Thune stumps in Iowa for Romney

This was a fun interview with Senator Thune campaigning in Iowa for Mitt Romney.

“I think the stakes are so high, the consequences of this election are great.  This is a cross-roads election for our country, a time when presidential leadership really matters, something we don’t have in Washington D.C. today, and that’s why I got engaged,” Thune said.

And with next Tuesday being the Iowa Caucuses, Thune hopes all Iowans take the decision seriously when deciding who to caucus for.

“That they’ll think long and hard, not only one about who can lead this country and take on the challenges and tackle the problems we have, but also who is the most electable candidate for Republicans,” Thune said.

Who do you think will win the Iowa Caucuses?

7 Replies to “Thune stumps in Iowa for Romney”

  1. Anonymous

    I thought he was to represent South Dakota not Iowa .He is like Daschle,time to vote him out.Its about me not about you.

  2. I'm wearing flip flops right now

    Did Thune actually show up at all of the events in Iowa yesterday?

    Northwest Iowa is not Romney country…nor is South Dakota for that matter.

  3. duggersd

    This is a break from the normal Senate session. He can do whatever he wants. Personally, I can think of several people I would prefer over Romney, but considering how important it is to defeat Obama next November, I do not have a problem with him stumping for someone he believes can beat Obama. And yes, defeating Obama IS in the interests of SD.

  4. anny mus

    Romney is worse than Obama, because he has the same plan, which is total government control of our lives. Obama awakened the eagle eyes of the tea party and Romney will cause them to slumber while instituting the same progressive socialist dogma that Obama does. If Romney is the candidate – leave the box blank.

  5. Anonymous

    please elect romney and thune, the dems will get all the houses back in two years please please.Mit and Tune are for the rich, please elect them.


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