Tim Reed, Mayor of Brookings, circulating petitions to run for House in 7.

5LktK54aI’m hearing this morning that with Scott Munsterman’s unexpected exit from the State Legislature, a few people are looking at jumping in.

And first out of the gate is Brookings Mayor Tim Reed, who is circulating petitions in the community, and as I’m told from sources, expects to make an official announcement regarding his interest in the seat sometime over the course of the next few days.

Having an open seat may also trigger something that the Brookings Co GOP hasn’t actively had, which is interest in the second House position on the ballot, as Democrat House Minority Leader Spence Hawley managed to get away without a challenger last election, as did Munsterman.

Hawley could be unexpected forced into having to actively campaign with at least two Republicans actively fighting to be one of the top two vote getters on the ballot.

Stay tuned.

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