Thune Statement on FCC Vote

Thune Statement on FCC Vote

WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, issued the following statement on the FCC’s 3-2 vote to regulate the Internet:

“Despite the Federal Communication Commission’s partisan action to approve a 317-page power grab over the Internet, the fight to keep the Internet unburdened from regulatory overreach is far from over. As parties line up to challenge this action in court, it will soon be time for Congressional Democrats to review the situation and decide if they are prepared to join a bipartisan effort that brings real certainty to American consumers and provides the necessary protections to the Internet. Only action by Congress can fix the damage and uncertainty this FCC order has inflicted on the Internet.”


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  1. I hope Senator Thune works hard to fight the power grab by another unaccountable government arm. Ask the citizenry of Saudi Arabia and China how they like having the government control communications.

    1. I prefer the FCC to Verizon and Comcast. Thune was fixin to screw everyone who uses the Internet. That $10 million came from somewhere and he has favors to pay back. Maybe Hillary will be easier for Thune to work with.

        1. or, will hillary make it easier for senators to allegedly ‘screw’ the american public? that seems likely

          1. The short-term result will be lots of friends and relatives of FCC officials getting rich. Long term the result will be higher costs and worse service.

            There may be a few idiots who learn about regulatory capture, but I won’t bet on it.

  2. These press releases by John Thune are informative and thoughtful. I appreciate his opinion because it’s so valuable.

  3. “it will soon be time for Congressional Democrats…”

    What are you doing, John? It’s your committee. You’re the Chairman. Your party holds the majority in the senate. Do something!

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  5. Meanwhile, Johnny Hoops is standing by with Mitch to receive his next strategy move from Harry Reid. Hell, you’d never even know we had an election in November. Reid is still calling the shots and intimidating these cowards who are afraid of their own shadows.

    What a week we’ve had: First the Grand Old Pushovers completely bungled the DHS funding bill and ran for cover at the first sign of the Democrat filibuster and then caved. And then the Commerce committee stands around with their thumbs up their keesters while Barry Hussein does another end run around them.

    But thank God, at least their seats and chairmanships are intact. That’s the bottom line isn’t it? Johnny is still a basketball hero back home.

    Hey this must be that “good government” as practiced by the Republicans on the Hill that I keep reading about here on the South Dakota Whig College huh?

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