Today is replacement day for all of those Democrats who withdrew.

Today represents the deadline for Democrats to replace their brave brethren that have fallen by the wayside…

Actually, it’s the last day Democrats can replace the awful placeholders they put in at the last minute to try to keep hopes alive, as opposed to embarrassingly leaving 30 seats unchallenged at the start of the election season.

Who has withdrawn so far?

District 5 Senate  – Alanna Silvis (D)

District 9 Senate – Sherry Knutson (D)

District 13 Senate  – Reynold Nesiba (D)

District 14 Senate – Brian Kaatz (D)

District 20 Senate – Craig Kelly (D)

District 6 House – Katie A. Hanson (D)

District 7 House – Steven Binkley (D)

District 8 House -David Skoglund (D – arrested for hiring a prostitute, and replaced with Jeff Nelson)

District 9 House -Holly Boltjes-Johnson (D)

District 16 House – Jim Fedderson (D)

District 16 House -Brian Shanks (D)

District 17 House -Jamie Boomgarden (R) – and newly replaced by Republican Sheri Kaufman.

District 22 House  -Dennis Kruse (I)

District 24 House -Thomas Schienhorst (D)

District 25 House -Kristi Quaintance (D)

District 25 House -Oran Sorenson (D)

There’s been no notices filed yet, with the exception of Sheri Kaufman who replaced the sole Republican to withdraw from the race.

Absent a mass of replacements today, Democrats will allow in the neighborhood of 30 seats to go unchallenged in the legislature, about a third, which nearly matches the number of Statewide races that they failed to find someone to run for.

And last I checked, you have 100%  chance of losing a race if you fail to run a candidate for it.

What do you think? If they fail to replace a majority of these candidates, does this represent the continued erosion of the Democratic party as a legitimate electoral force in the state?

And will they continue to lose ground against third party groups, such as Libertarians?

Libertarians might have filled their races with scofflaws, a mom [redacted], and an SOS candidate with election violations…. but they still managed to fill them, something Democrats failed to do for lack of interest.

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  1. Troy Jones

    I think they are close to leaving 40% unchallenged without replacement.

    To answer your question: the SDDP is of no discernable elective force. They distract their activists on quixotic campaigns and ballot issues and provide no meaningful impact on electing candidates

    1. sdsen_2014 Post author

      John –

      A simple question:

      Are political parties formed to promote ballot issues, or to elect candidates? I suspect Troy and I would agree it’s the latter; that they are formed to get a group of like minded people elected.

      Last election, the Democrats got an issue or two passed on the ballot, but were slaughtered at the ballot box. I think there’s ample evidence that the electorate in general does not associate ballot issues and candidates.

      So, if they’re going to continue to get trounced, and there’s a point when there’s few Democrats left, it is a party, or a petition circulation firm?

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    The minimum wage measure needs to be linked to Obamacare in that they both are an intrusion into private sector matters by government. Once that connection is made to the thinking constituents of any political persuasion the measure dies as handily as the $.01 sales tax measure did.

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