Senator Johnson flip flops

Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD)

Senator Tim Johnson

Tom Lawrence of the Mitchell Daily Republic has a very good story out about Tim Johnson, the EPA and the farm dust legislation. The story highlights Senator Johnson’s change of position.

Sen. Tim Johnson has said recently that politicians crusading against farm dust regulations are using ?scare tactics? to inflame a ?non-issue,? but he signed a letter last year expressing ?continued concern? about the potential regulations.

Before Johnson decided we could trust the EPA to be reasonable:

?We respect efforts for a clean and healthy environment, but not at the expense of common sense,? the letter states. ?These identified levels will be extremely burdensome for farmers and livestock producers to attain. Whether it?s livestock kicking up dust, soybeans being combined on a dry day in the fall or driving a car down a gravel road, dust is a naturally occurring event.?

The letter was signed by 23 senators, including Johnson and Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., and other senators of both parties from Midwest states.

So who is Senator Johnson looking out for these days? South Dakota or liberal bureaucrats?

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  1. Anonymous

    Please run for reelection TIM! Please! you would be the easiest candidate for the GOP to defeat in ’14!

    This guy has gone off the rails as moderate or common sense. He is a total puppet for Harry Ried.

  2. springer

    Supposedly the EPA has backed off on this stuff, or so says Johnson and others who now deem this “scare tactics.” However, I highly doubt it. This EPA just goes quietly behind the scenes and does whatever it wants, abetted by our present President who has never seen a regulation he does not like, and who has never taken a “no” from Congress to mean anything other than permission for him to then issue an executive order to do the same thing without congressional approval.

    If Johnson was so sure this was a non-issue before, why did he sign the letter above????

  3. Fahz E. Behr

    When did something that constituents are concerned about become a non-issue? The EPA may or may not issue new farm dust regulations, but that is irrelevant… as is evident from the recent Argus Leader article talking about Representative Noem’s efforts regarding this bill, farm dust regulations are something that South Dakota farmers are obviously concerned about…. so… maybe it’s just me, but isn’t it the responsibility of our elected officials to listen to their constituents?

    Oh wait, Johnson is a Democrat… he thinks he knows what is best for us, nevermind.

  4. Anonymous

    Rep. Noem is grandstanding. There are no farm dust rules pending, so there is no need for a law to prohibit farm dust rules. If it’s such an issue to prohibit farm dust rules, I wonder why Republicans in the SD legislature didn’t bring a bill to prohibit DENR from imposing such rules?

    I liken this to the sharia law bills Republicans are pushing across the nation for grandstanding purposes. It’s not likely that radical muslims are going to gain a majority in any legislative body and to impose sharia law on the rest of us, but GOP grandstanders still bring these bills to get themselves in the news.

    Rep. Noem’s bill, as with the sharia law bills, is a solution in search of a problem.

  5. Anonymous

    PS: Thank you Senator Johnson for calling it like it is. You did not flip flop. When it appeared there might be dust rules coming down you took action. Now when EPA has said there will be no farm dust rules, you move on rather than seeking out press for a non-issue.

    I suspect that Rep. Noem has never been able to pass by a mirror or a press reporter without lingering for awhile. She dressed like a teenager in Pierre with her midriff showing and lace undergarments hanging out – until she got a talking to from adults in leadership. Attention seeking is her specialty.

          1. duggersd

            I agree. What the heck is the big deal? I asked my wife about those pics. She says it is lace on something that can be worn without a shirt. You need to get over it.

  6. caheidelberger

    No, John Kerry does not come to mind. Senator Johnson has realized, as anon says above, that there is no threat. The EPA has made clear there is no threat. Noem’s legislation serves nobody but Noem… just like the rest of her preening, policy-less agenda.

      1. GOPDAD

        Hey Cory, my sister-in-law owns the 2nd Street Diner in Madison. Maybe I could get her to name a sandwich after you? The HeidelBurger? What would be on the HeidelBurger?

  7. Clay Bill

    It’s a bit odd that all of this attention is being paid to only a letter than Johnson signed in 2010, and that his office has fully explained. Johnson?s deputy communications director told the Daily Republic that the senator took the correct position both times and has not altered his stance. And Johnson had enough sense since signing the letter to take a factual look at the situation and not use a fake issue to try to make himself look busy to constituents back home by crafting a unnecessary bill.

    ?Senator Johnson signed onto the letter before the EPA made clear they had no plans to regulate dust,? Gohringer, Johnson’s deputy communications director said. ?Since that time, they have made clear time and again they have no plans to regulate it. That?s why the senator sees it as a non-issue.?

    Odder still is Noem’s inability to comprehend this. So while Congress should be addressing things like unemployment, or the debt, or the federal budget, thanks to Kristi our federal representatives and senators get to waste time dealing with an unneeded piece of legislation designed to stop “unneeded rural dust regulations” that were never to become reality, meaning the bill itself is as big a deception as the rumors about the EPA and dust that Kristi continues to spread.

    Johnson may have signed a letter a year ago. Today, he, unlike Noem, has enough common sense to not sponsor legislation that is a total waste of taxpayers’ time and money.

    1. duggersd

      What they do not intend to do today they might intend to do tomorrow. I do not trust the feds on anything they say. If you doubt me, look at the original SS handbook. You might find some differences between what they “intended” to do and what they did.

    2. LJDAM

      This is clearly not the venerable “Bill Clay.”

      Senator Johnson is a stark example of what is wrong with our high-jacked government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” He has mistakenly convinced himself that service to this country is about his own personal agenda and his own ambitions.

      He is a disgrace, not for the physical ailments that he shamelssly used to impose on the sympathy of the people of this great state, but for the handicap of having no honor which allowed him to do so…

  8. springer

    And we are supposed to take the word of the EPA or this administration that they will never regulate dust??? If you believe this, I have a bridge….. Think Obamacare with the promise not to include funding for abortion. Think the promise of shovel ready jobs. Think the claim of Barney Frank that Fannie and Freddie were as solvent as the newly fallen snow. Yeah, we should believe this gov’t — NOT!

  9. oldguy

    TJ and Thune vote differnt 80% of the time. Who is really voting for the people of South Dakota Thune or TJ? I voted for TJ last time but not again as he now is all about a party not a state

  10. Anonymous

    I remember the man in the empty suit Thune saying he was going to do all he could to get veterans health care passed, we as veterans beleived him that day when the vote came up in the Senate Johnson voted for veterans .John who had a chance to vote for the bill voted with his party against .When it comes to flip flopping your boy is leading the charge.


    Who really cares as it is the way the politicians respond to a change by those at the top. Name one politician that has not done the flip/flop and they were most likely never elected or reelected…………………

    1. 605

      Dr. Ron Paul!!!

      He is the one and only person who will bring real change to America and save our country.

      Vote Dr. Ron Paul in 2012!

      It’s a revolution!


    Johnson will have a lot of trouble with moderate and soft R’s in 2014 if he chooses to run again. He will also have trouble debating if he has to face off against Rounds or Noem.

    Noem will have a heck of a time making the most conservative think she still stands for something.

    Rounds let me down a long time ago. I’m just more dissapointed that Noem is because she is currently going main stream.

    1. Anonymous

      Can you picture Rounds and Johnson debating each other? Rounds would answer the question in the 30 second time frame and then Johnson would need the next 10 minutes to get his answer out.

      He would fall 15% after one debate.

      A Republican will be the next senator from SD.

      1. Anonymous

        …and I’m not being mean I’m just saying it would cast a bad visual and most people vote off of perception.


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