showing up at the Judiciary Committee where her nomination was reported out, not showing up yesterday on the floor when it was called up. They’re doing everything they can to protest this. But the truth of the matter is that a lot of the Democrats look at the courts as an auxiliary legislature where they can try and get policy outcomes and results that they can’t get through the two political branches of our government. And that’s not what the court is about. And Judge Barrett represents what we believe the court should be about – and that is a constitutionalist and somebody who is going to, in an impartial way, apply the law and the Constitution.”

“In the last 30 years, the Democrats have consistently changed the rules, going back to the Bork nomination, all the judges they tried to block when George Bush was president of the United States. That’s kind of permanently changed the atmospherics around here when it comes to processing judicial nominations. But that can’t stop us from carrying out our constitutional responsibility of advice and consent here in the Senate, and we’re going to carry that out today, tomorrow, and on Monday.”

On Judge Barrett’s qualifications:

“Everybody that meets her, Neil, including her opponents, the Democrats, can’t help but walk away impressed with her qualifications. There is no question about that. The Democrats are obviously very dug in on this over what they feel are process issues, and obviously ideology issues, but she has demonstrated that she is not somebody who is going to bring an ideology to the bench. She’s somebody who is going to take the law, the Constitution, the facts, and as they are written, and apply them in an impartial way. And that’s exactly what we want to see in a justice on the Supreme Court.”

On COVID-19 relief negotiations:

“[M]y view on that, Neil, is it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. We know we have to deal with it. We just think it ought to be targeted, it ought to be fiscally responsible. It shouldn’t be this all-or-nothing approach that Nancy Pelosi is proposing – which is you do it ‘my way or the highway,’ and it’s way too much money, it’s spending money on things that are unrelated to the coronavirus. We believe we need to do more to help businesses out there, and we’ve actually voted in the Senate now several times on legislation that would do just that – that would provide unemployment insurance, help for businesses, help for schools that are continuing to open up safely, supporting resources for vaccines and therapeutics and testing, money for the post office, money for farmers.

“I mean we’ve moved a bill on the floor now twice in the Senate, but the Democrats have blocked it. So, in the end, when the smoke clears after the election, hopefully we can sit down and people can, in good faith, start to compromise. But right now, my impression is that House Democrats and Speaker Pelosi would much rather have the issue than the solution, and we want a solution.”

13 thoughts on “Thune Joins Fox News’s ‘Cavuto LIVE’ to Discuss Judge Amy Coney Barrett and COVID-19 Relief Negotiations”

  1. On COVID relief funding:

    1. If you want real compromise, start negotiating with Schumer and the Senate Democrats so you can actually move a bill on the Senate floor. The Senate only needs to negotiate with Pelosi and the House Democrats when they both pass legislation.

    2. How is funding for farmers related to COVID? It’s not. Other businesses are failing, why are farmers getting another bailout? Farmers and the agriculture industry are the most subsidized industry in the country. Time to cut the Federal tit and cull the heard of these businesses that can’t make it. We live in a capitalist country, when will the hand out stops?

    3. The House Speaker and House Democrats are actually negotiating already with the Administration and have been doing so for months. Senate Republicans, including Majority Leader McConnell hasn’t joined these negotiations and his conference of Republicans aren’t negotiating with Pelosi on a top-line budget. President Trump through Secretary Mnuchin has been at the table and are finding common ground according to spokesmen from both sides.

    Let’s call a spade a spade. Senate Republicans aren’t doing their jobs and this post is misleading at best. The Senate Republicans need to pass a bill and then go to Conference with the House to come up with a compromise bill that can pass both bodies and be signed into law.

    Tired of the crap rhetoric and blame game coming from Washington.

    1. Nice post. I also wonder why Joe Biden, leader of the Democrat party, isn’t helping to push Democrats get a deal finalized for the American people?

      1. He may be leader of the Democratic party – but guess what, he’s not in office and has no power what-so-ever currently. Maybe your civics class in middle or high school forget to mention that unelected people often fail to move legislation.

        He’s not in the room negotiating, he can’t vote for or against it, he can’t veto or sign it. Expecting him to do something about it, it’s lunacy on your own part.

        1. The lunacy starts with Kristen Welker. She’s the one who pressed Biden with the exact same question. He doesn’t respond the same way you do, but he answers the question. He says… Well, I have. So, not only am I foolish, but Welker and Biden are too. Thanks for clearing that up for us!

    2. Your point about Senate Republicans need to pass a bill is incomplete. The Senate has voted twice on the Senate Republican bill and both times the Democrats block voted against it to prevent even having a discussion and a debate and consideration of passage so that it could go to a conference committee. Who are the obstructionists?

      1. The Majority leader can lower the threshold to pass a bill, it’s been done before with nominations and can, and should be done with disaster aid. Businesses need liability protection, the PPP program needs to be full utilized, airlines need another bailout to ensure the EAS airports still get serviced, the PSP needs more funding, schools need resources so kids can learn safely, etc.

    3. On point #2, ag has been severely disrupted since March because institutional markets — schools, colleges, and hospitals — as well as restaurants have been turned upside-down. An ag collapse would impact every home and business, not only in South Dakota but nationwide. So further relief is necessary. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a good enough gardener to make up the difference.

      1. The Ag industry has gotten more than $36 billion, including $19 billion for farmers through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program program. Including a direct payment of $250,000 per person or entity, though corporations, LLCs and limited partnerships.

        You’re telling me that farmers have lost more than $250,000 a year due to COVID? If you’re a partnership with another person or a few family members, each individual can receive the benefit giving you a multiplying effect into the millions per farm.

        My garden was very prolific this year – i’ll make it through the winter season..

  2. Trump has proposed stand alone bills that directly impact covid relief. But nancy won’t go along because they dont bail out poorly run cities. Her wish lists also include no voter ID and other unrelated crap. So don’t blame the GOP!

      1. Specifically speaking on the Covid plan, what would you like the President’s to do? More testing? More supplies for hospitals and communities? A fast-tracked vaccine? Allow experts to take the lead? Would you like him to provide places for the sick to recover away from at-risk people? What would make you happy?

        Did you watch either of the debates? DJT and JB speak specifically about their Covid plans, and Biden’s sounds very similar to Trump’s, so are they both lacking a plan?

        1. First of all, President Trump has never delivered a specific plan on COVID response, a healthcare plan, or an infrastructure bill that he promised over two years ago.

          Having had friends who have worked on the Hill recently, I know this to be fact. Trump comes up with ideas, but never puts pen to paper or has his staff do any of the leg work. He’s literally the guy who spouts out ideas, but never follows through.

          Maybe you should wake up and learn what’s really happening in DC. The Senate is refusing to go to conference on any COVID stimulus bill.

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