Thune – Too much of a nice guy?

I met John back in the 90’s and knew right away that he was a nice guy.    But can a guy be too nice to be president?  Fox News asks that for us tonight.

Some have wondered if the description of Thune as charming, congenial, polite and statesmanlike might make him too nice for presidential politics.


Larry Sabato, head of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, says Thune is an attractive candidate, but would have an uphill battle in a bid for president.

“Thune cuts a strong media image. He comes across well on TV, and that matters in modern politics,” Sabato said. “He’s unknown, from the Midwest, he would have to spend almost full time campaigning and raising money.”

Personally, I think this part of the article says it best.  To me, John truly is a down home kinda guy.

“You look where I come from, and where I spend my time, I may work in Washington but I’m certainly not a creature of Washington,” he said.

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  1. William

    I don't know that he "lived on C street", nor that it's the "scandal" that you'd like it to be, if he did, John. "The controversy, that exists, centers on John Ensign, who lives at C Street, and Mark Sanford, who attended spiritual sessions there while he was in Congress during the 1990s. Colleagues of both men reportedly confronted them at the house about their adultery."

    That Christians stumble and fall is no surprise, nor is it surprising that their colleagues will come to their aid to try to help lift them back up when they do.

    The facility houses mostly Republican members of Congress. The house is also the locale for Wednesday prayer breakfasts for United States Senators (which have been attended by Senators Sam Brownback, Tom Coburn, James Inhofe, John Ensign, Susan Collins and Hillary Clinton) & Tuesday night dinners for members of Congress and other Fellowship associates.

  2. William

    mo joe,

    For once, we're in agreement =|;)

    It will, of course, ultimately depend on whoever ends up running against him, but he's become increasingly isolated within the Senate and there are still investigations being conducted as to possible criminal activity in the cover up of his affair.


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