Time to Bring This Saga to an End!

Is Stace just making noise or is there really a fox in the hen house?

Let’s rewind a bit…..
In July I posted

How did Your Legislators Vote? (Updated)

Here is the shorten version:

during the last legislative session an immigration bill was submitted
The immigration bill failed in committee
A Smoke-out was attempted and failed.
Representative Nelson was getting calls/e-mails from people asking how their representatives voted
Representative Nelson requested the smoke out vote results be posted on-line with the bill, through Mr. Fry of the LRC.
Initially, the LRC complied with the request
A few days later, it results were removed.  Mr. Fry  citing the LRC Standard Operating Procedures said the only the bill final disposition was to be posted.
Representative Nelson requested information about what it would take to add the smoke out vote to the bill and how to post a legislator voting record online from the LRC.
Mr. Fry deferred the request to the Executive Board .
Mr. Fry, the LRC, or the Executive Board  has not exactly been forthcoming with the research requested by Representative Nelson.

The comments that were left are truly enlightening.

Yesterday, I get this in an E-mail from Representative Nelson:

Early during last year’s session, it is reported that Republican Majority Leader Rep. David Lust, Speaker of the House Rep. Val Rausch, and Asst. Majority Leader Justin Cronin had a closed door meeting with the Director of LRC Jim Fry.  It is reported that Mr. Fry was berated for the LRC staff’s helping legislator’s file numerous bills that leadership disagreed with and were in opposition to.  In the context of this conversation, comments were purportedly made that House GOP leadership were in fact Mr. Fry’s bosses or to the effect that they held considerable sway in his continued employment.  Leadership personnel allegedly instructed Mr. Fry to have LRC staff members provide these leadership members information and access to bills that other legislators were working on with LRC staff members.

In part I can understand senior seasoned legislators wanting to keep an eye on the newbies freshmen.  We wouldn’t want them to passing laws ordering all South Dakotans to bow to the speaker of the house or kiss the scepter of the Governor.  From what I can gather, this was not a friendly meeting, or just seasoned legislators trying to help the freshmen get up to speed.  This was, ?Do what we say, or else.?

If this meeting did indeed take place, it would be a violation of house rules, not to mention a  tad unethical.  However this little greet and meet session, could easily led to bill tampering among other bad things.  Representative Nelson brought the issue to the attention of the Executive Board.  The Chairman of the Executive Board Representative Turbiville, stated he needed more evidence before he investigates the issue,  that brings us to this story from KELO.

Letter Claims Bill Tampering In SD Legislature

PIERRE, SD – Six South Dakota lawmakers are claiming that leadership in the House of Representatives tampered with bills before they were finalized and public.

A letter sent to the Legislative Research Council this week is asking that they turn over all of the communication with Republican leaders in the House of Representatives from the last legislative session.

A couple of days later KELO reports that their request was denied.

Chair: SD Lawmakers Made Confidential Request

SIOUX FALLS, SD – The executive board of the South Dakota legislature has responded to allegations that House leadership wanted to be tipped off about bills before they were finalized.

Last week, six legislators sent a letter claiming that the Speaker of the House and the House Majority Leader asked the Legislative Research Council to give them confidential information about bills before they were public.

The chair of the legislature?s executive board has now sent those six legislators a letter back saying the information they are requesting to prove these claims is confidential.

We have that letter!

It may seem that Representative Nelson making waves,  I have to wonder is he really causing the problems, or just trying to bring to light the problems that are already there.  Representative Nelson is not a politician.  He has no political ambitions.  His family and himself does not want him to run for reelection. The people of his district want Stace Nelson to represent them in the Statehouse, because he is not a politician.  The people of District 25 are tired of politics as usual, so we elected a non-politician, someone with integrity, someone with the gonads to stand up for what is right, regardless how unpopular it may be.  Considering all the press he has been getting, it would appear he is getting the job done.

With regards to the misconduct; There maybe nothing here, just a bunch of bad decisions, mis-communications, mis-understandings, some selective amnesia, a healthy dose of coincidence then sprinkled with a good dash of paranoia; or there might be some real, willful misconduct.   Either way, I believe a Special Committee should be formed and charged with the task to fully investigate the matter.  If there is nothing, apologies can be made and everyone goes on their way, a tad wiser; If there is misconduct, let the facts be known, misconduct should never be confidential, the legislature already has rules for dealing with misconduct of its members. This has been brewing for close to a year, we should get to the bottom of it, then get on governing the state.

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  1. Anonymous

    Amen! Stace Nelson is a good man. A rabble rouser but a good man.

    I don’t trust the establishment much. Not because I dislike Lust or Rausch but because I know click’s are never good in any organization and clicks are a big deal in politics. You’r either with me or against me attitudes need to go away.

  2. Anonymus

    i believe that Stace is just trying to get back at all of these leadership members because HE THINKS he was unfairly removed from a committee. i see this as a bit childish of him to try to seek revenge by starting rumors and creating a debacle with his own party leadership

    1. when RINOs attack

      Get a clue and notice that the complaints about leadership misconduct predate the removal and give even more credence that the removal was in fact retaliation AGAINST Nelson.

      I received this in my email today: “Back in 2000… Val (Rausch) just switched from being a life-long D. In fact, when I got my list of registered voters in the district from the State Party,he was still listed as a D on it !!”

      Is this true? Would explain his recent “GOP” grades and his involvement in tampering with Republican’s legislation.

        1. Republican Values

          Very curious! No statements of denial, just a let’s see if the E-Board will cover their butt for them by not releasing the evidence of their wrongdoing.

          He may not be registered ANYMORE; however, the proof is in the pudding: http://www.sdrepublican.org/2011SDGOPVoteReportByPercent.pdf

          Curious how many more D’s turned to R’s right before they ran for office. Now THAT would be a good story to juxtapose with the report card!

      1. Anonymous

        You are terribly misinformed. This whole mess started because Stace got mad because he was removed from committee. you can check all of the news websites that he leaked information too because he wanted attention. also notice that everyone on his little list is one of his buddies. show me proof that leadership has been “corrupt” and then you can start making wild accusations against Speaker Rausch. He is an esteemed member of the legislature and one of the kindest people, why would he remove Nelson from a committee for “no reason”?

  3. BF

    I’m not sure if the “fox in the henhouse” or “the fox guarding the henhouse” is quite the right metaphor.

    It sounds to me like it might just be a cock fight between Foghorn Leghorn the old Red Rooster on the far right side of the barnyard. ;^)

    But seriously folks, isn’t there a little “bait and switch” going on here? The story starts out about a finished bill getting the thumbs down in committee, right?

    Was there a breach of confidentiality prior to bringing that bill to the table for a committee vote? If so, I’ve not read about that anywhere yet. At what point does a legislator’s work product become public? I would assume it’s when it goes to committee. Is that correct?

    So anyway, the authors don’t like that their bill is getting deep sixed so they call for a smoke-out vote. How common are these? Not having spent much time in Pierre (which I guess, by MC’s standards qualifies me to be a great legislator… who knew?) I really don’t know. Do half the bills killed in committee get a smoke out call? One of of ten? A hundred? Help me out here, guys. What’s the skinny on smoke outs? Rare or not?

    So whatever, rare or not, if the smoke-out vote fails the status of the bill stays the same, right? As in dead. A chicken with its head cut off. Oh it may run around the barnyard a little, but the fact is, it was mortally wounded in committee, and the farmhand’s effort to resuscitate were unsuccessful. R.I.P. Somebody pluck that sucker, boil it up and pass the dumplin’s.

    Okay, so this is a complicated story, and I’m trying my best to follow it. Have I missed anything so far? Don’t want to move on to chapter two just yet until I’m sure I’ve got the facts straight.

    If anybody feels like it, maybe they can answer the questions I’ve posed above. If not, I’ll understand. As per my first hunch, as Democrats, perhaps this just isn’t our fight, and we should stay the heck out of it.


    Let me know, okay?

  4. Anonymous

    All of this unwillingness to ruffle any feathers from Daugaard, Thune, Noem, Rounds (I know they don’t have anything to do with this particular issue) and leadership on any issue you or I can come up with makes me concerned that they are more willing or interested in going along with the status quo. It makes me long for the days of Bill Janklow where every once in a while we understood he had a strong emotional reaction to something. None of the people serving ever blow their stack at government corruption or lack of morals.

    Good for Stace! Bringing back the Janklow era to politics!

  5. Les

    Smoked hens or otherwise, the content of the issue to me is the LRC under the thumb of??? That part does look obvious. What the heck, as long as there has been politics….there has been smoke, and where there is smoke there is fire.

    Our party has become the party of false standards and they are driving many away. At least the Dems are open about what they want, in addition to their corruption which is no less than ours(“You’ll just have to pass it to find out what is in it”.).

  6. anon

    I think your quote ” a good dose of paranoia”, coupled with a freshman legislator that has no idea what’s going on around him, is the mixture that caused this mess.

    So far, Rep. Nelson has refused to ever admit he was wrong. It will be interesting to see how he handles his embarrassment when this is all behind us, and everyone sees that no wrong-doing ever occurred.

    1. Stace Nelson

      The prima facie case to the public has been more than made that what happened constitutes unethical misconduct by four legislators.

      There is ample evidence that obstruction of two legislators research has occurred.

      The complaint that Reps. Lust, Cronin, & Rausch met with Dir Jim Fry & berated him about bills that other legislators were bringing, has been confirmed by Rep. Lust and others!

      The LRC staff member reported their complaint to at least three legislators that the LRC staff member was forced to forward on confidential research information on at least three legislators’ bills. The receipt of which has not been denied by Rep. Lust even after numerous private & public opportunities.

      The public spotlight on this is not going to go away. As the public becomes more and more aware of the misconduct, legislators from across the state are going to get asked some tough questions at public events and during next year’s election.

      This was never about me, that avenue to divert this already disappeared.

        1. Anonymous

          If Stace went to D.C. he would make our entire state look awful. Do you think it would be a good idea if he started accusing the GOP of being corrupt?

            1. Anonymous

              I can’t tell the difference between SHS and Noem anymore. I can’t tell the difference between Johnson and anyone either. Thune hasn’t accomplished much in his time since ’96 either. Nobody gets anything done anymore.

  7. Anonymous

    The July “how did your legislator vote?” post and comments are very well worth reading in gaining perspective.

    One repsected commenter and SDWC author said “I think the heart of this discussion is really about one?s view on HB1198 and the context of ?smoke-out? and ?disclosure? is a ?smokescreen.? :)”

    I think this has to do with the national fight between the radical right (Glenn Beck 912 worshippers, Tea Partiers, John Birchers, birthers, etc) and the Willim F. Buckley Republican establishment.

  8. Anon

    Two sides to every story, MC. So far we’re just hearing from one big man and his loud mouth. A guy that whines about a smoke-out vote. A guy who puts out a silly GOP vote list with his radical friends and at first denies he had anything to do with it. A guy who has contempt for any establishment and certainly for anyone who doesn’t follow his way of thinking. A guy who would just as soon run everything to the press than work out his problems through proper channels. As I think about it,this is partly what’s wrong with dc right now. Guys like this on both sides who would prefer to argue in the press, and won’t work together to solve problems because he thinks he’s always right.

    1. MC Post author

      In this case there are three sides to the story. Mr Fry is playing a role in all of this, it would be interesting to hear what he has to say about all of this along with everyone else.

      1. grudznick

        The young Mr. Fry is above reproach and to insinuate he has a hand in this mess is to blame him for Mr. Howie being a bad painter of signs. Get real. Mr. Fry is a good man doing his job, 9 days a week.

    2. Stace Nelson

      The time for sliming the messenger, in the hopes of discrediting the information, is long gone.

      I believe in the proper established legislative process & the voters right to know what is going on in THEIR government. Hiding votes, so voters can’t find out who voted as the lobbyists wanted on any bill, is soft corruption. Leadership tampering & obstructing bills is not the “proper channels!”

      I never denied helping those Republican voters get their website up! http://www.sdrepublican.org/

      Maybe Rep. Lust would like me to release the countless emails I sent to him since April in which I requested assistance to deal with the tampering & obstruction issues?

      Of note, I have had hundreds of South Dakotans approach me, call me, email me, & Facebook message me thanking me for putting a spotlight on this ugly mess. Most of them are Republicans that are disgusted and outraged.

      Voters are not angry with me, only those arrogant few who believe it is their right to raid the cookie jar are angry.

      1. LFoss

        There are also a number of Republicans that don’t agree with you and think that you are vindictive and a bully. You don’t like it when someone disagrees with you or has a varying opinion from yours. I watched you last year in several committees and hearings and your behavior reminded me of a child at times, when you didn’t get your way or someone would testify and disagree you stomped your foot and raised your voice.

        I don’t fault you for having an opinion and wanting answers to your questions or concerns, where I struggle is the manner in which you are handling this and many other things. I don’t think that having face to face conversations, requesting information (without sending the letters to the media) is hiding anything. I believe that you could have taken different steps. Just my opinion.

        I don’t believe that the picture you are painting of the LRC, Leadership or the SD Republican party is a true representation. And I would be careful to call anyone else arrogant…I believe that you do not lack in that quality.

        Stace I believe that you are passionate about a few things and that is not a bad thing, but I do believe that you would have gotten so much more respect and understanding had you just taken a breath and handled this face to face and not in the media and public forums like Facebook. IMHO…

      2. LFoss

        Stace I would be very carefull calling anyone else arrogant, you do not lack in that quality.

        I spent alot of time last year watching you in committee and during hearings, what I witnessed is similar to the behavior that I have seen in how you are handling the current issues. When someone would disgree or someone would testify with a varying opinion than yours, you would stomp your foot, raise your voice, and act like a middle school boy…that wasn’t getting his way or that everyone just gave into. You are quick to name call and divert direct questions when the answer may reveal that you hold some blame. I watched the smoke out, I believe that the Speaker granted you a vote, vs. a standing to show support? Please (and I am sure you will) correct me if I am wrong. I just don’t believe that all that you say is the true picture and that some of your allegations are because you feel slighted or left out of the sleepover?

        I very much respect that you have some concerns, questions and maybe even some allegations but it is the manner in which you are handling them, that I think you loose respect. You claim that “the voters have a right” to know what is going on in Pierre, your correct with that statement, but don’t voters also have some ownership and an obligation to “educate” themselves? Why no face to face meetings regarding the alleged behavior back when it happened? Why did you wait until now to run to the blogs, Facebook and the media?

        Stace I respect that you have an opinion and I respect your right to answers and I even respect the fact the you felt it was “your” job to do, what I struggle with is the manner in which you went about all of this and how you have handled yourself since. Just my opinion!

    1. Les

      There is talk of having the capital for a day in Salem. Some believe a stoning might be the easiest way of getting rid of that old invasive warlock.

      A hex on those not willing to open their sleeves.

  9. Troy Jones

    As soon as this started, I knew how it would end. Relationships and trust is severely damaged. In a place with 105 people, burning bridges leaves one very few roads to travel.

    As much as MC might think this saga can/will end, the genie is out of the bottle. He fed it. It was the issue that caused me to remove my name from the SDWC banner.

    If this issue was Stace and just one of the people he has targeted, I might be open on the issue. But all these people vs. Stace. MC, you can have Stace.

  10. Troy Jones Post author

    MC, you could have ended this a long time ago. Too late buddy. As soon as this started, I knew how it would end. Relationships and trust is severely damaged. In a place with 105 people, burning bridges leaves one very few roads to travel.

    As much as you might think this saga can/will end, the genie is out of the bottle. You fed it. It was the issue that caused me to remove my name from the SDWC banner.

    1. when RINOs attack

      Attacking MC? Was there no big eyed puppies to kick?

      Liberals always love to blame everyone but the cause of the problem. Were you not the grating voice about the process? If these few had not violated the ethical legitimate process of the legislature, clearly we would not be discussing their misconduct.

      Watch out MC, RINOs are after you too for daring to write the story!

      Read the GOP platform Mr RINO Jones, Republicans respect integrity and the right of the voters to know..

      1. Anonymous

        Are we a democracy or a dictatorship???????????????

        A democracy will show the truth and a dictatorship will hide behind others and try to pass the blame to others rather than accept the truth……

        WHAT are we today????????????????????????????

      2. Anonymous

        so RINO’s are you calling yourself a liberal considering your blaming everyone but the one who caused the problem? which would be NELSON! He has started all the fighting, he has brought everything out in the open.

    2. MC Post author

      I could’ve ended this? I had no idea I wielded such power.

      There are several bits and pieces out there, I am trying to bring them all together, so we can have a full idea what is going on here.

      Is Representative Nelson throwing a temper-tantrum, and the press is picking up on it;
      Or is there real corruption and misconduct going on? Before we can draw a conclusion we need more information.

      Representative Nelson has presented his side of the issue, repeatedly.

      The people we really need to hear from are not talking, at least not to me.

      By the time this all ends, someone is going to get hurt, it is not going to be pretty.

      1. BF

        Key questions for Mr. Nelson:

        1. Was there an issue about about confidentiality before the smoke-out vote on the immigration law that was killed in committee? If so, what was the the nature of the complaint?

        2. Did the LRC help the bill’s authors draft the immigration bill that was killed in committee? Or was the bill that was submitted the work product of someone else without benefit of LRCs involvement?

        3. Why was there an attempt made to smoke out the bill after the committee killed it?

        4. Do the authors of the bill consider the bill to be a matter of public record once it has been introduced and sent to committee for consideration?

        5. If a farmer’s wife cuts a chickens head off, and while the chicken is still running around in the barnyard, one of the kids tries to stick the chickens head back on because he thinks the chicken might still be alive, is the chicken still dead?

        6. If people on the House floor vote to support their law-making process by supporting a committee decision to kill a bill, does that mean they didn’t support the bill in question? Or does it just mean they supported their committee’s decision?

        7. What does it mean when Stace Nelson makes comments to the effect that the committee, and later the full house, shouldn’t have voted to kill his bill. They could have instead just changed it to say anything they wanted it to say? Isn’t that just admitting that he knows the bill was a stinker?

        8. In his recent letter here: http://www.rightsidesd.com/?p=7312
        Nelson tells us: “As you may have ascertained, I have no political ambition. I will never seek anything higher than the the SD State Legislature, and I have no desire to be in a leadership position in the House.”

        Is that a good reason to vote for him?

        Call me crazy, but when I hire an employee, I usually look for people who tell me they want to do the job. And when I find out they don’t, it’s usually best for both of us if I just let them go.

        Hey, I think people should be dong a job they want to do, not unhappy dong a job they don’t. Just sayin’.

        1. BF

          Above…”dong” …a doubly unfortunate typo on my part (since I typed it twice). I’d apologize, but I can’t stop laughing long enough to type it out.

        2. when RINOs attack

          Mr. Fleming is a smart enough liberal that he knows to give support to his ilk regardless if they claim the (D) or (R).

          What should really make the misconduct and unethical nature of the matter clear, is Mr. Fleming’s attempts to smoke screen and distract from it.

          Too late, The cat is out of the bag.

          1. BF

            Hey, just a gol-durn minute here. Those are some really good questions I typed up there. Especially #5. I’m really proud of it. C’mon.

              1. when RINOs attack

                Actually, he is not the one that is asking questions. It is MC, and now voters across the state.

                Curious why your questions are not directed at those refusing to answer to the public instead of at the one who has?

                It is as observed, you protecting your own. Maybe you and Rausch were Democrats together? Maybe even your idead for him to run as an (R)?

                1. BF

                  I don’t see Stace answering any of my questions. You either. What are you hiding? And why aren’t you using your real name by the way?

                  1. when RINOs attack

                    You got us! Is is the unoffending, offended public, to blame for naively believing OUR state legislature should be free from such Democrat style corruption.

                    Coming from someone who hides behind their initials..

                    1. Anonymous

                      When are people going to learn BF means Bill Fleming? I’m sick of the people who don’t know who you are.

                2. BF

                  Hilarious. An anonymous guy giving us all a lecture on how we need more transparency, after arguing that his party’s leadership won’t keep his buddy’s secrets. You can’t make this stuff up. Somebody should write a book about GOP wing-nut goofiness.

                  p.s. Most of the Dems I know are on your side, Stace. I’m the only one giving you any grief about it, as far as I can tell.

  11. mhs

    Corruption and misdeeds that require an investigation? Crap. “Rules” established by the Legislature have no legal standing, no appeal right and are unenforceable by any process of law. They have the same standing as Roberts Rules of Order. They’re just there to establish a process, nothing more.

    The party in power runs the Exec Board and makes the rules as they see fit, period. They can do what they want, follow or disregard as they want and punish as they want. There are no “rights” in law of any kind, only promises among members that can be disregarded at will.

    The only redress are the voters. This is a political fight, nothing more.

    1. Les

      This must be why mommy always told me last thing as I left the house, “make sure you have clean underwear on”, ya just never know……lots of noise for something that you say has no value.

      Maybe it isn’t just politics as usual mhs? Somehow I didn’t think the LRC (taxpayer funded by all) worked on a partisan or any other jilted basis. Silly me.

      1. Anonymous

        When this comes to an end Stace will be the one who’s won. He won’t stop until Lust and Raush look like fools. And they will because they are arrogant and that won’t play well for them.

        But the website didn’t help stace any.

  12. Anon

    It was strange to say the least to watch dan sutton walk the halls after that mess was done, people moved to the side with heads down…I think we will witness the same this year with Mr Nelson. Granted a few of his ilk will stop and listen to him, the vast majority will stay far, far away. You can run into the proverbial wall in all your glory but you don’t serve the people who elected you when your voice (blogs don’t count) won’t be heard.

    1. Stace Nelson

      The very same arrogant junior high school mentality that caused this mess to begin with. With the stunning success Republicans had with this year’s report card they put out, I am sure they will have one done in time for the primaries of ’12. I will make sure to have some good bills for some folks to break their teeth on.

      There will be plenty legislators that realize that this disgrace of misconduct & attempted cover-up “is a total failure of leadership” and place the blame where it properly belongs.

      You are correct, this blog where politicians snipe and scurry in the shadows does not matter. The issue in the public eye matters.

      Legislators avoiding the press and issuing written press releases of “no comment” or that they want the matter handled in private in the caucus? The old adage “an honest man has nothing to hide” pops up every time somebody brings this up across the state.

      Keep sniping. Remember their big media event of releasing the letter demanding more information & Sen. Cutler saying what is the big deal if LRC attorney’s violate the confidence promised legislators? The response to that letter is still forthcoming. The adage of “becareful what you ask for” comes to mind…

      1. BF

        …and speaking of Jr. High stuff, the phrase “What part of the word ‘no’ don’t you understand?” comes to mind, here, Stace.

      2. Anonymous

        This line is interesting: “With the stunning success Republicans had with this year?s report card they put out, I am sure they will have one done in time for the primaries of ?12.”

        Was there a different report card other than the one you helped with?

        Who’s do you see getting primaried by your group?

        Care to share any names yet on who is going after the “RINO” seats?

      3. Really?

        Stace, do you really think anyone outside of this blog even cares? Sure, there are a few die hards out there who have nothing better to do than follow inside SD politics 24/7. But, the majority of South Dakotans want grown-up legislators who can come to Pierre in January and work on real issues. Not a bunch of whiners who snipe at each other behind the scenes.

        1. Stace Nelson

          It is not about how many care or how much legislators can get away with before getting called out on it. It is about doing the right thing.

          Grown-up legislators respect our legislative process, the rights of the people, and the open free discussion of the issues South Dakotans want to be addressed.

          Fortunately, South Dakotans do get it. These two letters to the editor are a sample of the hundreds of in person comments, emails, telephone calls, facebook messages, & texts I have received from people across South Dakota.



            1. BF

              Boy howdy, next thing you know, Stace will be showing us endorsements from Doug Hamilton and Mike Schumacher. LOL.

              And the hits just keep on comin’.

              I’m thinkin’ Stace maybe needs to lay in a stash of pepper spray for next legislative session. That’ll calm everybody down, by gawd.

          1. Enough!

            Stacey. Produce the hundreds of samples of fanmail you are getting. You can’t because there aren’t hundreds. They don’t exist. You have 30 cheerleaders still standing. You shot all your other friends dead.

  13. Anonymous

    The only true answer is What is the total truth not what you want the truth to be. How many people involved with the supposed corruption are willing to stand up in front of GOD, country and citizens and say I AM TELLING THE TOTAL TRUTH. The same goes for those that are saying corruption took place. I will bet a quarter that all are telling some half truths.

    WHY is it so hard to tell the truth and not what people want to hear……………………… I bet it is relection and $$$$$$$$$ that are controlling.

  14. Troy Jones Post author

    MC says above Stace Nelson is “not a politician and has no political ambition.”

    Stace Nelson says above those he helped will have a new report card for the 2012 primary and he is going to give tbem ammunition.

    War has been declared on the GOP caucus that resisted a tax increase and cut state spending 10%. MC and Sibby appear ready to be the gun runners. We will see if it turns out to be a “Fast and Furious” type program or not.

    By the way MC, my comment is you fed the issue here using the SDWC brand given to you in stewardship. You make it clear you are supportive of Nelson as you continually give credence and have made no effort to get the otherside. Plus you use your administrator privilege and pass the info onto him.

    1. Anonymous


      I would like to see you write your opinion in a blog post as well. MC did it so you can do it. Blogs offer a chance for debate. So present your side.

    2. Stace Nelson

      This is probably the worst example of the sickness within the Republican Party, that I have seen. It is a perfect example of the problems some of us face in Pierre. The arrogant few who think that THEY have dominion over the party even to the point of going against the party platform that grass roots SD Republicans enact.

      Juvenile threats to go against a legislator’s bills, regardless of the content, deserve to be shown for the unprofessional act that they are.

      I am proud of the hundreds of Republicans across the state that worked to get THEIR report card out. It IS a good thing for the public to be educated on how THEIR elected representatives are voting.

      War? Really? If so, who is it against? Those that voted for tax increases http://www.sdrepublican.org/2011SDGOPvoteReport.pdf or those who spoke and voted against ALL of them?

      Attacking MC for simply putting out a story of a scandal that is in the papers and on TV? Supportive of Nelson? Credence? I thought he hacked me in a couple comments! The story is not Nelson, it is about CREDIBLE COMPLAINTS of unethical misconduct in our state legislature!

      No effort to get the otherside? Is this not a blog where those accused can post at will, and probably have anonymously? Is MC somehow keeping them from doing so? Is the press doing so when they asked them for their comments and they declined?

      Using his “administrator privilege and pass the info onto” me? What info? I have received nothing from him.

      No freedom of the press for you MC, all stories must comply with Mr. Jones’ views about an issue or person! The facts & truth are acceptable casualties in Mr. Jones’ view.

    3. MC Post author

      I make no apologies of my support of Representative Nelson. He is a good person who speaks the plain truth. He takes the duty of representing the people of his district very seriously. He is what I expect from an elected representative, he listens to the constituents, then represents those interests in Pierre. He is also not perfect, he handled the SD republican report card situation poorly.

      I also respect the legislative process. As long as these allegations go unanswered, can we really trust anything that comes out of the legislature? Has investigator Nelson been in law enforcement so long he sees a crime where none has been committed? Have such things been going on so long, that we become acclimated to them?

      There are a couple of things I purposely left out of the posting. All of the people concerned have an R after their name. This isn’t confined to the Republican party, the tea party or any party. This involves the legislature as a whole. This has very little to do with the SDRepublicans.org website. Representative Nelson move from the AG committee might be symptom it is not the root of the problem.

      Knowing Representative Nelson as I do, if the allegations are proven false, I KNOW he will make a full and public apology. Representative Nelson is big enough man to admit when he is wrong.

  15. Anonymous

    At the very minimum Rausch and Lust don’t look like good leaders. They should have taken care of this problem or found a way to understand Nelson’s complaint.

    We can all have different opinions and stances but we shouldn’t allow things t escolate like they have in this situation.

    It looks like there is a lot of blame to go around.

  16. Les

    “””War has been declared on the GOP caucus that resisted a tax increase and cut state spending 10%.”””
    Troy, that is political fertilizer. Every cost to SD citizens that hides behind the cover of tobacco to drivers license fees, you name it has been raised by extraordinaire factors.

    There is no way we had any 10% cut other than a slick re manufacture of the numbers.

    MC fed this issue no more than you or I while Bill Clay leads with an anonymity no less deserving of critique than what you laid at the feet of MC!

    As far as MC getting the other side, are they talking? Publicly?

  17. Anonymous

    Much of this blew up even bigger when Stace was outed for puting a website together.

    Why are we eating our own??? This might be the undoing of the GOP this cycle in SD.

    1. when RINOs attack

      ..Should we surprised that we have Republicans voting against the SD GOP Party Platform when such people as Val Rausch change from life long Democrats to a registered Republican to run for office?

      The story is not that Republicans across the state got so sick of seeing Republicans voting against Republican principles as to compile a report card, but that Republican legislators are in fact voting more often with Democrats than with the Republican voters that make up the Republican Party.

      Let’s shoot the messengers though and ignore the message that our house has been stolen..

      1. Anonymous

        When Rhinos attack: “…such people as Val Rausch change from life long Democrats to a registered Republican.”

        So you mean fake Republicans like:
        Ronald Reagan
        Trent Lott
        Jessie Helms
        Elizabeth Dole
        Phil Gramm
        Condeliiza Rice
        William Bennett
        Rick Perry
        Roy Moore
        Norm Coleman
        Strom Thurmon
        Bob Barr

  18. Anooner

    MC = Tea(squared). Couple of observations. Who knew Stace wouldn’t be able to keep his yap shut on this one for more than a week? Now he is investigator Nelson? And what does Russell care about confidentiality? Stace, didn’t you ever learn that bullets aren’t the only form of diplomacy? Also “Rhino Jones” has a certain charm to it in a pro wrestling sort of way.
    Can just hear it know. Ladies and gentlement, don’t miss the main event cage match between Troy Rhino Jones and Stacey Devil Dog Nelson. If Jones is able to outwit and overcome the brute force of the Dog as expected, don’t be surprised if seven mental midgets crash the ring and jump on Rhino’s arms, legs and back, in an attempt to contain the veteran. This will give Stace time to recover and return to the ring with a folding chair. All while referee MC = Tea(squared) has his back turned dealing with a couple of the midgets. Folks, you don’t want to miss this one.

  19. Geez

    Stacey might have legitimate complaints, but it’s hard to respect him. How you treat people with differing viewpoints says a lot about your character. Stacey wants respect, but he is very disrespectful of others. Yes, Pierre has some severe problems. I wish I could get behind Stacey, but he tends to be a hothead who seeks revenge on those who disagree with him. Stacey says he’s not a politician, but I’ve NEVER seen anyone behave more like a politician.

    1. when RINOs attack

      Last time I checked, the problems the bull in the China shop I’d returning is the problems in OUR state legislature!

      Please, explain how him trying to deal with leadership for months on these compaints (did you read the story), and them moving him off of a committee after he reported it, is him seeking revenge?!

  20. Anonymous

    Idealogues are dangerous.

    They have absolute certainty in what they are told to believe and blissful ignorance in what the beliefs they were fed actually mean when applied to governance. Their lack of intellectual curiosity leaves them with no understanding of intended or unintended consequences…just a fealty to what they have been told to act upon. A fealty that they support with patriotic platitudes and vehemence toward anyone that rejects or questions them.

    1. when RINOs attack

      Yeah, because what we really need is more self-serving politicians who post anonymously on blogs. Our original pubic servants were idealogues, it wasn’t till your kind of politicians took over that we started having the mess in DC.

      Politicians like Rausch who turns from being a life long Democrat so he can get elected as a Republican!

      What you really don’t like is someone who actually has loyalty to actual principles and is not a politician you can “deal” with.

      1. What is the deal with the GOP Platform?

        I have one question. Why did Stace Nelson vote for Tim Rave to be Chairman of the SD GOP in Pierre last February if the party platform is so important to him?

        Isn’t that like Stephanie voting for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker to you?

  21. Anonymous

    Stace will either end up draggin those in leadership down and being vindicated or he will be just hurting himself. I’d like to know why Lust and Rausch haven’t commented on this to the newspapers…

    1. Anonymous

      dictatorships do not reply in public they kill in private. Who will die because of a dictatorship.

      What have be become???? When the public is represented all have a right to know what is going on be it 1 person requesting info or 100k asking. Secrecy is a loser.

    2. Anonymous

      “I?d like to know why Lust and Rausch haven?t commented on this to the newspapers?”

      Here’s some possible reasons:

      You don’t suppose because they have just a smidgen of statesmanship and decorum?

      They believe in the old saying about not wrestling with a pig…you both get muddy, but the pig loves it?

      They see no benefit to the party, which they lead, in making Stace and his power play any more visible than he has been…you really think his ranting plays well with the mainstream Republican voter?

      Have you thought for even just a minute that the media doesn’t really care after they have seen what the fight is about?

      There are more important things for the legislature to worry about outside of Stace’s hurt feelings and the faux outrage of an outlier group of Tea Party radicals trying to stir the pot?

      They quit reading the SDWC after PP left?


      They are busy:
      a) hunting
      b) getting ready to celebrate with family and friends at Christmas
      c) trying to get as much of their own business finished up before they head to Pierre as dedicated public servants
      d) all of the above

  22. anonny

    Let me wager a guess as to what will come to the surface eventually on this issue.

    Part of the job of leadership is to respond to ALL members of the caucus, and also to help educate the newest members of the caucus.

    If, in fact, the alleged meeting between leadership and the LRC occurred, and IF Rep. Nelson was discussed AT ALL my guess it was dealing with one or both of these topics–

    1- It is our job to help our new people avoid making a fool of themselves. If you see something in the works that would indicate that is about to happen, please give us a heads up.

    2- We are getting complaints from our caucus about the amount of time it takes listening to Rep. Nelson ramble on and on about his bills. Will you please try to help him consolidate some of them or counsel him about any bill you see that obviously has no chance of passage.

    I’m sure if you surveyed the members of Rep. Nelson’s caucus, you would find that the vast majority of them support their leadership, and that they are tired of the amount of time they have to waste dealing with Nelson’s constant disruptions.

    There’s no corruption in House leadership or the LRC. The problem is that Rep. Nelson fails to understand that not all his bills will pass, and anytime one he’s attached to fails, he assumes there’s some sort of conspiracy. He totally fails to understand that he’s not always right, and not always in the majority.

    1. when RINOs attack

      Well, clearly they have made no attempt to educate them on the REPUBLICAN Party Platform!

      Yeah, need to cut the debates even shorter so “leadership” can get to more social events at 5 PM so they can be the first inline for lobbyist money!

      Pay attention to this post people, this is the problem! It is not about debating the issues in the public eye as is supposed to happen, it is about control. One of the ways it is done is to shut the debate down and instruct people to vote a certain way.

      Legislator complaining about having to listen to other Republican’s bills?

      You just proved the point of soft corruption without even batting an eye! Well, if you can’t give a statement to the press in person. Try and sneak comments into blogs anonymously!

      1. What is the deal with the GOP Platform?

        Do you want Republicans to be free thinkers or do you want a bunch of B. Thomas Marking American Idol style voting in Pierre and DC?

        Trust me I’m upset with plenty of Republicans on individual issues but if we were all like little robots to the establishment what kind of party would we be?

        1. when RINOs attack

          When we say platform, what we are talking about are the core Republican values and principles that make a Republican a Republican.

          You cannot tell me you would be pleased if you paid big money for a champion guard dog to protect you and your family and instead you got a mutt that actually helps thieves carry off your property!?

          You buy an expensive single malt Scotch and you get bathtub gin in the bottle!?

          1. Anonymous

            So what number of voters do you think have ever looked at the GOP platform, either national or state level? Just a rough percentage would do.

            1. Anonymous

              I helped with the GOP platform committee the last two conventions and honestly I can’t tell you what is in it.

              I also thought it was one of the most boring parts of the convention……………………..

              1. Anonymous

                “Mr. President,

                I would like to bring attention to the fact that there should be a comma after the word but on line 4 of the third paragraph on page 12.”

                (those people – and you know who you are… Drive me nuts!)

      2. anonny

        No, Stace, you just proved that you’re determined to waste everyone’s time even if you know a bill has no chance of passing.

        Spending hours listening to you talk is not productive.

        1. anonny2

          Mr. Lust must have a crystal ball or his finger on a fixed game in order to predict how bills will do. Is that what you call the legitimate legislative process? “waste(d).. time?”

          Much better to go to LRC and put the fix in on legislators’ bills and just cut out all the hearings & debate.

          1. anonny

            If any legitimate legislator pays attention during committee meetings, during conversation with collegues on the floor, and during caucus, he will have a very good idea of where a bill is going by the time it is voted on.

            However, legislators who are more interested in talking than listening probably miss the obvious and think a diatribe on the House floor will make a difference.

  23. Anonymous

    Rino attacks: I’m not a politician or an active member of any party and I certainly don’t think we need any self serving politicians.

    So what is the name of your new party?

    1. What is the deal with the GOP Platform?

      I say we ditch the party system and have people run for office just like they do for city council races. No party. That is why Sioux Falls politics is interesting.

  24. LFoss

    MC – why am I being censored? I don’t hide behind an anonymous name, I use my name? I haven’t said anything that hasn’t already been said either in this post or others?

  25. Anonymous

    Who is hiding the truth of what is going on/went on. What has happened to the truth???????????????? I think a lot pweople are waiting for those involved to stand up and speak the truth………….

  26. Enough!

    Enough with the attacks on Val Rausch and David Lust. These men are as upstanding as they come. Them not responding to this in the press, or reacting, impresses me. Those who are shooting off at the mouth here against them have obviously never met them.

    Stacey Nelson made public his grievances and only the remaining thirty people in his cheerleading squad think any of his concerns amount to anything. There is good reason the media moved on to the next story. The reason this is still a heated matter in the GOP is because Stacey Nelson is using words like criminal misconduct and offering publicly to assist media if they wanted to pursue this in the court. Those are serious and careless words to be using against colleagues. Just because something stinks doesn?t mean someone dumped on you. We need to check our own shorts and quit flinging crap at each other. It?s becoming a zoo and a laughing crowd is gathering.

    The story here is basically the Tea Party Establishment is accusing the GOP establishment. The real story is the demise of the South Dakota Tea Party. Don?t they see it? Stacey and friends need to look around and notice the scant attendance at their Tea Party meetings and that only libertarian, Paulbot and Bircher activists remain. The rest of us left. It?s pathetic. Who voted for the 912 Glenn Beck Circlejerk for Liberty sector of the South Dakota Tea Party to become our philosophical purity police? I didn?t. But hey I see this has become a wonderful opportunity for nationally? syndicated? author? Gordon Howie to raise money!

    So so so what if Val Rausch switched parties in the distant past! Don?t we want people joining our ranks? Are we not the party of the big tent? These people are the party of the pup tent and Stacey Nelson has made sure there is not room for any more. Our party platform states in paragraph two The South Dakota Republican Party believes ? that each person?s dignity, liberty and integrity must be honored.? Enough! These are not career politicians and there is no Chicago style corruption here. Rausch and Lusk are good leaders and respected by all in the caucus except by Stacey Nelson, Lora Hubbel and few if any more.

    What is truly stunning is that Stacey Nelson states here he is preparing legislation so as to out the rino?s in the caucus by the 2012 primary. If there were any still on the fence in that caucus he lost them there. The arrogance of the man to state that he is preparing legislation so others in the caucus can ?cut their teeth? on true conservative bills. What a waste of state time and money.

      1. Anonymous

        I’m questioning what kind of a click there is in Pierre with the legislators. Obviously Stace isn’t in it anymore but he’s a good guy. Hubbel is a nut but a nice lady. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that leadership antagonized Nelson and his followers causing this whole dust up to explode in the first place.

        Maybe it isn’t good to have one party in control of everything unless you have the right leader.

    1. grudznick

      I sent Mr. Howie my money back before he overgodded on me and then ran from his duties as a candidate. I will not help him raise any more money even if it is to pay off his massive tax bill.

      I pay my own taxes. He should pay his.

  27. anonny2

    Distract from the real issue and attack those that dare report the misconduct!

    An LRC staff member reported these people’s misconduct! To at least three legislators!

    Reread what was actually posted above, don’t accept the attack the messenger lies above.

    Enough is right! Republicans believe in PERSONAL RESPONSABILITY! The people responsible are the ones that caused the problem, not the ones who reported it!

  28. Bob Ellis

    Oh my! “Enough!” is really peeved that (gasp) people might expect Republicans to act like Republicans. What an incredible concept! Perhaps average South Dakotans have had unrealistic expectations; we didn’t know that there were only supposed to be Democrats and Democrat-lites.

    What were we thinking–that a party would go to the trouble of drafting a (conservative) party platform, then actually use it as a tool to advance that agenda?! We should have known that documents outlining the goals and principles of a group were meant to be ignored.

    We’re supposed to just resign ourselves to a slightly less poisonous dose of liberalism from the “Republican” Party, eh?

    Sorry, it ain’t gonna happen. Real Republicans have had enough of seeing our party steered to the Left by people who don’t care about the party’s principles, and we mean to steer it back to the Right where it belongs.

          1. J Rae

            Bill and Troy, the sun’s not shining right now at midnight, but there is a ray of hope when the two of you can have fun.

  29. Bob Ellis

    Republican by whose definition? Take a look at the list of Republican values available anywhere on the internet, and better yet, the national and GOP platform. Sorry, this “subjective definition” crap doesn’t cut it. Cowboy up or go join the “out” liberals in the Democrat Party.

  30. Bob Ellis

    Have I ever demanded or even asked that anyone “see it the way I do,” you anonymous closet liberal? I clearly recall that I insisted Republicans support Republican values, principles and goals. They are clear and defined. If someone can’t fully support them, they can at least not get in the way of them. If they can’t even summon that much integrity, they just need to quit trying to deceive people and go join a liberal party closer to their disposition. If they can’t do that, then it’s time real Republicans gave them a hand. And we will.

    1. J Rae

      Wow Bob, “…they just need to quit trying to deceive people and go join a liberal party closer to their disposition. If they can?t do that, then it?s time real Republicans gave them a hand. And we will.”

      That doesn’t sound like an idle threat.

  31. Troy Jones

    According to Stacey Nelson and Bob Ellis, I am a liberal and a RINO.

    And they have told have told me to either think like them or become a Democrat.

    Unfortunately, I dont think they want me either. So I am thinking about becoming eithea Mason (if I can drive one of those litte cars in parades) or a Knight of Columbus (oopsI am a Knight).

    So J rae, they dont demand I think like them. Tbat is an oxymoron since they don’t think. They want me to hate like them. They are good at hate.

  32. J Rae

    Yes they are good at it Troy.

    You brought up a really important point earlier that this is about Stace’s passion for an immigration bill that he was trying to get passed. If I remember right, that bill was a rip off of the Arizona legislation that has been both costly and detrimental to Arizona. Not to mention that the lower courts have consistently ruled parts of it unconstitutional and it is now in front of the Supreme Court.

    It was also very similar to the one passed in Georgia and Alabama where it has had disastrous effects on the economy and the Republican governor is trying to get it repealed because no one thought through the unintended consequences.

    Maybe, just maybe, the committee and the Republican leadership thought through the proposed bill and saw the wisdom in not passing a bill fraught with these consequences. I’m thinking they thought we had better things to do our time and money than pick a constitutional fight with the courts on an issue that, in the bigger picture, has very little impact on South Dakota.

    That had to hurt Stace and Manny in their quest to grab the brass ring off of the Tea Party Crazy Train and the national attention they would have received.

    1. J Rae

      Now flash forward a bit.

      Stace picked a new fight in seeking to get ‘every vote’ on public record. Remember how he was hammering everyone about the issue of including smoke out and procedural votes? You don’t suppose that little report card he and his friends were packaging up was a part of that little rant?

      I’m thinking that the immigration vote was the trump card of slamming the people who snubbed him and his friends over this one issue as RINOs to be voted out of office and replaced by their Glenn Beck 912 true believers.

      My guess is that this little SDRepublican.org report card has been in the making for a long time and the rejection of the immigration bill is what has driven the whole mess to help the outlier radicals in a little power grab.

      Troy, I may not always agree with you, but you have certainly earned my respect along with the respect of many others on both sides of the aisle. Thanks for the reminder that politics is easy, it’s governing that’s hard.

      1. J Rae

        Oh, Troy. One last thing…those little red fez’s wouldn’t do anything for you, especially getting in and out of those little cars. Although you would be great at raising funds for children’s hospitals and crippled children.

  33. J Rae

    Hey, wait a minute.

    There’s been some hammering of Rausch on changing parties a long time ago, but didn’t one of Stace’s letter signers switch recently…like 2010? I think his name was Ryan something or other…

    Ryan M. Maher, do you want to tell us how this could happen?

    Oh, wait for it…he’ll be quick to say that he didn’t leave the Democratic party, the party left him…it had absolutely nothing to do with getting elected in a wave year.

    I hate it when that happens.

  34. Troy Jones Post author

    Stace Nelson: “I got 4 passed out of 13. Not bad for a freshman.”

    And, you must be so proud of those four/three.

    1. Prohibiting political advertising in highway right of ways (so much for the Republican principle of less government)

    2. Making it easier for soldiers to vote. Good job.

    3. Deferring regulation of foster care homes to the federal government. (RINO!!!!!! Real Republicans don’t want the federal government taking over what can be done by the more local government. Read the platform you liberal).

    4. I can’t find the fourth. But I also only found 12 bills (10 House Bills) you were prime sponsor on. Maybe LRC took your name off one you got passed. Must be a conspiracy.

    What is really impressive is, of the 8 House Bills that didn’t pass, you got three of them out of committee.

    With this record of accomplishment, the big government anti-state’s rights RINO’s can’t live without ya Stacey! The real Republicans though can’t help but notice none of your bills cut regulation or taxes and a few put more burdens on business.

    1. anooner

      “…folks, what a match so far. At the end of round three, the Dog takes a stool and is clearly sucking air. The dozen people in his corner are pleading with him to stay strong and channel his inner, real republican, military-cop, whatever it is that drives his big american motor. Meanwhile, Rhino Jones looks relatively fresh. The Dog’s punches either aren’t landing or are not doing much damage. And just what was that move Jones pulled at the end of the round? He came off the third rope with some kind of reasoned, and thoughtful hammer fist/scissors kick. Not sure if the Dog can withstand much more of that. Hold on, some midget Mitchell brothers just entered the building and they do not look happy. I hope Rhino has eyes on the back of his horn, cause those little bastards are sneaky. Folks, you are gonna wanna stick around for this one…”

  35. MC Post author

    It is interesting how this discussion has morphed.

    I thought this was dealing with a hand full of legislators, all who happen to be Republican, and their little spat.

    Did the house leadership convince the LRC staff to share confidential information with them? If so, to what end?

    Is the former NCIS investigator seeing things that are not there? I have no doubt Representative Nelson believes what he sees; what is that he sees that is moving him to make these charges?

    This has very little to do with who is better Republican, or who was Democrat before they were a Republican.
    It very little to do with the GOP platform, or the TEA party or even cutting the heads of chickens.

    We are missing a lot of information. Before we can draw any conclusions, we need to get the other side of the story.

    1. Troy Jones Post author


      This issue started all because a few people believed it would be automatic to pass their vision to deal with illegal immigration. When it got crushed in committee 11-2 and their smoke-out petition got crushed with only 19 votes, they decided they were going to “smoke-out” those who disagreed with them.

      Then, it appears they selected 20 bills that would “show” their GOP opponents in the worst light (I really don’t believe the midwife/birthing centers et. al. bills are significant but only needed to get the results they want) in a “report card” shrouded by misinterpreting/manipulating the GOP platform to claim “Republican purity,” a tactic they appear to be borrowing from liberal nut job Saul Alinsky.

      My point: Saul Alinsky never cries uncle. He just napalms the environment until they “win.”

  36. Les

    I have a business and MC works for me. A complete stranger comes to me telling me how he has seen MC hauling produce out the back door at midnight.
    1: Do I make the stranger prove MC has done this?
    2: Do I slime the strangers character?
    3: Do I call the police?
    4: Do I set up security cameras?
    5: Is MC even old enough to know which party he should support?

    1. Les

      I would expect the leaders to not allow this to get as far out of hand as it has. Questions could/should have been answered long ago and this baby put to bed. All these shots over the bow will take casualties. Severe case of lack of leadership.

      “You do not lead by hitting people over the head ? that’s assault, not leadership.”

      The true leader goes before and encourages; the dictator stands behind and drives.

      1. MC Post author

        I couldn’t agree more, Les.

        This whole issue could have been resolved back in Jan. or Feb. with a short side conference. We would never heard about it, and it would have been water under the bridge

        Now look it.

  37. Troy Jones Post author

    Here is our situation as I see it.

    1) We have certain Republicans who have a particular outlook and agenda and believe that certain issues define which Republicans are “real Republicans” based on these issues and the rest are Republicans In Name Only. They give the following bills the 30% of the weight in defining Republicanism. Taxes, Agriculture, jobs, spending. NADA!

    a) Regulation of midwives.
    b) Allow birthing centers
    c) Permissable excuse for missing school
    d) History Standards
    e) Grandparents Rights
    f) Custody rights

    2) They also advocate certain reforms in the Legislative process they believe will aid them in “outing” those they believe are RINO’s.

    3) They are willing to introduce bills that support their agenda for the purpose of impacting those they believe are RINO’s (obstensibly in primaries?).

    4) They are frustrated that the GOP leadership does not endorse their efforts and agenda and characterize all who oppose them as “RINO” or “defenders of the establishment.”

    5) And, in their frustration they cry “corruption” and other inferences of malfeasance.

    My guess the GOP caucus feels like Congressman Paul Ryan and the GOP members of Congress who are trying to provide a better solution to health care than Obamacare in response to Newt’s negative comments to their efforts when Ryan said: ?With allies like that, who needs the left??

    But shortly thereafter Newt called Ryan to apologize. My bet is there will be no apology by Stacey. I hope I’m wrong. A good old apology is always good for the soul (and relationships).

  38. anon

    Don’t hold your breath, Troy. Typically apologies come from someone who realizes they have done something wrong.

    To date, I’ve never seen Mr. Nelson ever admit he’s wrong about anything. Of course, when you write your own rules, make up your own “facts”, and have total authority over what’s right or wrong (or in this case what’s Republican and what’s not) there’s seldom a need to admit you’re wrong!

  39. Stace Nelson

    A lot of noise to cover up the fact that one of the most trusted LRC attorneys COMPLAINED bitterly to several legislators that this misconduct in fact took place. Rep. Lust personally confirmed their meeting with Dir. Fry took place. The obstruction of my research into placing cumalative voting records on each legislators’ LRC profile has been confirmed by Dir Fry.

    What part should I apologize for, Troy? The LRC attorney making the complaint? Rep. Lust’s admissions? The admitted obstruction of my efforts to bring a bill by Rep. Turbiville?

    If you take me out of the issue you are distracting from, the facts still remain.

    1. anonny

      I have not heard any LRC attorney, Director Fry, Rep. Lust, or Rep. Turbiville publically confirm any of this. All we’ve got is what you’re telling us.

      In a court of law they call that heresay, in politics they call it rumor.

      1. Anon

        Good point. In the court of public opinion this is a He said versus He said. But one side of the He said is not confirming or denying the allegations. Why isn’t Fleming demanding that questions are answered from Fry, Turbiville and Lust like he does to conservatives?

  40. Anonymous



  41. MC Post author

    Anooner, you just might get your one on one battle.

    It appears that our very own Representative Stace Nelson will be speaking at a pre-legislative forum at the Golden Corral in Rapid City on December 27 at 6:00 PM

    Representatives David Lust, Chuck Turbiville among others have been invited to attend.


    Too bad I work that day or else I would try to be there for this.

    1. anonny

      I’m not sure why you think Lust, Turbiville, or any other normal human being would want to attend that Kangaroo Court. Looks to me like just another opportunity for Howie to make some money off of Stace being Stace.

      If I were any of the “accused” I would remain silent and let Stace drive off the cliff. However, if they do decide to talk publicly about it, I’m certain this isn’t the forum they would choose.

    2. anooner

      I would go watch that if it was closer to home, however Lust, Turb., etc are not going to show. Nothing for them to gain personally or for the party. While I only know Rep. Nelson from his incessant and unrelenting blogging, my guess is he would use this opportunity primarily for grandstanding and fist-pounding. When I mention months ago that I found his constant blogging in bad form, I became a “truth-hater” or “unamerican” etc. Didn’t really expect him to tone it down based on what I said, but thought someone in his own party could reach and tell him to cool it. Guess not. Now he has locked horns with his own leadership which is surprising, and has done so without much tact or forethought. You have heard of moose who lock horns in a rut and can’t get unlocked. They eventually just laydown and die. If Stace can get himself unlocked from this one he best just wander off into the woods and rest up. If this whole thing was brought on in part bc of his indignation over a crap immigration bill not getting out of committee, he needs to toughen up. The thing probably died in committee because clearer minds recognized issues of enforcement, practical considerations and unintended consequences. It is sometimes know as a broader perspective, the big picture or even vision. But in a black and white world, the people who snuffed that bill and others are “bad rebulicans”. Stace, did it ever occur to you that the other legislators have consistuents also, and they are trying to represent their interests, and not just Stace’s agenda. Your problem is you take things too personally. You don’t need to respond to every comment on every blog. Lastly, I made the little WWF parody, to hopefully entertain a little bit, but also mirror the absurdity of where this whole thing has taken us.

  42. Troy Jones Post author


    Great analogies.

    It has been my position from the beginning this “issue” is wholly influenced by the lack of support the immigration bill got among the caucus and a view anyone who disagrees with them is not a “real Republican.”

    Since I’ve seen no evidence this faction will relent on these positions (especially the latter), I’m fearful this could be a fight to the end.

    The only chance is for both sides to call the match and agree to disagree. We will know if the match is still on if the leadership or Nelson attend the upcoming forum.

    1. Anonny2

      What kind of person interjects themselves into a situation that they have no clue about, yet acts like they are an expert on the situation?

      So you base your expert opinion on the scandal now, off of a blog post 6 months ago?

      The only problem is, the complaint brought forward by these legislators about leadership tampering with bills, comes from an LRC member. Your goofy theory is just that… goofy!


    2. MC Post author

      Since I?ve seen no evidence this faction will relent on these positions (especially the latter), I?m fearful this could be a fight to the end.

      I fear you may be correct Mr. Jones. In the process, a lot people will get hurt.

      I hope this whole thing can be put to bed quickly ( I have lost hope for quietly)

      If Mr. Nelson and friends has evidence of some kind of mis-conduct. let him bring it forth.
      At the same time, the accused should have a equal chance to answer the charges.
      I know several bloggers have suggested some kind of commission or committee to investagate the matter. I tend to agree.

      This is going to be a fight to the end, let’s bring it to an end.

  43. Lora Hubbel

    I think Stace has taken a bullet for me…granted I am capable of taking my own bullets but I am thankful Stace has stood against the “powers that be” who view the citizens of SD as serfs. There are winners in the last election that have just tickled the ears of their constituents when they promised that they would protect our state from Government takeover of Health Care…all the while they were developing just such a take-over plan for years dating back to at least 2007.
    When I approached the State Affairs committee with a bill to repeal ObamaCare… all political higher-ups went into CYA mode. My ObamaCare repeal bill would have turned SB38 and SB43 on its head …so my bill was killed in committee to allow for ObamaCare and all its tantalizing tendrils of money and power to those politicians who would push it through their state. But SD was first in line for the candy the Feds offered…they didn’t care it was poisoned. I believe my bill was intercepted and then thwarted because ObamaCare is deemed to be needed by a substantial political contributor, Krabenhoft et al (he said that SD needed to implement ObamaCare or Sanford would have to go back to the drawing board), hence the passing of the 75 page Daschle/Romney/Rounds/ObamaCare SB38 with heavy lobbying and no time to read it (it took me 150 hours to get through it this summer!)
    So Stace has had problems with abuse of power, Anti-Trust violations and delelection of duty leveled at him….but maybe its been leveled at me also. I would like to know, so I signed Stace’s letter. I hope to get to the bottom of this…Im just more quiet than he is…but stay tuned….

    1. MC Post author

      Lora, Did anyone read this bill (SB38) before it was passed? Did anyone know what was in it before it was signed? Was this one of those ‘ You have to pass it, so we can see what’s in it’ bills?

      Do you believe your bill was changed, modified by the LRC before it was introduced to the legislature? Was your bill’s research shared with other legislators before being introduced?

      You said you bill was hi-jacked (intercepted), by who?

      1. Stace Nelson

        The LRC staff attorney reported that Rep. Hubbel’s confidential bill research was some of the confidential material that the LRC attorney was forced to interact with Rep. Lust on, without Rep. Hubbel’s permission or knowledge.

      2. Lora Hubbel

        I was supposed to get SB38 the day before it hit my committee (Commerce) but when I opened my book of bill to read that evening, all I saw was one sheet of paper that said, “This bill is over 15 pages long. If you would like an amended version see computer. Thank you.” So I tried pulling it up on my computer but had little success because of inconsistent wireless connection at the motel where I was staying. So I went to committee meeting and actually voted for it because of all proponent testimony and no opponents spoke. I voted against it on the house floor after I found out more about it. We were lobbied that it was only a style and form change of a Department bill…that it took an awkward chapter and made it more organized into 4 chapters.


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