Tim Johnson’s unenthusiastic endorsement of Paula Hawks. A symptom of it’s own Death Spiral.

Just had this e-mail appeal from the Hawks campaign sent to me. And after reading it, the e-mail struck me as more of a wasted opportunity than anything.

Why? It is utterly unremarkable. It’s unenthusiastic, and utterly pedestrian. It barely goes past repeating the typical trope abut Paula that we read in every press release she issues, and then it fails to make the case why she should be elected, much less engage the Democrat donors who put him in office many elections in a row as to why they should get behind her.

But (as usual) don’t take my word for it, read it yourself:

From: Senator Tim Johnson
Date: August 30, 2016 at 4:49:58 PM CDT
To: (redacted) 
Subject: we need Paula
Reply-To: info@hawksforhouse.com


I met Paula Hawks in 2012, and I knew right away that South Dakota had a new rising star.

Paula understands the challenges South Dakotans face because she has faced them herself. From growing up on a family farm during the 80’s farm crisis, to becoming a high school teacher trying to make a difference in children’s lives, to being a mother of three children, Paula has worked her entire life to make our state a better place. She will be a strong voice when she becomes South Dakota’s next congresswoman.

Will you join me in contributing today to support Paula’s campaign for the U.S. House?

I know that by working hard, just like I did when I first ran for Congress, Paula can win in November, and I know that she will be a great congresswoman.

Thomas, if you believe that South Dakota needs to send a strong voice back to the U.S. House like I do, join me in contributing to support Paula’s campaign today.

With a campaign focused on being a strong voice for South Dakota agriculture, protecting social security and Medicare for our seniors, and building an economy that works for everyone– we have a leader who can make a difference, a difference that will improve the lives of South Dakotans.

Senator Tim Johnson

Zzz….  Oh, sorry. Are you done yet? I fell asleep.

It’s bad enough that it tries to unilaterally declare her a rising star, despite the fact that neither winning by 9 votes, nor pushing a state income tax makes one so.  And it fails to make any case as to why she should be elected, or what she’s going to with these riches Johnson is asking people to send her way. 

It lacks enthusiam, and it could be generically be used by Democrat HQ with nearly every Democrat running for office. 

And if that’s the level of cheerleading we get from Tim Johnson in his endorsement of Pauls Hawks, there’s a problem.

I shouldn’t intimate it’s a new problem. Because in reality, it’s more of the same. Her campaign had the worst start in state history. It has floundered for months. Recently, State Democrat Chairman Ann Tornberg had to write to the media to beg for coverage of Paula.

So as for Tim Johnson’s unenthusiastic endorsement of Paula Hawks… It’s not a problem in and of itself. It’s more of a symptom of a campaign that got off on a bad foot, continued to flounder, and now is in it’s death spiral.

13 Replies to “Tim Johnson’s unenthusiastic endorsement of Paula Hawks. A symptom of it’s own Death Spiral.”

  1. Anonymous

    Timmy forgets to mention that she will be a strong voice for Planned Parenthood and the unrelenting slaughter of unborn children; that would surely spur a lot of like-minded humanists to support her crappy campaign.

    As far as I am concerned, if Tim Johnson likes somebody, I would note vote for them if they were unopposed. Same with Tommy Dash-hole.

  2. Troy Jones

    Best summary: Lost opportunity. You only get to coattail one time off the last statewide elected official.

    2nd best summary: Pedestrian. Whether it was written by her team (strikingly similar in points in everything she has said about herself) or not, it doesn’t include a word which would indicate they have ever really met beyond a handshake.

    Oh, Pat, that is what you said. I guess I better have something original. Note how it doesn’t say Tim has contributed.

  3. Anonymous

    As for Tornberg’s DFest complaint, there were 15 people at her event and she took questions from her father. That was the only news worthy.

  4. District 3 Democrats Against Heidelberger

    Curious if 2016 will be the year the state party hits rock bottom after the voters reject the nutball candidates we have. State party needs a major course correction.

  5. Porter Lansing

    What an excellent endorsement from a fine Dakotan. Mr. Powers, your analysis reminds me that I Was once a Republican. And then they found out I could read. 🤓

    1. Mr. Neiloh

      Porter, I wouldn’t call this an excellent endorsement, I would call it a good endorsement. Senator Johnson still holds a little weight in this state. I think an excellent endorsement would make reference to her working in the private sector. The problem is that her private work experience is the banking industry. (Teaching is not a private sector experience in my opinion) Not many hard core Democrats are high on that industry. However moderate to conservative Democrats not to mention some moderate Republicans in SD would like to hear about her private sector experience. So she is a difficult political position.


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