Thune: USDA too much hat, and not enough cattle

From The Mitchell Daily Republic:

According to Thune?s weekly column distributed Friday, USDA sent an in-house ?Greening Headquarters Update? newsletter Monday encouraging employees to participate in ?Meatless Mondays? while dining in USDA?s cafeterias.

The newsletter went on to attack the production of meat in the U.S., Thune wrote, by claiming that meat production has ?a large environmental impact? and that an employee should ?help yourself and the environment? by not eating meat.

?South Dakota farmers and ranchers deserve an ally in the Department of Agriculture, not an adversary,? wrote Thune, R-S.D.

Read it all here.

Seriously? Obama’s USDA was advocating Meatless Mondays?  Amazing.

6 Replies to “Thune: USDA too much hat, and not enough cattle”

  1. Anonymous

    Yep John your right we should be supporting ag .But if your fiscal how come you support farm subsidies, BALANCE BUDGET YEAH RIGHT.

  2. Elais

    it’s time to end ALL CORPORATE WELFARE.

    Of course, the Republicans never will, they know who their lords and masters are.

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    Folks it is time to change directors of the White House and US Senate and all this nonsense about meatless days and vegan wishes and smoggy horizons in North Dakota and green energy will go away by themselves!!

    Thune is spot on, again.


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