Thune to Trump – “it’s about the future of this country.”

From KSFY, Senator Thune let Donald Trump know that he needs to get a thicker skin if he’s going to be in politics:

South Dakota Senator John Thune tells KSFY he wants Donald Trump to stick to policy and stop the personal attacks.

Thune says Trump’s latest flap with the parents of a fallen Muslim American soldier makes it tough to support him as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

Senator Thune…speaking a technology summit in Sioux Falls..didn’t mince words when we asked him about Donald Trump. “Donald Trump has to develop a thicker skin, realize that these campaigns and elections are not about him. It’s about the future of this country.”

Read it all here at KSFY.

28 Replies to “Thune to Trump – “it’s about the future of this country.””

  1. SD Voter

    Thune loves to have it both ways. I endorse him, but refuse to attend his convention and hide away in the middle of South Dakota. I support him, but ridicule him when he says something crazy. Let me put my finger in the wind and see which way the wind is blowing today before I answer your question about Trump (or anything controversial, really)

    1. Anonymous

      Trump doesn’t have to be his favorite but he’s all the GOP has between Hillary Clinton and the White House.

      1. Springer

        That’s the truth. The powers that be seem to be preferring Hillary (status quo) to someone who will shake things up. I agree that Trump sometimes says things that shouldn’t be said. BUT he is the party nominee, and the party had BETTER support him, or Hillary will win and the country as we know it will be gone and we will turn into a weakened, European style, progressive nation. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the Second Amendment, are all under attack; but the entrenched politicians just don’t get it.

        1. Anonymous

          “Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the Second Amendment, are all under attack”

          Are there any bills currently circulating in Congress that threatens all three things you mentioned? I went to church last Sunday and I wasn’t attacked. Were you? I recently mentioned to a friend that I believe our system of government is useless and is in need of radical change. I wasn’t attacked for speaking my opinion freely. I’m curious where you get your information.

          1. Anonymous

            I’m curious too.
            Went to Mass with no issues.

            The Catholic school my family, friends and I all went to has not been threatened to close by the government.

            The Priests and Nuns I have known are not in any threat of going to prison or some re-education camp like what happened in the old Soviet Union.

            I am not aware of anyone I know who is Jewish or another faith that is under attack.

              1. Anonymous

                Can you expand on your statement? I’m assuming you think the Johnson Amendment was a bad idea but I could be wrong.

  2. Anonymous

    Thune and others know trump won’t change his strips. He has a personality disorder. They have lost control of the party and don’t know what else to do other than softly rebuke him. A trump presidency would be a disaster, and all those who have “endorsed” him will be complicit.

    1. Anonymous

      Who is complicit if Hillary wins? The socialists who vote for her? It is the lesser of two evils, and Hillary has proven she is a liar and cannot be trusted. She is out for herself and her philandering husband and her coddled daughter, not the American people. Get that through your head and you might start to think straighter.

  3. Anonymous

    Trump’s damage upon our party will have lasting effects. The guy wont endorse Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan would be a far better candidate than Trump. There would be no comparison. Ryan does not mess around and seems to be all business and problem solving without the destructive drama. Too bad we can’t drop Trump and get Ryan in there as the nominee.

    1. Anonymous

      Why didn’t Ryan endorse Cruz? The party elites have themselves to blame as much as the die-hard Trump supporters. Just because Cruz stuck to his guns and tried to make changes to the status quo, he is called a whacko bird by that twit McCain, and McConnell is an establishment idiot who wants everything as it is, no matter the damage to the country. They have as much responsibility for Trump as anybody who voted for him in the primary.

      That said-would Hillary be better?

        1. Anonymous

          The idea that Trump is damaging the GOP is laughable.

          What was the GOP in between the end of Reagan and this moment with Trump? A bunch of elitist people who don’t care about the vast majority of this country. It’s the same with the Democrats. Neither party cares one bit about doing something because it is a lot more comfortable in DC for people who raise millions of dollars and live life like coddled millionaires as politicians. They fly all over the country and world on the tax payer dollars of their donors. They have been out of touch for a long time.

          The Republican party and the Democrat Party are in serious need of a revolution. Trump might not be the best answer but he’s tired of the status quo. Bernie Sanders certainly would have been better than Hillary because he’s a rejection of the status quo.

          I’m willing to vote for anyone who is a rejection of the status quo at this point.

  4. Springer

    I’ve just realized the strategy of the GOP establishment. They finally realized that Trump was going to be the nominee, so they let him win it. Then they intended in subtle ways to sabotage his campaign by not endorsing, not supporting, and making statements intended to erode his support. Then in four years they can come back with a candidate of THEIR choice and say to us “little people” that see, we knew he wouldn’t win, you should have listened to us, we were right., and then we will be so glad to support their chosen candidate — from the establishment of course. The problem with this flawed premise is that in four years there might not be enough of our nation as founded to “rescue” by their oh-so-enlightened candidate. This election is it, folks; it comes down to whether or not we want to continue Obama’s legacy and double down on it with a Hillary as president.

    1. Anonymous

      Please, Trump sabotages his own campaign greater than anyone else ever could. Some of the idiocy that pours from his mouth is simply inexcusable and he singlehandedly scuttles his own chances for the White House. Keeping the Senate is the only insurance policy against a Hillary agenda and liberally stacked Supreme Court, and currently Trump is dragging down GOP senate candidates in battleground states.

    2. Anon

      How has the “establishment” sabotaged his campaign? Who attacked a Gold Star family? Who touted receiving a Purple Heart that he didn’t earn? Who keeps making ridiculous statements that have nothing to do with trying to beat Hillary Clinton? These are just the examples from the last week…

    3. Anonymous

      Trump attacks McCain and other vets who were captured, held in POW camps and tortured? McCain has limited movement of his arms today from that torture. Who knows the physical pain he feels on a daily basis from his time at the Hanoi Hilton aside from any remaining painful memories. Plenty more vets out there that experienced a taste of hell while serving and I stress serving our country. Trump avoided Vietnam and it was all about serving himself. Unbelievable what he has stated!

    4. Anonymous

      “I’ve just realized the strategy of the GOP establishment.”

      I’ve just realized that you are tragically stuck in a wet paper bag. It is your destiny.

      1. Springer

        Oh my, the wet paper bag poster is back. You and “photo op” should get a better name than anonymous, or maybe you just two parts of a split personality?

        1. Anonymous

          That’s the best you can come up with? That’s a rhetorical question in case you’re wondering. I haven’t left, you just helped me realize that you’re hopelessly stuck forever in a wet paper bag. 🙂

  5. Kelly Lieberg

    Hey John. Donald is gonna win South Dakota whether you or me like it or not. Stay focused. It’s Hillary that is the unacceptable choice !

  6. Anonymous

    Trump makes himself look bad all by himself. Thune looks like a panderer when he does stuff like this. It’s pathetic.

  7. Anonymous

    Why won’t Mitch O’Connell allow John Thune to speak in any of those photo-ops?
    Is it traditional to silence the third ranking republican in the senate?

  8. mhs

    The election’s over. Trump is down double-digits in the three swing states he needs to be competitive. Too few other states are in play to give him any hope of enough electoral votes.

    Our Senate majority is the only thing standing against Hillary then appointing three Elizabeth Warren-style socialists to the Supreme Court. Look for many more senators to walk about from the TrumpWreck in the next couple weeks. By the end of September, we’ll be having two separate campaigns: the TrumpWreck and the Save the Senate.

  9. Porter Lansing

    What’s the difference between a lie and a mistake? If you say, “It’s raining.”, then look outside and it’s stopped is that a lie or a mistake? Easy determination. The recognized expert in both is POLITIFACT (Pulitzer Prize). They report that President Obama’s statements are either true or mostly true 48% of the time. Candidate Clinton sits at 50%. Candidate Trump at 15%. Their top liar category PANTS ON FIRE has Obama at 2%. Clinton at 2% and Don Trump at 19%. My point is that labeling Ms. Clinton as a liar is invalid at 2%. You may want perfect. That might be great. Romney was 9% and McCain was 8%. Are they all liars? Are they all politicians?