Todd Epp taking over producing duties on Greg Belfrage Show.

Todd Epp, who was an early denizen of South Dakota’s blogosphere at SD Watch, at about the time I started Dakotawarcollege just took on a new job as producer for the conservative Greg Belfrage Show on KELO-AM where you can see his byline on a few stories associated with the show.

According to his Linked-in profile, Todd will “Help produce The Greg Belfrage Show weekdays from 6 to 9 a.m. on KELO-AM 1320 and KELQ-FM 107.9.”  Todd had previously been with KSFY as their news producer, and later with KSOO Radio in 2015 (up until a point where it seemed that news wasn’t terribly important to them anymore).

Best wishes to Todd in his new position.

2 Replies to “Todd Epp taking over producing duties on Greg Belfrage Show.”

  1. Todd Epp

    I’ve known Greg for quite a while and was the “Token Liberal” on his show in the 2006 election cycle. Don’t worry, Greg isn’t turning Left on you, he’s as Right as ever. 🙂 He is a great boss and outstanding broadcaster. If you call the program, you’ll be talking to me first. So, have a take and get to the point. And Greg and I both agree on at least one thing: neither one of us is a fan of Hillary Clinton, though perhaps for different reasons.