18 Replies to “Thune: Tax Reform Will Bring Economic Growth and Higher Wages”

  1. Troy Jones

    Do I care if the rich pay more or less taxes or get richer or poorer?

    Not really. I want our nation to become stronger economically and all people have better opportunities and lifestyles.

    We need more and better jobs. That happens when we have economic growth. Economic growth happens when capitalists make good investments (proper relationship between risk and return is what I mean by good investments). Good investments depend on low and non-punitive taxation, reasonable business regulations, and fluid flow of capital (fluid meaning the capital can flow without unreasonable obstructions).

    Thune is 100% correct about how we can make America stronger and improve the lives of those who have the least economically.

  2. Anonymous

    Senator Thune,

    Will you go on record and commit to not cutting Medicare or Medicaid to pay for these tax cuts?

    1. KM

      EC, I was hoping to see you pop in.

      I really wanted to tell you about the modifications we recently made to our AR-15. Yep, we did it, we added a chainsaw, thanks to USA Today’s suggestion. We are now fully ready for the zombie apocalypse, are you?

      I just couldn’t resist.

      1. Anonymous

        Good one, KM! Nothing frightens a liberal more than something they know nothing about. A semi-auto by any other name would shoot as straight, quote Shakespeare, paraphrased.

        1. Emoluments Clause

          “Nothing frightens a liberal more than something they know nothing about….”

          That’s because we don’t fake it like others….. You know, like some do with fake health care reform and fake tax relief for the middle class….

      2. Emoluments Clause

        You know, I never believed in zombies until I sat back this past year and watched the GOP try to reform health care….. Hahahahahaha

        1. KM

          You mean the “health care” Obama ruined for us?

          You can keep your doctor and your plan….Hahahahahaha;)

          When you talk about 2A you should make sure to tell the entire truth. I saw your post and you lied by omission. A true Leftist’s MO, leave out information and hope no one notices.

          You see, conservatives come across a fence in a field and ask questions about why it was built. Liberals just decide it shouldn’t be there and tear it down. That is not a successful strategy you follow, but it is surely fun for me.

          1. Emoluments Clause

            As far as your last paragraph is concerned, are you building a wall or talking about one that was built?

            In reference to your second paragraph, well, in order to win an argument, all you have to do is go in for the real issue at hand. Because then, it’s not “omission,” rather its a surgical attack of great efficiency, which any true conservative should be able to appreciate.

            And as far as keeping your doctor and plan is concerned. Yep, the liberals are guilty of giving over 20 million more Americans health insurance because of that lie. While the last time a conservative president lied of great relevance he gave us a war, which is now known as the “continual war.”

  3. Troy Jones


    Well, that is ironic since Luther specifically reacted against what he considered “bad means.” You must have missed forever the teaching of the Beatitudes which emphasizes what one does and not what one accomplishes.

    BTW, I find nothing humorous when I hear “ends justify the means” because it ends up being the underpinning of the most evil regimes in history.

    1. Emoluments Clause

      Enlighten up please!….. You know, the Federalist often accused the Jeffersonians of Jacobinism too. But that would mean you are a more like Hamilton, while I am more like Jefferson, but I believe on this blog site most would disagree with that….

      Oh, and speaking of the “ends justifying the means,” when will the end of the continual war bear good fruit? Or, do you prefer no end to it, so as to not be aligned with those who justify the means by the end?

  4. Troy Jones


    You can do better.

    1) It was you who used as an argument for Obamacare “ends justify the means” which was perfected by the Jacobins. I guess I’m giving you credit by mentioning you in the same breath as the Jacobins.

    2) It is you who is trying to obfuscate and conflate by mentioning a war opposed by me, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump at the time. Most Americans and South Dakotans and Hillary Clinton/Joe Biden et. al. endorsed the war. Your like the little kid who when discovers he is losing yells out something about kicking a football in someone else yard 10 years ago.

    1. Emoluments Clause

      I am glad you were against the war, so was I. Hey, we have something in common!

      I realize that the war lie is a real zinger for most conservatives or Republicans and they don’t really want to talk about it, even if they were opposed to the war from day one – which thus causes them to go off on some philosophical bent tangent at best to the real issue at hand. But then again, these are the same conservatives or Republicans, who often claimed that Bush43 kept us safe as if somehow 9/11 happened on Gore’s watch…..