Thune on Roy Moore… And an overly complimentary Gayle King

This clip is making the rounds on the Internet, where CBS this morning interviews South Dakota’s US Senator John Thune about Roy Moore. And CBS’ Gayle King is a bit “overly complimentary…”

“The two other panelists, co-host Norah O’Donnell and another female correspondent, laughed heartily, and a somewhat embarrassed Thune seemed to take it in stride by thanking King for the compliment.

Some might wonder about the reaction to the King-Thune interview on social media in the context of objectification if the genders were reversed, however. Parenthetically, late last month, CBS This Morning fired co-host Charlie Rose over sexual harassment allegations.

Read it all here.

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  1. duggersd

    I do not know whether the allegations of unlawful contact with girls by Moore is true, and neither does Senator Thune. I do know that Moore vigorously denies the allegations that allegedly occurred almost 40 years ago. In addition to Moore denying the charges, I also find it hard to believe that someone who engages in this type of activity will quit. People who know Moore do not believe this type of behavior reflects the character of the man they have known for all of these years.
    At this time, Moore has been accused by two people whose accusations are actually unlawful. I believe it is unfortunate that a leader of the Senate would make comments about suggesting someone leave office over unproven and perhaps even dubious accusations. One of the accusers has admitted to being less than truthful and the other has some incentives in her background to give her a reason to lie.
    I wonder if Senator Thune would be willing to resign if someone came up with something he allegedly did 38 years ago.

    1. KM

      My thoughts exactly and the word in my circles is the same. Why he continues to talk about Moore is beyond us. Democrat or Republican, it’s hard to tell the difference at times. Definitely can rule out Conservative.

      1. Anonymous

        He talks about it because he’s asked. And that will continue as long as Moore is in office. Take away the sex pervert aspect of this and Moore is still a bigot and a sexist and idiot.

        The mainstream media would love for Moore to win so they can hang this around the neck of trump and republicans. Glad Thune is smart enough to see that.

        1. KM

          Why doesn’t he speak about Congress’ secret fund to pay out sexual harassment allegations using our tax dollars? Did he take the time to call out Conyer or Franken? Nope. And I’m pretty sure Franken is still seated.

          Thune is loosing support because he only focuses on Moore and he’s made it clear he’s a RINO. Who knows what will happen in 2020. Thune could be primaried, he could become a lobbyist, or he could be asked to step down because of sexual allegations made. Maybe, they already have been made and are being kept secret. Hopefully he’ll support Rep. DeSantis’ legislation. Only time will tell.

    2. Fled to Red

      unfortunate that a leader of the Senate would make comments about suggesting someone leave office over unproven and perhaps even dubious accusations

      A true leader would not behave in this manner. Whence comes this Daschlization of Thune? He is surely aware of the scuttlebutt in the coffee shops and church foyers that makes clear that his evolution into a swamp creature will open him up to a primary if he runs for the Senate again. Does he have loftier ambitions?

        1. Anonymous

          Hardly “vigorous” …

          Of one of the girls, he said, “I don’t remember going out on dates. I knew her as a friend. If we did go on dates, then we did.”

          How many men in their 30s are “friends” with teenage girls whom they may or may not have dated? Then Moore said of these two girls, “neither of them have ever stated any inappropriate behavior” — even though both of them said he dated and kissed them.

          Asked point-blank if he dated girls in their teens, he replied with the less-than-Shermanesque “Not generally, no.”

  2. William Beal

    Conservatism is, if nothing else, a practical acceptance of the world as it is. The choice in an election is between two less than ideal options. If there is ever a time when you have the perfect candidate in a race, it means you are dead and are in heaven, where you get to vote for Jesus Christ.

    Roy Moore is staunchly pro-life, while Doug Jones supports unrestricted abortion rights. Moore supports immigration border enforcement, while Jones is an open borders absolutist. Moore is a social conservative, while Jones embraces the Progressive social agenda.

    This election is a binary choice between the Democrat and the Republican.

    That’s how it works.

  3. Troy Jones

    The following are the Republican US Senators who have taken a roughly similar position to Senator Thune or stronger. I’m proud of Senator Thune for making a stand on his principles without regard to politics or party.

    Alexander (TN), Barrasso (Wyo), Boozman (Ark), Burr (NC), Cassidy (LA), Cochran (MS), Collins (MA), Daines (MT), Ernst (IA), Fischer (NE), Flake (AZ), Gardner (CO), Grassley (IA), Heller (NV), Hoeven (ND), Inhofe (OK), Lee (UT), Moran (KS), McCain (AZ), Murkowski (AK), Perdue (GA), Portman (OH), Rounds (SD), Sasse (NE), Shelby (AL)), Sullivan (AK), Toomey (PA), Young (IN).

    This is over 50% of the GOP caucus. With one exception, the others are withholding judgment until the Senate Ethics investigation is over. Only Cruz (TX) thinks if he wins he should be seated and not investigated.

    1. KM

      Proud of Senator Thune? Are you proud he is part of a Congress who kept a secret fund to pay out settlements on sexual allegations? You do know about that right? Your tax dollars surely do.

      I guess, coming from someone who thinks women who wear burqas do it for traditional reasons not because they could be stoned to death if they take it off.

      I wonder if you get out in your community and talk with people about Thune? I do and he doesn’t have a lot of support. RINO is what I hear.

  4. Anonymous

    Last night a speaker at Moore’s final campaign event said he accidentally went with Moore to a brothel with child prostitutes. Happens to everyone.

  5. Troy Jones

    I couldn’t be prouder of Senator Thune. He opposed the scumbag in the primary as did most of the caucus and our President. And he stood by his principles to the end without regard to politics or party.

    Even after he left the White House I maintained an affinity for Steve Brannon until this fiasco. If he can’t sniff out a predator or he looks the other way because he agrees with Moore, he is no better than those who voted/supported/enabled Bill and Hillary.

    In fact, I think Moore and his supporters are just the other side of the coin of the Clintons and their supporters. Similar to bit coin but instead the scum coin.

    1. KM

      Proud of Senator Thune? Are you proud he is part of a Congress who kept a secret fund to pay out settlements on sexual allegations? You do know about that right? Your tax dollars surely do. Silence is compliance.

      Rep. DeSantis is writing legislation that will expose the politicians who have sexually harassed others and will stop our tax dollars from paying these settlements. Will Thune support that legislation, will he speak to this unethical practice? Time will tell.

      Your judgement is clouded at times, but that’s common when we don’t want things to be what they are. We see that with Leftists quite often.

  6. Troy Jones

    For the third time, I am unequivocally proud to have John Thune as my Senator even though he has been unable to root out every example of waste and abuse. I recognize he is a mortal man and not perfect like God.

    sidetone: I’m also proud to be represented by Mike Rounds, Kristi Noem, Dennis Daugaard.

    I’m also proud South Dakota Republicans don’t let scumbags like Moore or nut jobs like Aiken, Mourdock, Angle, and O’donnel get the GOP nomination for US Senate.

    1. KM

      That’s right, avoid addressing the point when it doesn’t fit your narrative.

      Just you wait, this mob-mentality concerning “sexual harassment” by men is going to continue exposing people we thought were honest and moral. I wonder if you’ll soon be calling Thune a scumbag? Would you be so proud of him then? Time will tell.

      I must say, Tara’s link was well-played.

  7. Troy Jones


    I’m avoiding nothing. In all things, the prudent man picks his battles. I trust John to pick the right battle at the right time for the right reason. Moore is a sex predator. There is no reason for 30 year old men to pursue girls in high school. Period. Bill Clinton is a sex predator and a sex harasser. Conyers is a sex harasser. The guy who asked staff to carry his baby is a sex harasser.

    If Senator Thune did what Moore or Clinton did, I’d demand his ouster.


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