Today, if you are not confused, you are not thinking clearly. (Irene Peter)

Sometimes I?m confused. Today, I’m really confused.

Over the past days, weeks and even months, there are a number of people, bloggers, and groups who have questioned people?s fidelity to the Republican Party, even to the point of urging them to re-register and using misleading mailers to impugn people like Gene Abdullah.

But nary a word (that I?ve seen) with regard to the Republican primary in Sioux Falls District 10.

One hand you have successful and noted incumbent Jenna Haggar and her father Don Haggar. And, on the other hand, you have former Sioux Falls Mayor Dave Munson.

I?m not going to spend any time extolling the record of Jenna Haggar except to say for a young new Representative, she shined bright in her first two years. I?d rather highlight ?newcomer? Don Haggar.

My first memory of Don is going to his house as a very young Teen-Age Republican prior to going door-to-door or putting up yard signs. Don, as the local TAR chairman, was probably a high school Jr. or Sr. (I was in Jr. High then). As this was post-Watergate, being a TAR wasn?t cool but Don made it cool. From his leadership, he inspired Barry Johnson (Dusty?s uncle) to become state TAR Chairman and ultimately College Republican Vice Chairman as well as many other young activists who continue to be active today.

Don then went to college and laid a foundation as state College Republican chairman Lee Schoenbeck built upon that helped Jim Abdnor get elected to the US Senate.

Since then, he has been a loyal, behind the scenes Republican doing his part with his time and money as he raised his family. Don is a solid conservative and as a legislator will go to Pierre and do the hard work in committee making bills better, voting against bad bills and helping to move forward good bills. Will he be flashy or controversial? No. Don will just buckle down doing the people?s business in a sound and prudent manner.

With regard to his opponent, Dave Munson, during a time when the GOP is solidly opposed to Obamacare, I leave you with this campaign commercial Mayor Munson cut for the 60th and critical US Senate vote that passed Obamacare.

Sidenote: The Mayor of Sioux Falls is a non-partisan position. Why in the world did he even get involved in a partisan election?

11 Replies to “Today, if you are not confused, you are not thinking clearly. (Irene Peter)”

  1. Job Creator

    How dare Dave point out that TJ brought some pork back to Sioux Falls! What was he thinking?

  2. caheidelberger

    Yeah, but Troy, do we really want both reps from one district living in the same household, father and daughter? Don’t we want to see the a little more varied perspective from the reps?

    That is the decision of the district voters to assess

  3. rino rules

    snip. I’m tired of anonomous slander. Nor do I care for your obvious avoiding the point. You go after some because you have a personal beef yet you allow one who has endorsed a clear liberal as opposed to someone who you disagree with on just a few issues.


  4. Rachel

    I live in district 10 and I will be voting for both Don AND Jenna. I couldn’t care less if they’re related or both live in the same house. I will vote for the people who stand for the things I believe in and who I believe are the best people for the job. I don’t care who they are, what their party affiliation is, or whose house they live in as long as they represent my values….isn’t that what a “Representative” is supposed to do??

  5. Winston

    Frankly, thank you for reminding me that Dave Munson played a part in eliminating the “pre-existent health condition clauses” found within health insurance policies, and to make it possible for young Americans to stay on their parents’ health insurance plan until age 26.

    Republicans claim to be pro-life, but for some reason they are not interested in protecting life when comes to health care affordability, accessibility, and blanket coverage.

    1. duggersd

      Winston, that pre-existing condition thing you think is such a good idea to eliminate is one of the reasons for skyrocketing premiums. Instead of the person with the condition covering the costs, you force everybody else to. This is another example of forcibly taking money from one person and giving it to others. The pre-exisiting condition problem could have been solved a lot less expensively and with a lot less hurt to the rest of the population in other ways. I think some states had pools for high risk people set up for example.

  6. Elais


    I have a different take in pre-existing conditions. You view it as robbing Peter to pay for Paul’s medical expenses. I view it as supporting my fellow citizen, it is a community issue. I do not favor an absolute, intractable ‘every man for himself’ attitude when it comes to health care. It shouldn’t solely be a state solution, federal solution or individual issue, it should involve all of us.

    Insurance is all about spreading the risk, anyways?


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