Tony Post and the good work of the SD GOP

South Dakota

I don’t want to to come off as a rubber stamp and read like an SD GOP press release to anyone other than Cory Heidelberger. Over the years I have learned that it is not always good to blindly follow orders just because we are members of a certain party. As a party, beating the drum louder does not make for better music if we are out of tune, and we cannot succeed by simply marching lockstep without coherent direction. Honest commentary is important in politics all the way up and down the chain of command.

But we also need to give credit when it is deserved, and SD GOP Executive Director Tony Post is working very hard and making a strong impression on many of the South Dakota GOP faithful by traveling the state and meeting many supporters. As I said in a previous post, I think he is a terrific person even though I may not always agree with the SD GOP.

Tony Post has been putting in a lot of hours getting to know legislators and GOP County Party officials around the state. He is a hard worker, and like every executive director could use our support. Get involved in your local county party by making sure we fill those vacant county party roles and are ready to fire on all cylinders in the upcoming election. One thing that has always made the SD GOP successful in the past is our organized grassroots effort and the way we pull together to get things done. We do not rest on our laurels after achieving success in a previous election. Let’s get behind Tony and give him and the SD GOP our full support!

Keep up the good work Tony, and let those of us who are active in the party at a precinct, district, county or statewide level know how we can be of assistance.

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      1. anon

        Let’s see Post is new to SD and he has to get to know 66 county parties, one hundred elected officials not to mention donors and media types that it would make the most sense to me to have all individuals take it upon themselves and give him a call welcoming him to the state.

        Do it for the cause. And if you are going to be upset with someone be upset with Rave and Noem for hiring someone out of state because they didn’t think anyone in SD was good enough. It’s not Tony’s fault that he wants a job and is a hard worker.

        1. Anonymous

          Lucas Lentsch did not know the people in the 66 county parties, actually, there aren’t 66 active parties, nor did he know all the elected officials. But he got to know them and did a fantastic job. Post has the ability too, we’ll have to wait and see how he performs.

  1. caheidelberger

    Empty, baseless, sycophantic assertions. Keep trying for that ad deal, Hans. And give me one hard, verifiable piece of evidence of an accomplishment by Post that has forwarded the fortunes of the Republican party in a state where those fortunes are already pretty solid.

        1. Anonymous

          Doesn’t Cah have his own blog? Why don’t he stay home and post on it? Oh, yah, nobody else reads it. Well hardly anyone.

    1. anon

      I would argue that most of what an ED does is not visible to the person on the outside. It’s a slow and steady process with only a few home runs along the way.

      All the hard work either pays off in November or it doesn’t.

  2. Clay Bill

    “I don?t want to to come off as a rubber stamp and read like an SD GOP press release…”

    …That, however, is a perfect description of your post.

    1. Ya Think?

      Pretty sure Mr. Clay new he was doing that… You libs are so rediculous.

      Why don’t you try winning an election instead of blogging? I know republicans that would do a better job managing democrat campaigns and they would be deliberately sabotaging the campaigns. You dems have no clue.

      1. caheidelberger

        Again, non-responsive, offensive… can no one actually defend the claims made in the post that Tony Post is taking any specific action that is helping the SDGOP more than a sack of potatoes?

    1. inexperienced


      You have about as much experience with candidates as my mother. Which is none.

      Anyone who comments under the name experienced is obviously over compensating for something.

      1. Experienced

        Strange that with 6 generations of family roots in this state and well over a decade of active leadership with state elections one would never hear the name of a Minnesotan of such prominence. I’ll go hide under my rock while you cry for your mom’s help.