John Thune signs fundraising letter for Rounds for Senate with strong language about supporting Rounds early.

“Supporting Mike Rounds early — and lifting him to victory — is a big step toward the six seats we need for a Republican majority in the Senate.

Everything we Republicans talk about Washington needing, Mike Rounds has done.

As our conservative Governor, he grew the economy, attracted new business and industry, generated jobs, improved schools and made the state’s government run effectively and efficiently.”

– US Senator John Thune

Hot off the press from one of my spies, US Senator John Thune just sent this fundraising letter out on behalf of US Senate Candidate Mike Rounds, leaving little doubt about where he stands in the US Senate race:

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  • This is how legitimate campaigns raise money. No free pens here.

  • Keep it on topic, please.

    • All snarky comments aside, John Thune’s decision to step in and help Rounds speaks volumes about this race. We’re fortunate to have such a young South Dakotan reach elder statesman status as quickly as John has. His endorsement proves that Mike Rounds is the best option to win this seat and help the GOP regain majority. The old saying is you can judge someone by the company they keep. Mike is in excellent company with John.

  • This is no better and no different than Dauggard picking sides in the legislative races. Shame on you Thune ! You’ve lost any future vote from me and my family. Stay out of the primaries, if you are smart !

    • He’s smart enough to be US Senator, while you’re stuck at State Senator.

      • Daugaard’s endorsement was a verbal endorsement.

        Thune’s endorsement comes with a big fundraising push at the end of a quarter to his donor base which must be massive considering he built this list in 2002 and 2004 when taking on the Senator Minority Leader. BIG DIFFERENCE from a verbal endorsement.

        a) Thune’s endorsement is the only one that matters in a federal election to Republicans
        b) it is a huge money making endorsement for Rounds.

        • Ya, it’s a big difference. The biggest difference is that it’s even worse. Look at the list below that mhs posted. We know how Nelson and Rhoden would vote on these issues. But I doubt Rounds is really Republican enough to come through for us. Is Thune even supporting the filibuster in the Senate right now to un-fund obamacare ? No. No wonder he likes Rounds. Rounds killed SB 137 in 2010 while Governor which would have kept SD out of obamacare.

  • To Slim and the rest of the whiners who’ll complain Rounds isn’t pure enough for your deluded, distorted vision of what being a Republican means.

    What 6 seats mean:

    6 seats: Obamacare dies.

    6 seats: we secure the borders and enact meaningful immigration reform.

    6 seats: we have energy independence.

    6 seats: 40,000 pages of Dodd-Frank job-killing bureaucracy dies

    6 seats: Elizabeth Warren or some other Socialist doesn’t make the Supreme Court

    6 seats: Hillary isn’t the next president.

    Get it?

    • Could you please explain just how these pieces of legislation will ever become law without Obama signing them?

    • Wow! That may be the post of the year. Well said mhs

      • Well then, perhaps you will be able to answer my question as it seems to have mhs stumped.

        • Well Stace, as you well know, all those things can’t be realistically accomplished but a Republican majority in the senate is the only way progress toward them can be made. All roads to a majority run through South Dakota and Mike Rounds is the odds on favorite to us down that road.

          • Did you have to Google that or were you guys just lying in the hope that people were dumb enough to actually believe you? I seriously hope former Governor Rounds understands how the federal government works much better that his supporters do.

            • Rumor is Stace is thinking about quitting the race now that he realizes his delusions of grandeur were just that… Delusions of grandeur.

            • It is pretty obvious that Rounds supporters are good at cheerleading for him and demeaning his opponents, it is just too bad that they didn’t pay better attention when they were in government class. But do keep it up, you are such a credit to your guy. As somebody said earlier today, a candidate can be judged by the people around him and you really do shine for your candidate.

  • Does Thune REALLY think Rounds is the best choice or is he following NRSC orders?

    • I suspect he believes it, because while a Rounds could be better on some issues, he can actually run a senate campaign.

      The others look like they’re running for the state legislature.


      • He should be running smoothly by now since he’s been doing it for 11 months now. I’m sure it wasn’t picture perfect at the start but no one was paying attention back then…

    • Does anybody really think that Stace, or any other conservative, would lose to a dem? Six seats is important, but it would be better to have a conservative than MMike, who would in turn be slightly better than a dem on some issues.

      I haven’t yet jumped on the Stace bandwagon, but Rounds is far from a conservative.

      • There is no doubt in my mind that Stace Nelson has Richard Mourdock, Ken Buck, Sharon Angle, Rick Burg, Todd Akin and Christine O’Donnell written on his forehead with permanent marker.

  • If Thune is a conservative why, does he vote for the farm subsidies.

  • So Rhoden did a $7250 ask at the end of a quarter, Nelson did a $10,000 ask at the end of a quarter and Rounds has the support of Senator Thune mailing out a fundraising letter asking Republicans to get on board early and support a two term governor with 70% approval ratings and 100% name id.


  • This pen stuff is kind of silly. I wish I had a “Nelson” pen but I dont and I will live until I don’t anymore. That’s how I figgure. The Rumpled Shirt argument holds no merit either. I myself have a rumpled shirt right now. Mr. Nelson would earn more of my respect if he showed up with real grease or pig poop on his sleeve showing he’s not just a hobbie farmer, but that’s another story.

    Here is the deal young people: Twittering away to yourself does not raise money. I think Mr. PP can be our local expert in this area and cooberate if that is a word.

    *Insaner candidates have gone less far but achieved the same result.*

    Mark those words. They will gong true again. Mark them. I promise you they will gong loudly again.

  • Stace Nelson School for Drama:

    Lesson One:

    Act 1: Attack your opponents

    Act 2: wait until they correct the misinformation being spread

    Act 3: Play the victim and accuse your opponent of attacking you by correcting misinformation.

    (This was originally known as Tom Daschle’s School for Drama)

  • Big Money Mike can’t get elected on his record or who he really is, he needs “K” Street money and John Thune’s coat tails. Must be getting nervous if they have to make old John swallow his dislike of Rounds so the NRSC has another obedient follower.

    • Most of Rounds money has come from individuals.

      Wasn’t Stace the one out begging on K street last week?

  • How is raising taxes, increasing govt spending, expanding state govt, and creating a massive deficit “conservative” or opposite of what DC has done?

    Well, guess Nelson’s speech the other day scared more than o’le Joel Rosenthal..

  • We are poised to have the best looking delegation in the history of congress, lets not screw this up. John says give mike money so the appropriate thing to do is for stace and rhoden to withdraw and give mike whatever money they have raised.

    • Bwahahahahahahaha!

      Rounds will not be able to buy this election, at some point Big Money Mike (or as “K” Street calls him “My Man Mike”) will have to debate and answer for his lousy liberal record.

  • Anybody who asserts John Thune takes orders doesn’t know John Thune. Furthermore, Senator Thune is the Chairman of the GOP Conference which on the pecking order is higher than the head of the NRCC. Bosses don’t take orders from subordinates.