Thune endorses Romney

Mitt Romney - John Thune

John Thune is set to endorse Mitt Romney this morning in Iowa.

“Mitt Romney has shown throughout his life in the private sector, as leader of the Olympics, as governor and in this campaign that he will not back down from difficult challenges,” Thune said in a statement. “Washington could use these common sense principles at such a critical time.”

Thune, the chairman of the Senate’s Republican Policy Committee, and Romney are set to speak at an event in Iowa at 10 a.m. Wednesday, and then co-host a town hall in the afternoon according to the Sioux City Journal.

?I am honored to have Senator Thune?s support,? Romney said. ?On the issues that I have been fighting for in my campaign ? creating a better business environment, lessening the regulatory burden, and ending Washington?s spending addiction ? Senator Thune has been a leading voice in the Senate. He will be a trusted adviser as I bring this message to voters, work to reverse President Obama?s failed policies, and reform Washington.?

26 Replies to “Thune endorses Romney”

  1. Anonymous

    Not a surprise. Thune is a play it safe kind of guy. If he is endorsing Romney now why didn’t he just do it 6 months ago? I would think it would be better to be on board early than late (unless the romney camp has always known Thune was on board and they were holding this endorsement for this time).

  2. duggersd

    Gee, why didn’t he give him the endorsement in 2008 after the Presidential election? After all, Romney was running back then. Perhaps Senator Thune wanted to wait until he heard a few things from the various candidates? I do not see this as “playing it safe”. Romney is not necessarily going to win the nomination. Not that it will matter to South Dakotans, but he is about fourth on my list. Nobody is perfect and neither is John Thune, but I cannot believe you find fault with waiting until now. BTW, this is still before the first vote has been cast.

    1. Anonymous

      Establishment sticks with establishment.

      Serioulsy do you see Thune endorsing Cain? Bachmann? Paul? Santorum? Perry? Huntsman? Gingrich?

      Thune went with Romney because Romney was the safest choice and wasn’t going to make him look bad in the media with a big gaffe. Thune learned a long time ago it’s better to tweek the base than look bad in the media.

      1. duggersd

        Yes, I do. If any of those people win the nomination, Thune will support them. He has chosen who he likes. I have my own ideas of who I want. But I would vote for any of them over Obama. Anybody with a brain would. BTW, wouldn’t you?

  3. Smurfette

    If this makes sense… I would have voted for Thune but he chose not to run and endorse Mitt Romney. I am going to vote for Gingrich.

  4. caheidelberger

    Oh, duggersd. Romney is necessarily going to win the nomination. Thune is signaling to everyone that the fun and games are over. Thune is putting out this endorsement now to tell Iowa voters to put the race to bed early and allow Romney to save his resources to beat Obama.

    1. duggersd

      Cory, it is not in the stars. I remember when that Dean guy with the screech was going to walk away with the Democrat nomination and the Viet Nam hero from Massachusetts won. As I recall, Hillary had it all locked up until there was actually a primary. McCain was completely out of it and still won the nomination. Romney is not trusted by a lot of people. I suspect he is the guy Obama wants to run against, but I am hoping the Republicans will have a chance to decide who they want. But if I have to choose between Romney and Obama, you can damned well bet it will be Romney.

    1. Anonymous

      You can ask Romney about this, but like every other thing he says – the answer you get will probably change later. Chameleons look consistent by comparison to Romney.

      1. Anunya

        Well, if given a choice of voting for a poser over the communist in chief… I guess we will have to hold our nose when we vote.

        1. caheidelberger

          “communist in chief” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Please, don’t let me interrupt your propping up of your failing worldview with empty words.

          As for Romney, is he a poser or a pragmatist? I know, in your book, those two things are probably one and the same….

  5. anonymous

    Watched the debate last night. Didn’t realize Mitt was such a hawk. He also kissed up pretty good to Israel. Probably figures he needs them since he is going to lose a lot of non-mormon Christians.

    1. Anonymous

      Who is this monolithic Them? The American Jewish population? I didn’t realize they only cared about Isreal. I thought they were, you know, AMERICANS.

  6. cornerstone

    Gingrich is really looking like a strong personality. He has a lot of presence and I like his brain.

  7. springer

    I like Gingrich too. But I think Romney has been the choice of the GOP leadership class from day one. My problem is whether or not Romney’s previous statements and actions regarding health care, global warming, etc have changed or whether he is saying what he needs to get elected. And there is no way to know that until he’s elected. BUT, that said, ANYTHING is better than what we have now if we want to preserve the good ole USA and the policies and the Constitution that have allowed us to become the “shining city on a hill.”

  8. William

    The POTUS actually has limited power and their policies are either supported by, or opposed by Congress. A Republican majority in both the House and Senate can ensure that if the GOP takes the White House, whoever ultimately becomes POTUS will be as conservative as “they need to be.”

    In that respect, I’m actually more concerned about the Senate races in 2012, than I am about whoever becomes the GOP challenger against Obama.

    1. Anonymous

      That is a false premise. The premise assumes a weak presidency. We need a Jefferson, Lincoln, T.Roosevelt or Reagan to get us out of this mess. Weak, pandering politicians should not be applying for the job of president at this time. The Washington class needs a complete shake-up!

  9. springer

    Regarding William’s statement above: “The POTUS actually has limited power and their policies are either supported by, or opposed by Congress.”

    This is the way it is supposed to be, true. BUT, in the case of Obama especially it is not. In his case, it’s Congress that has limited, or many times recently, no power. If they don’t pass his desired legislation such as global warming, jobs bills, etc, he simply issues an executive order and does what he wants anyway, bypassing Congress. This is not the division of powers envisioned by our founding fathers or by the Constitution. It is the way a dictator runs things.

    My hope is that this mini-dictator is ousted in 2012 and that Congress is returned to the hands of the conservatives. Unless that happens, we will be heading further and further toward a socialist state, and most of the people of the US won’t even know it until it has happened. As long as the TV reality shows and sports programs etc continue, as long as Obamacare is a thing of the future for most, as long as people can still afford food and gas etc (or as long as the gov’t supplies it for them thru handouts), and as long as the majority of Americans get their news from mainstream media and don’t pay any attention to gov’t policies, the majority of Americans will never realize what is happening under their very noses.

  10. Anonymous

    The only way you get to see Johnny is if you give $10,000.00 or more. Never see him stand in line at a airport, never see him set in the cramped seats. Johnny boy will not talk to the average person. Johnny boy is a dud??????..

  11. Andrew

    Have to respect Thune for a safe, conservative choice. It’s funny that Thune endorsed a candidate he probably could have defeated in any primary, though. I could see Romney and Thune tied together in some President and Vice-President discussions as well. Not saying it will happen, but you have to think a VP position could be tempting to a South Dakota politician. They both seem to remain fairly level-headed, and a Romney’s campaign could receive a hefty boost if the Thune name is connected to it, at least in the midwest.

    An interesting thing with this, however, is that Thune and Romney definitely have an “elitest” aura about themselves, something that definitely could cost the GOP solid position in the voting process.