Todd Schlekeway holding pre-legislative coffees

Todd SchlekewayIt appears that Todd, or someone close to him reads this blog.  November 20th I suggested that legislators at all levels have regular coffee or informal meetings with the public.  Todd has been doing just that.

From his web site:

As I prepare for the 2011 legislative session, I would love to hear from you regarding any issues and ideas that are of importance to you personally or professionally. I will be at Oscar?s Coffee (in the strip mall on 26th St. & Marion Road) during the days/times listed below. I invite you to stop by to chat with me!

Monday, December 20
7 AM-10 AM
Wednesday, December 22
11 AM-1 PM

Thank you Todd, for making yourself available to the public.

Let’s hope the idea catches on, and everyone starts doing it.

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  1. Name

    Who? Is he in with the Stan people who caucus at the Big House on The Hill Overlooking Rushmore or with the PP Dungeons and Dragons crowd? I bet SoS Gant is a D&D master.

  2. Hugo

    You make it sound like these coffees are your idea and that Todd had to have gotten the idea from you. Maybe he’s just a good legislator who wants to keep up with constituents.

  3. J Rae

    I think these coffees, or as they’ve been called in the past “crackerbarrels,” are a great idea…no matter whose idea they were.

    This year, I would challenge Todd and the rest to be honest and look their constituents in the eye and say what things were going to be cut from their districts and why. Of course the honest thing for legislators to do would also be to lay out how these cuts were going to hurt the people who live their districts.

    There are going to be tough choices for all of our elected representatives and it would be refreshing to hear them not just talk in generalities about what hard choices they are going to have to make, but how they were going to impact the families in their districts.

    Gotta admit that I’m not that optimistic that our elected officials will have that candid of a conversation.

  4. Terry David

    The mayor of Sioux Falls is having regular meetings with us common folk and it seems to be working here as well. Keep it up Todd. By doing this you’ll not lose touch with the people you represent.

  5. insomniac

    Todd left early because session was extended to a later date and he was getting married the weekend before and had his honeymoon planned well in advance of knowing the session would be extended because our Governor and legislators wanted stimulus dollars.

    Todd is at the top of a very talented legislative group in my opinion. GO SCHLEK!!!!

  6. anon

    I would like to see Schlekeway run for Mayor of Sioux Falls. He would be able to defeat Mike Heuther and restore some sanity to the city of SF and that convention center idea.

    When was the last time Mayor Mike listened to the people of SF? Maybe he should hold a meeting with constituents.

  7. Mr. Big

    Schlek is one of the most transparent legislators in Pierre. He is very articulate and will openly discuss any topic with constituents.

    I like that he is someone I can ocassionally disagree with (though not often) and still know that he listened and didn’t hold a grudge. He’s a rare elected official.

      1. Anon

        I wonder if he should have told his fiance that they needed to change the wedding and the honeymoon because the legislative session was extended.

  8. mince words

    He is deffinately the people’s legislator.
    I don’t think there is anyone in the state who knocked on as many doors for as long of a period of time during the election than Schlekeway. He is a committed servant for the people he serves.

  9. toad

    ONLY legislators with a strong understanding of the issues can hold coffees like this. That’s why so few do it. Good work Todd you earned some credit for this in my book. This is a great way for our legislators to LISTEN to the PEOPLE!

  10. L. Clark

    As somebody who works with Sen.-elect Schlekeway everyday in Pierre, I can attest to the fact that he is an outstanding legislator and an even better person. I am not his constituent, and wouldn’t be if he was mayor of SF, but I would certainly spend time knocking on doors for him because he is intelligent, compassionate, and a skilled communicator. He is an excellent role-model, and his constituents are very well-served with him as their next senator.

  11. pickles

    Anyone who’s met Schlekeway knows he’s a top caliber legislator who understands a variety of important issues. It’s nice to see that he is taking it upon himself to visit with constituents whithout an appeal from locals. (He obviously isn’t from the same line of thinking SHS was)

    I like that Schlekeway is a positive person who presents the optimistic side of politics. We need more people like him in Pierre and DC.

    1. oldguy

      Good question. I really think people get changed by D.C. and Pierre too. After a time in office they all start to think they are the smartest person in the room then when everybody bows down and kisses the ground you walk on…. anyway you get the picture.

        1. oldguy

          I have to be up front about her as I didn;t vote for her. I think people that think SHS was changed by DC will be amazed by what KN does.(not in a good way either) I think she is all about herself while SHS did try and do right for the state.

  12. CaveMan

    Senator Schleckeway lights up every room he walks into similar to how he lit up the floor when he played BB. His intellect is sharp and driven and with the easy going charm he possesses very much one to watch in the upcoming elections in SD.

    Now on to coffee’s and crackerbarrel’s. 95% of the folks who attend them are either retired, without a job, or angry about government. 5% are reporters, the owner of the place having the coffee hour and a shopper or two. The hour or two spent explaining the bills by the legislators great fun to hear but the interesting thing to watch this year will be the attack mode Democrats rage into at them. Their only hope of turning public perception against the Republican owned session is for the public to think the GOP power players are all working for the rich, against Education and not caring about the people. Take some time off work and go see for yourselves.

  13. Arrowhead


    You are right about Schlekeway. He is probably 1 of 5 legislators to watch for a statewide race someday.

    Todd Schlekeway
    Corey Brown
    Russ Olson
    Shantel Krebs
    David Lust

    I’m sure I missed someone but as you can see out of 105 legislators it’s a small list of people who have statewide potential.

  14. 73*

    I’ve heard a lot of rumors that people want Schlekeway to challenge Kolbeck for the PUC in ’12 but I think his coalition building skills are needed in the legislature. Schlekeway obviously understands the energy issues. I remember him squashing Matt McGovern in a Cap and Trade debate. But I think of the PUC as kind of a nerdy office though.

    If Schlekeway did chalenge Kolbeck – Kolbeck might aswell retire. The guy didn’t even get 50% of the vote in ’06. If I was Kolbeck I’d become an R as soon as possible to keep him or any serious R out of the race.

  15. toad

    There is no way Kolbeck could defeat Schlekeway for the PUC in even a good Dem year. Schlekeway is too strong of a candidate and probably knows grassroots politics as well as anyone in the state.

    Koskan only lost by a few points to Kolbeck and Koskan was not a top tier candidate…

    Public Utilities Commissioner
    R – John Koskan 47.31% D – Steve Kolbeck 49.37% L – Ben Sutter 3.32%

  16. anon

    My personal opinion is that like Dusty Johnson Todd Schlekeway has too much potential to spend it on PUC. It was a good move for Dusty for the simple reason it got his foot in the door politically but Schlekeway being in the Senate does the same for him that PUC did for Dusty.

    Schlekeway has big potential and PUC doesn’t jive with that just ask Daugaard’s Chief of Staff.

  17. 73*

    I would much rather see Schlekeway run for Mayor of Sioux Falls one day or maybe something more meaningful statewide than PUC.

    PUC is only flashy because of Bob Sahr and Dusty. It’s becoming a little more typical with Nelson and Gary Hanson taking the reigns.

  18. Name

    TOP 5 political offices in SD:

    Governor – GOP
    2 Senators – Dem & GOP
    Congress – GOP
    Mayor of Sioux Falls – Dem

    I think State Senate is a much better office to hold than PUC.

  19. Name

    Schlekeway hands down for mayor of Sioux Falls or Congress. I don’t care but PUC is kind of a small step for a state senator. I’m actually surprised Gary Hanson did that instead of running for Gov. I think at one time Gary was a bigger deal in SD politics but since he’s been on the PUC he’s diminished in stature.

  20. thoughts

    Schlekeway is a top 5 talent when I rank the up and comers in SD GOP politics.

    Todd Schlekeway
    Shantel Krebs (now that Noem is gone – I think Krebs take the female spot)
    Jim Seward
    Matt Michaels


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