Tim Bjorkman 3rd Quarter FEC Report: $74.2k raised, 26.7K spent, A $50,000 loan, and $95K Cash on hand

The big thing in this report is the last page.

Bjorkman q 32017 by Pat Powers on Scribd

Bjorkman raised a respectable $74K in his first quarter, (spending $26.7K, claiming $95.7K cash on hand) but loaning your campaign $50,000 in in the first quarter of your efforts to reach those cash on hand numbers is a heck of a gamble against your retirement.

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  1. Troy Jones

    I’ve told everyone who has ever said they wanted to run for state-wide major office:

    Go raise $100K from friends and family and prove you actually have friends and family who are behind you. If you can’t do that, you have no business running and you will only be disappointed. If someone encourages you to run, get a check or a promise of a check. Know how much.

    Tim got half way there as he shouldn’t have had to spend $25K to raise mostly from family and lawyers. It should have been raised even before he started or shortly thereafter.

    BTW, raising most of money from lawyers which makes sense since that is where he has spent his work life there. Nothing negative intended.

  2. Anonymous

    You would think that for a candidate that is running unopposed and will get the nomination of the Democrat party he would have raised more. he does not have a primary to fight for dollars with other challengers and he is an articulate candidate. he is not a bomb thrower or someone who would alienate someone in that manner.

    The 2 GOP candidates are each raising roughly 100k a quarter and they are competing for resources with each other.

  3. James McNeill

    Well at least with the 50k loan he saves his treasurer bookwork. Ha!

    No employer, occupation, address verification needed.


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