To conceal or not to conceal?

State Representative Don Kopp says you shouldn’t need a concealed weapons permit if you don’t have a criminal record. Do you agree or do you think the permit should be required?

I know that when I went in to recieve my personal carry permit, I didn’t need to pass any particular test. Essentially I went in, applied, and the sherriff did a background check. A short time later I recieved my concealed carry permit. Since I never carry a concealed weapon and only had the permit in case my pistol was left under the seat after a day of shooting, I don’t see that it’s a big deal either way.

If someone is going to break the law by carrying a concealed weapon, I assume that individual wouldn’t have a problem avoiding a background check and permit fee.

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  1. Stace Nelson

    Concerned the current law is only used to “gotcha” law abiding people. I have heard a couple concerns about the idea: loss of monies to counties, standing in the USA if changed, etc. Please send your ideas and concerns to your elected representatives so we know your thoughts and concerns. God bless..

    1. Anonymous

      If the concern is that other states would not let our citizens carry in their jurisdictions, then we could have a voluntary concealed weapons permit that a person could obtain, if they qualify. They could then carry in other states, but still not need one for here in SD.

      The $10 cost is split with some going to the state and some remaining in the county where the permit is issued. It is also good for 4 years, so I think this ‘huge’ revenue source for the county would not be missed.

  2. insomniac

    I have a permit. I don’t use it or my gun. I was worried if my gun fell under my coat when I first purchased it that I could get in troble for concealing my weapon. So I got a permit.

    It seems like a dumb law to me. $10?? How much can that cost the county? I’d rather pay an extra .10 cents on my liscense than a stupid permit for a gun I have a right to own.

    Only the criminals don’t follow the law. We follow it and get taxed for it.

  3. duggersd

    I have a conceal carry permit. I do not really have a problem with getting one. The requirements are not all that difficult. If keeping a cased firearm under your seat is illegal without a conceal carry permit, then that should be changed. Law-abiding citizens need to have a permit in order to operate a motorized vehicle.

    1. Anonymous

      Your are correct that we do need a permit to operate a motorized vehicle, but being able to drive is not a constitutional right, it is a privilege. To be able to keep and bear (carry) firearms is a constitional right for those who obey the laws.

      1. duggersd

        A good point. However I do not really see how requiring a concealed carry permit is infringing upon your Constitutional right. As I see it, you can carry a pistol on your hip in plain sight into almost anyplace, other than a courthouse, bar, etc. The Constitution does not say you the right to carry a concealed pistol shall not be infringed, but the right to bear a firearm. Again, I do not believe this is an onerous requirement.

        1. Anonymous

          But, the Constitution also does not say the gun has to be carried in plain sight. The colonials who wrote the Const. did have access to handguns, single-shot mostly, and probable did carry them under their coat to keep rain/snow from wetting the primer powder. Just my assumption, since I was not alive then as some people suggest I am old enough to have been!

          1. duggersd

            Granted, but then again the Constitution does not say there cannot be a requirement about concealing the weapon. Back then, keeping powder dry was probably more important than whether it was concealed or not. Today’s pistols using current technology do not have that problem. You may or may not agree with me on this, but I tend to get nervous when I believe Constitutional rights are being infringed upon. Here is the text: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
            This is a different world than it was in the day. For example, most people do not believe not allowing ordinary citizens to own fully automatic machine guns without a special permit is unconstitutional. Also,I do not see anywhere in the text where it says there can be an exception for felons, etc. Yet we do not have a problem with that.

  4. Duh

    “State Representative Don Kopp says you shouldn?t need a concealed weapons permit if you don?t have a criminal record.” I don’t get that statement. Getting a CWP proves that you don’t have a criminal record. This doesn’t infringe on the right to bear arms but only prevents those with relavant criminal records from obtaining a CWP. If you don’t have to apply for a CWP, then how do the authorities differentiate from the legals from the illegals? If you don’t have a law requiring a CWP, then there’s nothing to prosecute the violators from possession a concealed weapon. Not too much thought was put into Kopp’s statement. If Kopp wins, the Cops lose (I had to put that in there…).

    1. Anonymous

      If a convicted criminal is caught carrying a gun, even owning a gun, they can currently be charged and convicted for having it. Criminals by law are not allowed to have a gun. If someone is stopped, the cops usually run a check on them. If they have a record and a gun is found on them or in their car, they will be hauled in. The CWP law is not needed.

  5. Rattler

    $10 …revenue should not come into question.
    How much does it cost to run a background check and print a laminated card….
    I always assumed it was just a pass thru cost.
    The real issue should be a national right to carry as Thune tried to pass.
    I feel pretty safe driving thru SD where my permit is good,
    It’s Omaha, MSP, millwaukee, and Chicago where I wish I had some protection but my CC is invalid there..
    If your an SD resident you shouldn’t need a CC permit… If your an out of stater you should have some type of CC to prove you have had a background check when traveling thru the state.
    That’s why a national CC would solve everything, but I highly doubt that the Obama lama would go for a pro gun stance.

    1. duggersd

      If you want to carry in NE, then get a non-resident permit from MN. I am not able to remember if I was charged a fee for the background check or not. I know as a teacher I was, although I was reimbursed.

    1. Anonymous

      That is up to them. They run the office. there position doesn’t have anything to do with the law only revenue.

      It won’t be overturned or raised in fee. It should be overturned though.

  6. Terry David

    You have to go through a background check every time you purchase a gun. So if you are a criminal you can’t legally get that gun in the first place. Then to carry that same gun concealed (the one I bought legally), I go through another background check, in my case drive 30 miles to Canton, and pay $10.00. I do this every 4 years. If passing a background check is the critical portion, then I passed it when I bought the gun.

    At first I did not agree with Kopp (let’s all admit that for an honest person, it isn’t too hard to get a permit and $10.00 is no big deal), but after more thought, the concealed permit does nothing to prevent a criminal from keeping, hiding, and using a gun. It just makes it a lot harder for me to keep mine.

    1. Rattler

      actually if I buy a gun from another person I do not need a background check…example.. An estate sale or a simple advert in the newspaper. The average guy selling a gun isn’t going to call the ATF and run a screen on a guy buying a gun. so yes criminals can get guns, even if it’s illegal to posess them.
      But hey if I’m robbing someone, do I really care if this gun had a background check… I’m breaking the law and another charge is just another charge

  7. Anonymous

    Let a couple of people get killed or injured at a party or something like that and then see what happens. We live in a world of the non violent average joe blow pays for everything. The state offices use any thing they can to raise dollars to get a bigger staff or office. Maybe we should go to no fee for anything and the budget committee says you get this. They do that today with the budget for the prison system and the dollars they give to special needs homes. Yet not a one of the budget committee people have every worked or taken the time to spend a week with the people who work for close to nothing in less than safe conditions. Yet these same people feel they are over paying the workers under these conditions.