Thune, Rosenthal on Slick Rick’s proposal to eliminate party.

The Wall Street Journal has an article this evening on Slick Rick Weiland’s proposal to eliminate party from the ballot, so he won’t have to run as a Democrat anymore:

In South Dakota, where the shadow of Mount Rushmore’s presidents looms large, political parties could become nearly invisible on ballots.


Some Republicans in South Dakota say the ballot initiative is simply a desperate ploy by Democrats to overcome their struggle to win statewide elected posts. When Republicans swept all statewide races in the 2014 midterms, they reduced the party of former Sens. George McGovern and Tom Daschle to its lowest representation since 1962.

“This is ‘we can’t achieve power, so we’re changing the rules,’ ” said Sioux Falls resident Joel Rosenthal, a tractor parts salesman and former chairman of the state’s Republican Party.

Other Republicans see no need to tinker with a system that already works.

“I don’t believe there’s a problem with our current nominating process,” said the state’s senior U.S. senator, Republican John Thune.

Read it here.

And Joel is 100% correct. Dems have let their party go so badly they have to change the rules because they feel they can’t compete.

Maybe they should look in the mirror, instead of blaming the rest of us.

4 Replies to “Thune, Rosenthal on Slick Rick’s proposal to eliminate party.”

  1. Troy Jones

    Besides waving a white flag, this will actually provide no platform upon which Democrats can ever attempt to build their bench for future national offices.

    George McGovern in the 50’s when he began building the Democrat Party had actually a higher mountain to climb but he did it using the current system. If this were to pass, the Dems have no platform upon which to build (except cult of personality, relying upon it with Daschle actually led to their decline).

    Its crazy and irrational but I guess why should I expect anything different from Weiland.

  2. Mole

    Weiland is such a loser, as Trump would say.
    He’s lost like 8 elections.
    Now he wants to hide the fact that he’s a Democrat because he knows what a losing move that is.