Thune & Noem fight pine beetles… but not Johnson???

One has to wonder what is going on with Senator Johnson right now. Why isn’t he getting behind Senator Thune and Congresswoman Noem in an effort to stop the pine beetle.

Sen. John Thune and Rep. Kristi Noem said Thursday that they are optimistic that Congress will be receptive to their plan for fewer environmental regulations and more pine-beetle-control work in the Black Hills.

But their efforts of persuasion might have to begin in their home-state delegation. Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson isn?t quite ready to endorse the legislation by his two Republican colleagues.

I can’t think of an easier no-brainer for members of South Dakota’s delegation, yet Johnson is still playing “present” instead of focusing on what’s best for the black hills.

He stopped short, however, of endorsing the legislation by Thune and Noem.

?I support the overall goals of increasing the flexibility of the Forest Service to respond to the pine beetles in the Black Hills, and especially increasing the use of cooperative agreements,? Johnson said.

It isn’t a complicated issue. His inaction indicates that maybe Johnson would be more comfortable to just have the black hills burn one beetle infested tree at a time?

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  1. insomniac

    Noem’s new hair cut is the worst I have ever seen. Did the pine beetles get in her hair or something?

    In all seriousness I think this is great legislation. Maybe Johnson isn’t siding with them because Varilek wants to pretend west river doesnt’ exist or because the dems have no chance out there anyway. Screw them. let the hills burn!!!!! And then we will give it back to the indians!!!

    1. ymous

      Hair? Really? How old are you and are you still in highschool?
      Do your parent’s know you’re on a blog?

  2. Spencer

    I doubt that his leftwing staffers that are feeding him crumbs of information are even aware of the problem…too busy keeping that seat warm for Obama’s agenda.

  3. Anonymous

    The devil is in the details of course. If the bill uses a SD issue to gut environmental regulations on a national basis then I can see why Sen. Johnson is reluctant to sign on. I don’t know if that is the case, but those details will certainly emerge.

    1. Anonymous

      You make a valid point. But if that is the case, why doesn’t Johnson, or his staff, come out and say that.

    2. caheidelberger

      Good point, anon! “Bill Clay” poses the familiar false dilemma, saying that you either back the GOP plan or you back a status quo doomed to fail (rather like the debate on HB 1234). The existence of a problem does not prove that any solution you propose deserves our vote. We need time to review the broader impacts of the proposal (something I suspect “Bill Clay” hasn’t done, since he/she/it is more interested in the quick cheap political point than rational policymaking). I don’t like seeing the pines out here turn brown (we saw some ugly beetle damage southwest of Lake Pactola last weekend), but I don’t want Thune and Noem to use a crisis to sneak in some unwise ideologically driven deregulation that will cause greater problems in the future.

      1. 73*

        I’m glad to see the unbiased Coryheidelbergerwithcheese has come off the mountain top to bless us with his opinion…

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe, just maybe Senator Tim Johnson is…..a….pine beetle himself! Or maybe not. However, Tim Johnson is certainly out of touch with reality. Go Kristi! Love you girl!!

    1. Anon

      Kristi makes me proud to be a Republican Woman!! I love hearing her talk, and she is so down to earth; just like me. God Bless Kristi Noem!

  5. Anonymous

    Why are you all hypocrites talking about people this way, I cant beleive you treat people this way what a web site, oh by the way did Thune sign on to get rid of farm subsidsies over like 250,000 on Johnsons farm bill where was Noem on the corporate farm bill .Hypocrites all of you.

  6. Somewhere between Rapid City and Sioux Falls

    My man John Thune contintues to impress me. Noem is less impressive because she continues to pander without an original idea.

    Why I love Thune and wouldn’t walk across the street to visit to Kristi Noem is beyond me. Johnson would need to drive his little rascal over here if he wanted to talk to me and it’s possible I’d put it on blocks out of commission.

  7. lil wayne

    The reason is simple. Johnson is the lapdog of barry s and radical environmentalists. They don’t want to relax any of their restrictions,and barry doesn’t want to help a state that voted against him. It as simple as that. EVERYTHING this administration does is POLITICAL.

  8. springer

    Tim hasn’t been given permission to vote on this issue by the great O et al. Simple. Forget about what is best for SD. The Hills are extremely dry this year and unless the pine beetle problem is addressed things will go from bad to worse this fire season and from now on.

  9. 73*

    Tim Johnson should resign. He is incapable of doing certain things that are required by constituents. Like listening and understanding.

  10. Anonymous

    Wow so these republicans want us to fix the pine beetle problem .I thought they were fiscal as the Government will get involved and spend money that is socialization cut them all for firewood.By the way where is Noem and Thune on cutting subsidies on over 250,000 for farming what you all say Thune groupies as Johnsons bill is there for him to sign . or do as I say not as I do.

  11. Clay Bill

    Ahh, Bill Clay, showing once again that he’s a champion at cherry picking a news article, twisting the portions of it he chooses to focus on out of context, and not providing his readers with any original ideas.

    He never focuses, for example, on this portion of the story: “…he (Johnson) said later in response to Journal questions that red tape is less of a problem in the beetle wars than a shortage of federal funds to pay for needed projects and programs.
    ‘Ultimately, the biggest hurdle to doing more to address the pine beetle in the Black Hills isn?t red tape, it?s money,’ Johnson said in a comment provided by his staff. ‘Timber sales and other treatment projects require resources, and I?m most concerned about the Forest Service budget going forward.’ ”

    The story continues, with Bill Clay choosing to not focus any attention at all this portion:
    “Money has been a problem for beetle-control work. And the state?s congressional members have worked in recent years to increase funding to the Black Hills National Forest for that purpose. The Republican members in particular also have pushed for emergency authority and more freedom from restrictive environment laws and rules, something Johnson said he supports in concept.
    He stopped short, however, of endorsing the legislation by Thune and Noem.
    ‘I support the overall goals of increasing the flexibility of the Forest Service to respond to the pine beetles in the Black Hills, and especially increasing the use of cooperative agreements,? Johnson said.’ ”

    Instead, Bill Clay chooses to plant this question in the minds of his readers: “His inaction indicates that maybe Johnson would be more comfortable to just have the black hills burn one beetle infested tree at a time?”

    Bill Clay chooses to not dwell for even a portion of a second on this portion of the story:
    “In the past few weeks, the state?s senior senator has met with Black Hills National Forest Supervisor Craig Bobzien and U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell. Johnson said those meetings were ?to discuss ways to expedite the review process for the pine beetle response, even as numerous projects are under way.?

    And Bill Clay has the temerity to accuse Sen. Johnson of “playing ?present? instead of focusing on what?s best for the black hills.”

    Naturally, this inspires the more common (in more ways than one) commenters on this blog to weigh in with every despicable insult their pea brains can muster concerning Johnson.

    What escapes everyone, including Bill Clay, is that Thune and Noem have issued no criticism about Johnson concerning the Black Hills and his efforts in dealing with the pine beetle problem. That’s because there’s NOTHING to criticize. The Thune and Noem camps realize that Johnson’s efforts in this regard have been just as valiant as theirs’.

    Readers, when it comes to addressing this issue, criticism should be squarely aimed at Bill Clay. He is, once again, proving that the facts and truth just don’t matter to him.

    1. toga

      Clay, Bill,

      Why then doesn’t Johnson sign on? Is it perhaps because Johnson’s rascal ran out of battery power? When you think about it Thune is right we need to stop this now rather than do what Johnson wants to do which is sit and wait for the rest of the beetles to eat the rest of the forest. Act now and save the black hills or discuss and never act while the black hills are destroyed.

      1. Anonymous

        It’s simple. Most people understand the importance of getting rid of the pine beetles. That is most people with a brain. (note: that is not a slam on Johnson’s health considering that he has always been a mindless liberal.)

  12. Anonymous

    Wow anon where was Thune when veterans needed a mandatory funding bill for our veterans your hero voted against veterans.Where is your hero to sign on to Johnson bill to cut farm subsidies over 250 grand, your hero do as I say not as I do.


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