Transgender Bathroom Bill coming back to Pierre

From the Argus Leader, the Family Heritage Alliance has announced that they are championing a transgender bathroom bill for the 2017 legislative session, despite threats of a ballot measure:

The leader of a conservative state advocacy group Wednesday said he plans to bring another so-called transgender bathroom bill in 2017.

Dale Bartscher, executive director of the Family Heritage Alliance, said the conservative Christian group approved a draft of a bill last week that would bar transgender students from using the bathroom, locker room or shower room if it doesn’t match their biological gender at birth. The bill calls for schools to offer accommodations for “students with unique privacy needs, including transgender students.”

While details of the legislation, including which legislator would carry it, weren’t firm Wednesday, Bartscher said it was important to bring the debate back to the Legislature. He said he hopes it could be approved there sooner than at the ballot box, where voters could have a chance to weigh in on the issue in 2018.

“Quite frankly, we don’t want to see any initiated measure in 2018, we want to see the Legislature approve it and the governor sign it,” Bartscher told Argus Leader Media. “This issue is on the front burner for a lot of South Dakotans.”

Read it all here.

This is coming at the same time as North Carolina is preparing to debate whether or not to repeal their own measure similar to what’s being proposed:

The legislature meets Wednesday to consider repeal of HB2, a state law requiring transgender people to use the public bathroom associated with the sex listed on their birth certificate. The law has prompted companies such as PayPal Holdings Inc. to cancel investments and sports leagues, including the N.C.-based Atlantic Coast Conference, to cancel tournament games that were scheduled to be held in the state.

The liberal Charlotte council voted 7-2 in an emergency session to a full repeal of the city ordinance the council passed in February that prompted the Republican-led legislature to then pass HB2 in March. The council had met Monday on the same issue, in hopes of adhering to the terms of a behind-the-scenes deal with Democratic Governor-elect Roy Cooper and the GOP-led legislature.


The unexpected moves by the Democrat-dominated Charlotte city council, and countermoves by the Republican-dominated state legislature, come on the heels of last week’s special legislative session reducing the power of the incoming Democratic governor.

The well of political goodwill in the state “is very poisoned,” said J. Michael Bitzer, a politics professor at Catawba College in Salisbury, N.C. “It just seems like both sides are trying to make one another sweat as much as possible,” he said. North Carolina has had fierce partisan battles in the past, he said, but “this has taken it to a whole new level,” he added.

Read it all here.

The word is on the street in South Dakota that there may be pressure being placed upon some of South Dakota’s larger communities via their convention bureaus and chambers of commerce from outside groups intimating that they would bypass South Dakota for national conventions and tournaments should such a measure pass.

Will that influence legislators in the 2017 legislative session? We shall see.

156 Replies to “Transgender Bathroom Bill coming back to Pierre”

  1. Anonymous

    This is idiotic. If someone can’t look at the fallout in NC and make a reasonable decision to forego this legislation, then we’ve got larger problems. What’s the number this legislation actually impacts in SD? I’ve heard less than 20. So let’s jeopardize our tourism and convention business, do further harm to our revenue receipts so Dale Bartscher and Co. can claim relevancy in Pierre for two months a year.

    1. Anonymous

      This is year 6 of the culture wars in the SD legislature. In a way I hope they do pass this once and for all and see what the economic consequences are. It may be the final push that South Dakotans finally have had enough and there is a political backlash and it will show at the next election cycle. Gear Up? EB-5? What has happened at the state hospitals in Yankton, Redfield and now the Women’s Prison? Infrastructure and other REAL issues here in SD? Nope! Back to the culture wars and dog whistle politics.

      Then again the economic consequences and South Dakota’s negative reputation domestically and abroad may not be that big of a deal.

        1. Bethany

          Tara, you might gain a modicum of respect from others if your didn’t you didn’t speak disrespectfully of those you disagree with – e.g. the piss policeman

  2. Anonymous

    This is disappointing. Let’s pay attention to who we are electing! We have a real crisis with prescription drug abuse, the rising costs of health care, fewer health insurance options in South Dakota, an a looming budget crisis. What are our priorities!!!

    1. Bethany

      My priority 3:39 is keeping my children safe. That is absolutely priority #1, way more important to me than anything on your list.

      1. Anonymous


        My desire is that your children are safe also! Given the historical facts children are at greater risk from predators that are clergy or someone close to the family that has gained your trust than someone who is transgender. The sad thing is that the absolutely terrible actions of the very few predators who were clergy for example have reflected badly on the good work Clergy, Priests and Nuns who are my heroes.

  3. Jaa Dee

    “The leader of a conservative state advocacy group Wednesday said he plans to bring another so-called transgender bathroom bill in 2017.”– How can this guy “bring a bill”? Who elected him?:

    ” Christian group approved a draft of a bill last week t”– So friggin what? Who elected this fanatic?

    1. Tara Volesky

      I wouldn’t touch that bill with ten rolls of toilet paper. What’s his reason for wasting the Legislator’s time. Whoever carries that bill should be locked in a toilet stall.

    1. Tara Volesky

      Jaa Dee is right. Check out the pictures. All the more reason not to have this bill. Let the students have a vote on this one in their local schools. Again, it is not even an issue until the potty patrol made it an issue.

    1. Dakota Mom

      Sure hope so. I’ve got two daughters that play high school volleyball. Don’t want any of them in the same changing room with a boy.

      1. Anonymous

        The school won’t allow a boy with the girls. Just like always. This potty bill is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

          1. Tara Volesky

            I think the Feds will leave it up to the states, which means it’s not broke so there is nothing to fix. If you talk to trans genders, their main concern would be to be treated with respect and in turn I am sure they will respect everybody’s privacy as long as we respect their privacy.

  4. Anonymous

    Daugaard will veto again. Daugaard would do himself a favor to take this issue on and resolve it.

    Much like an ethics commission though he will ignore it and put his head in the sand and we will get something crappy.

  5. Anonymous

    Legislature in a tough spot, especially if the person who said he is going to put it on the ballot again via IM process moves forward if the legislature doesn’t act

    1. Tara Volesky

      Who is this person that said he is going to put it on the ballot….Well let him. Maybe the Legislature might just get something done then.

  6. A Nony Moose

    I wonder which ‘national’ organizations are threatening to hold their conventions someplace else.

    Like SD will get any big national conventions.

    Maybe NAMBLA.

    1. Tara Volesky

      They get NCAA Regional BB tournaments. What about all the big artists that perform at the Denny Sanford Center or Rushmore Plaza….

    2. Anon

      NCAA is the biggest. The Sioux Falls Sports Authority has applied to host roughly 20 NCAA events between 2018-2020, including regionals of the Division I men’s basketball tournament. 2 years ago they hosted the Division II Elite Eight. The NCAA has flat-out said that none of these events will come to SF if this law is on the books in SD.

      Also, the Summit League Tournament that most does so well in SF and that SDSU and USD fans love to have close to home, will no longer be in SF.

        1. Tara Volesky

          They will continue to have security and privacy. Again, you are trying to make sometime out of nothing.

  7. Troy Jones

    I opposed the Federal government weighing in on this. Why is this a state issue? Isn’t this an issue for local schools to handle as they see fit?

    1. Anne Beal

      The teacher pay issue demonstrated the unwillingness of school boards to take responsibility for anything. They want the legislature to take the heat for everything they do

    2. Anonymous

      If local schools would determine that one uses the facilities for the equipment they were born with, the ACLU would sue, and schools do not have the financial resources to defend the lawsuit. The state has to resolve this issue. If the Feds under Obama hadn’t mandated that transgender students be allowed to use the facilities of their choice, we wouldn’t be having this discussion, and it’s not just the bathrooms but the shower rooms and dressing rooms. Should be called the SHOWER ROOM bill.

      Troy, it has to be a state solution to this issue. If one school district opts for transgendered to use their choice of facilities but another decides,use what you are equipped for, what do you do when those two schools have sport teams competing? Allow male athletes who might be getting done with wrestling practice to shower with the visiting girls basketball team?

              1. anon

                Not yet. But they are all over the country. It only takes one transgender student for the issue to go to court. SD court cases will be here soon enough – which is one more reason why we need a law.

    3. South Dakota Father

      Troy, why does the state of South Dakota require all schools provide K-12 education. Why does is require all school provide education that follows the same standards? Why do we even have a state Board of Education? There are many issues that local control rules supreme and is vital to public education, but there are others that state standards are equally as important. When it comes to children being in the view of other children in stages of nakedness. South Dakota needs to have a simple state-standard that applies the same to all schools.

    4. Tara Volesky

      The state should not be weighing in on this……ok show me all the lawsuits where this has become a problem? I see no problem. Just talk to the thousands of kids in K-12. They will tell you not a problem. So you are going to let some guy that is doing this for possible fundraising purposes monopolize a large part of the session. Don’t fall for it Legislators.

  8. chief

    This is a sad day in America if a State Legislature is actually meeting in special session so that boys who think they want to be girls can shower with the girls in the public school locker room (even though they have a penis). Look at the last election and who won and who lost !!! In nearly every contested race where someone ran out of contempt for the “bathroom bill” and alleged “taking away rights from transgendered” they lost big time !!! The public doesn’t want school kids mixed together in this way and the kids don’t want it either ! Why should the NBA or the ACC even care ? How many “transgendered” participate in competitive sports? I don’t give a rat’s butt what liberal group wants to boycott us. Why would we want those kind of “progressives” with those kinds of rotten morals in our state anyway ???

    1. Anonymous


      ” I don’t give a rat’s butt what liberal group wants to boycott us. Why would we want those kind of “progressives” with those kinds of rotten morals in our state anyway ???”

      Lets put it to the test once and for all and see what the impact is. Pass the bill!

      1. Tara Volesky

        What does this have to do with Party. I will bet most Republicans would rather focus on real issues. Donald Trump wouldn’t waste his time on this. He doesn’t care what bathroom a transgender chooses to use in his hotels and businesses.

        1. chief

          You’re the first one to mention political parties. The pedophilia-homosexual lobby is very strong, wealthy, and organized. They are the reason Duaggie vetoed this last year. He needs to grow a pair and stand up to them. This has nothing to do with Trump or his businesses, this is only about k-12 public school students !!!

          1. Tara Volesky

            You are the one that mentioned progressive and liberal which usually identifies with the Democrat Party. He will veto it again because NC made a big mistake and now they are going to repeal the bill.

          2. Jaa Dee

            “The pedophilia-homosexual lobby is very strong, “— Although you are not worth the time————— How about telling us what pedophilia has to do with transgender and gay…..List those “pedophilia” lobbying groups..

    2. Tara Volesky

      Chief, name me the cases and name the people you call progressives that have rotten morals in our state. Who are the potential transgender boys with penises that want to shower with girls? Name me one please.

      1. chief

        Fortunately, I don’t know any here locally. But you must know them because you keep defending them. Don’t be naive, there are obviously a lot of mixed up kids in SD, especially in the larger cities, who are gender confused.

        1. Tara Volesky

          Honest to God, I don’t know one mixed up child that would want to shower with the opposite gender. I have been around education and sports for many years….never heard one case. Don’t think that wouldn’t get out with social media. If it was a problem, it would be all over social media.

            1. Tara Volesky

              Name a town and place? Yes I know some. So, they are just law abiding people. I would rather know a trans than a serial killer. Sometimes people that do these bills are struggling with their own sexual identity.

          1. Bethany

            Gender confused is “the psychological diagnosis used to describe a male or female that feels a strong identification with the opposite sex and experiences considerable distress because of their actual sex.”

  9. Tara Volesky

    Show me the cases in SD where it’s a problem? Kids don’t even shower anymore. Just another waste of taxpayers money. Focus on real issues and stop being so scared of someone different. They are absolutely a zero threat.

    1. chief

      I don’t care if it’s a problem yet or not, you close the barn door before the horse escapes, not after. Good legislation is pro-active, not re-active. It may not be a problem yet, but with all of you anything-goes liberals out there promoting perversion, and lack of moral absolutes, to pre-teens and teens it soon will be a problem.

      1. Tara Volesky

        Like this a new thing….I don’t think so. And maybe you shouldn’t be promoting this kind of stuff by make a big issue out of it. The media loves this kind of stuff.

      2. Anonymous


        Anyone could end up with a child who is Transgendered. Each case is different and the intensity varies from person to person. I would never wish this on any parent or child! To claim they are all liberals is also incorrect. They come from all different backgrounds and beliefs in the political spectrum and that includes conservatives and a strong faith in God.

        There are standards set up for those qualified therapists to follow for these children to get the help they need. It is very intensive to see if there are any underlying issues that may cause them to believe they are transgendered. Those therapists other than giving various tests are always looking for alternatives and a very small amount of children actually progress to the point where they would attend school in the role they identify with and even that environment is taken into consideration.

        Many Non-Transgendered kids are self conscious with body image as it is but a Transgendered child it can be far worse so they may be the ones that elect to have their own private shower or changing area. Again, every situation is different with all the dynamics at play and parents, teachers, coaches, a qualified therapist and administration could work together as to the best way to proceed that is as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

        1. Janine

          2:58, I have no reason to doubt your assertion that transgender children suffer from body-image issues among a host of other psychological issues. Assuming your statement to be true, why did the transgender lobby speak “against” schools accommodating transgender student with the use of private facilities. They were very clear in testimony that transgender students must be allowed full access to the facilities of the opposite biological sex.

          1. Anonymous


            ” Assuming your statement to be true” I have 30 plus years of experience in this. These kids could be my grandchildren or children and I sympathize for all the parents involved trying to wrap their heads around this. I cannot speak for the transgender lobby since I am not associated with them.

            Above I mentioned that all the variables need to be considered and that includes the environment that this transgendered student is going to school in. If I had a transgendered child undergoing the intensive psychological therapy process in a very small rural school setting and lets say my best friend for 30 plus years who is a newborn Christian had a child in the same grade I would need to consider that and be considerate of other parents who may object. Let me stress that it is very rare for a Transgendered child to even get to this point.

            I would try to have my Transgendered child have separate changing facilities to be considerate and respect other parents concerns there and try to be the least disruptive as possible for everyone. These kids and parents have enough pressures as it is. We want everyone to be safe and not bullied so they can focus on other things positive in school. When my child graduates from HS then they could either fully transition or they may decide not to. There are so many factors involved.

            This is scenario #1

            1. Anonymous


              Scenario # 2

              It is rare but another situation in a small rural town where this child born with male anatomy but without question has acted as a girl since day one. The neighborhood kids always treated this child as a girl. When this child went to grade school the girls did not think otherwise that this child was a girl and were even protective and their parents accepted it.

              This child may feel very embarrassed and not want their body which does not match their mind to be seen and seek a different room or share the same facilities and simply cover as to not expose themselves with a feeling of being inadequate. It is hard to say but it is a non issue in this school and this child’s transition with a qualified therapist and support team is very smooth and has a better chance to assimilate after HS.

            2. Tara Volesky

              That sounds pretty logical. I really believe transgender children would not want to shower with children that are not genetically the same.

        2. Fred Deutsch

          I am not Chef but feel compelled to respond. Few topics are as complex and controversial as human sexual orientation and gender identity. These matters touch on our most intimate thoughts and feelings, and help to define us as both individuals and social beings.

          I imagine you and I agree with the data that transgender children bear a disproportionate rate of mental illness compared to age-matched general population. I believe you and I agree we must find ways to relieve their suffering.

          Children are a special case when addressing gender issues. In the course of their development, many children explore the idea of being of the opposite biological sex, but nearly all children ultimately identify with their biological sex. The notion that a pre-schooler, having expressed thoughts or behaviors identified with the opposite sex, can be labeled for life as transgender has absolutely no support in science.

          The psycho-social and political challenges become more acute as the child ages. In my mind there are two questions. First, how does society best help these young people? Second, how do we best protect the estimated 99.97 percent of cis-gender students from viewing the partially or fully naked body of a transgender person of the opposite biological sex in school showers, changing rooms and restrooms?

          I understand you are not part of the transgender lobby, which is essentially the ACLU, but the inability of this organization to meet half-way in last session’s HB1008 debate is the reason why we are back at it this year. Their political mantra was, simply, no accommodation; no negotiation.

          My hope in bringing this bill back in 2017 is that compromise can be crafted that is both sensitive to the suffering of transgender students and the privacy needs of the vast majority of students.

          1. Anonymous


            I am anon 2:58, 3:32 and 3:42. You are right that this is incredibly complex and many things would need to fall into place before a Transgendered child would even be considered to have the option to share bathroom and locker facilities.

            Lets consider they way things are with the action President Obama made. My opinion is that it is extremely important is to consider the school environment and parent and students who may object to this and they get the impression this is being completely forced upon them would be a huge mistake and create a firestorm. The qualified therapist may give the same advice to the parents of the transgendered student also. They may be advised to just wait until this student graduates or transfer to another school where this is not an issue. Either way they need to make sure this student is not being bullied.

            I would rather see the legislature stay out of this with no ballot measure and the school districts then having the flexibility to deal with this on a case by case basis as they have done. All sides need to communicate, take the time to really understand each others perspective and respect each other so we don’t need this hardline approach by either side.

            1. Tara Volesky

              Well said Anonymous. Each case is different so it is best left up to the schools and parents. They know better than part time law makers.

            2. Fred Deutsch

              Anonymous 5:36, I doubt the legislature has much desire to create a patchwork of student privacy regulations among the 150 school districts in SD. Given the results of the recent election, I think it s good possibility the bill could pass by a veto-proof majority.

              1. Anonymous


                I am anonymous 5:36 and realize the legislature has a supermajority and most likely can override a veto by the Governor this time. I knew this was coming unfortunately and will have to see how this plays out.

                Since the Nov 8th election two South Dakotans who just happened to be Transgender committed suicide. The anxiety from the announcement of the bathroom bill ballot initiative and knowing the legislature would again re-introduce another bill contributed to their suicides.

                One in particular was harassed relentlessly in that town to the point of quitting a job. Even her passing was celebrated by some hateful individuals.

                Whenever these bathroom bills are in the news negative stereotypes are reinforced and sometimes it can take on a life of it’s own with some individuals taking their personal insecurities and anger out on those who are Transgender.

                The high rate of suicides are a result of someone who is Transgendered being bullied, physically attacked, killed and most definitely discriminated limiting their options that those who are non-transgendered take for granted. It is especially difficult for those who are goal oriented, have a high work ethic, educated, a person of integrity and faith.

                Part of it is human nature and it will get easier over time as more people become educated.

                1. Fred Deutsch

                  Anonymous 5:38, would you consider meeting me, confidentially, over coffee to talk? Given your background and expereince perhaps we could explore new ideas that might be helpful for all students. My email is

      1. anon

        Jaa-Dee, for any legislator or member of the public or media that was in Pierre last session, there was a whole bunch of them that were protesting in the Rotunda and Capital grounds. All you had to do is talk to one of them . . .

        1. Anonymous


          “All you had to do is talk to one of them . . .”

          Can you please explain after talking to them what was so wrong? Did you have a conversation with them when they were in Pierre for the protest?

  10. Tara Volesky

    The only thing I am promoting is fiscal conservative responsibility and common sense. We have enough private showers and bathrooms to suffice. If anybody wants privacy, it would be the transgender. Get over your phobia. Not an issue, so why are you making it one……The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Transgenders are harmless. It’s the heterosexuals you might want to watch out for. Kind of like gay guys. Don’t think we have to worry about them raping our daughters.

    1. anon

      Tara, here is where you are wrong: the transgender position is they refuse private accommodations. They believe private showers, private changing rooms and private restrooms are discriminatory. They want full and unrestricted access without restrictions. If you care about protecting your children from the views of other children of the opposite biologic sex, than this IS a big issue. South Dakota should have one simple standard for all its K12 public schools.

      To those that say “what’s the use – the governor will veto again,” I agree he likely will veto, but this time we have a much more conservative legislature that will or should be able to over-ride his veto. That’s the difference.

      1. Tara Volesky

        Show me the cases and who are these kids. How many potential transgenders want to shower with kids with different anatomy. Are there even any kids in SD that have had the full sex change? I don’t think so. That usually doesn’t happen until adulthood. You have to have the evidence before you can make a law. You can’t make a law on emotions or a religious belief. Sorry.

          1. Tara Volesky

            So you are saying a trans with a vagina and breasts would want to shower with a bunch of football players? Not happening.

            1. chief

              you yourself just said there are no kids in SD with full sex changes, and we both know there are not likely to be any.

      1. Tara Volesky

        I have 4. How do you think I educated myself. lol. I was also a substitute teacher for many years until I ran for schoolboard and came out against a $15.5 million dollar 1,200 seat Fine Arts Center with zero events scheduled over the next 5 years.

          1. Tara Volesky

            I really don’t want to waste my time, but somebody could read this transcript for testimony. Although I could possibly be talked into it. It just sounds like such a waste of time. How about call Caitlin Jenner. lol

                1. Jaa Dee

                  That we are in competition with N. C. for the most bass akwards ignorant, state? Example– There is NO problem—Let’s fix it.

  11. anon

    One of the good things bringing this bill back after seeing the North Carolina boycott debacle unfold is that literally every single legislator will understand the potential ramifications if this bill is passed. Each legislator will have to weight for themselves which is more important: (1) protecting our children or (2) complying with the social demands of big business. For me and my children, I say don’t let the door hit big business in the butt on the way out of the state. I love to have San Francisco based Wells Fargo in South Dakota (as an example), but who the hell are they (as an example) to dictate social policy to South Dakotans? Let’s protect our children. There is no cost too high.

    1. Anonymous

      Anon you realize that this bill and the proposed ballot initiative is based on lies and misleading information right? You are getting “played”. Those poor parents who read the boys showering with girls claims are getting “played”. It is simply not what is actually happening. Good way to keep your focus off of other real issues that face our state and good for fundraising. It is not reality though and never was.

        1. Jaa Dee

          ” Let’s protect our children.”– You do know that P.C. is gone? How about explaining specifically what the “children” need to be protected from…with examples…

          Where have transgenders been peeing all these years?

          ” but who the hell are they (as an example) to dictate social policy to South Dakotans?”?– Do you ask that about religious groups and AFP and others?

    2. Tara Volesky

      The last thing I ever worried about concerning my children is who they showered with???? This is getting rather ridiculous and funny. I went to the stone cold sober college that wins the award every year which also has no co-ed dorms. Most conservative college in the world. There are so many other things to be concerned about like are they getting their homework done, are they drinking, doing drugs, having sex, etc. But worrying about having a classmate that some day may have a sex change…….doesn’t fly with me………..maybe the potty police and legislature and we parents should be addressing the real issues that affect our children like prescription drugs aka baby meth, teen pregnancies, suicides, meth, bullying, alcohol abuse, poverty, mental illness………..this bill is a way to divert attention away from the real issues that affect children, families and communities.

    3. Tara Volesky

      Oh yes let’s make sure we protect our children from another child that is sexually confused…….security, where are you? Actually, the sexually confused child needs security and protection from bullies. I am pro-life even among gays and trans. I hate to see such high suicide because they are rejected by society and are bullied because of who they are.

  12. Springer

    The students’ right to privacy is the over-riding issue here. Provide a bathroom that is gender neutral next to the boys and girls bathroom. Solves the problem without all the fuss, but of course that is not what the groups pushing for mixing genders in bathrooms want. They want an “issue” when one could be easily avoided and easily handled by local levels. As far as our state being blackmailed by economic interests, this is the threat used whenever the left doesn’t get what they want. I for one am tired of it.

    1. Tara Volesky

      It’s the other way around….FHA is making an issue out of nothing. If they want to do the Christian thing, address poverty, child molestation, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol addiction, teen suicide, dysfunctional homes. What is the real motive behind this bill…..You are not going to con me. They wouldn’t even come out against common core and they have been totally silent on all the corruption that has been going on in SD

    2. Tara Volesky

      Who are these groups and what is their phone number, I’ll call them. You make all these claims but have no information to back it up. Now you really got me curious.

    3. Tara Volesky

      I don’t think it is the left that is threatening them, It is the Chamber of Commerce and big business.

    4. Jaa Dee

      Springer–” They want an “issue” ?— “They did NOT start this silly bathroom issue… It was the RWNJ S.C. legislature pandering with ignorance = fear = hate tactics to their gullible base….. just like the bible-thumper here that thinks he has been elected.. Nobody has told me why somebody like Bartsher and his band of sanctimonious Constitution hating fanatics has the power to create bills…………. People like that are incredibly more dangerous to this country than all transgenders peeing…

  13. Chad Krier

    This is a common-sense bill, and no legislator should let out-of-state groups intimidate him/her from doing what is right. Besides, the potential loss of money should not be a concern. There are more important things than money. Dale Bartscher and the other people at the Family Heritage Alliance (FHA) deserve our thanks for protecting our families, especially our children.

    1. Anonymous

      Chad would you and Dale be happy to accept any financial losses our state incurs from passing this bill?

    2. Tara Volesky

      This will be a good money maker for them. So what your saying Chad, schools aren’t doing their job monitoring this issue so let’s get the state involved. Really. I believe in local control. Can you name the transgenders that have a problem with schools dealing with this issue?

    3. Tara Volesky

      I don’t need Dale Bartscher and his stupid bill to protect my family or children. It starts in the home. Get a real bill out their Dale and then maybe I’ll send you a check. Just being a little cynical.

    4. Jaa Dee

      “This is a common-sense bill, and no legislator should let out-of-state groups intimidate him/her from doing what is right.”– You are of course referring to IM 22?

    5. Jaa Dee

      “Dale Bartscher and the other people at the Family Heritage Alliance (FHA) deserve ” to be exposed and mocked for the RWNJ’s they are….

  14. Springer

    Actually, this bill is a proactive one to protect the state and the schools when ONE transgender kid (or someone wanting to make this an issue) makes an issue of it. This could be handled locally and sensibly, just like many of the other issues that the libs love to inflate, but when one person refuses to do that and demands otherwise, then the problems will begin. And the left LOVES these issues.

    1. Tara Volesky

      What lefties love what? You don’t make sense, or I am real stupid. I thought FHA who is making a big issue out of this is the establishment right? The schools don’t need state protection. PE teachers and coaches are handling it just fine……..Are you getting a lot of calls from coaches needing help? lol. Maybe the state can provide schools with dogs to sniff out transgender students just in case…….remember we need all the protection we can get. I would sleep much better at night if I new my children didn’t have to worry about possibly showering next to a gay or transgender person. Am I making a point yet? Probably not.

      1. chief

        Springer makes perfect sense, and yes, perhaps Tara is real stupid. The far left loves these issues, they want to make the entire world gender neutral so that they can do whatever, whenever , to whomever , they want to. To oppose this bill plays right into their hands. And it really frustrates me when people say things like the legislature “is wasting time and money” on a certain issue. The legislators are paid by the year, not the hour. The LRC staff is under contract, most are full time, and not paid by the hour. The only direct cost to the state is the actual printing of the paper bills, and this is negligible since most people read the bills online now.

        1. Tara Volesky

          So all the time they are wasting on a frivolous bill could be spent on cutting wasteful spending, health insurance, poverty, drugs, fraud, corruption EB-5, Gear-up, Health Care costs, etc.

          1. Anonymous

            Tara some of these men and it is mostly men that seem the most threatened sometimes with unresolved sexual issues themselves are not interested in facts that would stare them in the face and want to keep chasing imaginary phantoms.

            The real issues you mentioned above? The can will be kicked down the road again and more scandals will emerge.

            1. Tara Volesky

              This is news to me….I haven’t heard of any scandals. What scandals are you talking about? Oh and don’t name names. We don’t need a lawsuit.

              1. Tara Volesky

                Anonymous, I misread your quote. I read it again and it make perfect sense. There is something that some of these men may be struggling with. Just my observation.

              2. Jaa Dee

                Why aren’t all these males concerned about females that “think” they are male using male facilities?

        2. Jaa Dee

          ” The far left loves these issues,”– No, “the far left” does not love “these issues”—- What “the far left hates is hate based on ignorance……… The bathroom issue itself is meaningless, the issue as always with “these issues” is the right-wingers trying any sleazy tactic to discriminate against their chosen targets. They did it with gays, blacks, women, Indians, ——anybody that is not a white male (c)histian and now even the poor….. Why transgenders” Why now? Because the gullible fear/hate mongering bigots have almost run out of targets of their ignorance. As we see on this thread, most lapping up and promoting the fear/hate against transgenders have NO idea what transgender actually means, they are just regurgitating the putrid hate of those like Bartscher who know they can claim anything and their puppets will never question it.

          I entered 7th grade in Al. the first year of integration, I heard everything claimed on this thread claimed about “them” at that time. Just sitting in the same room with “them was disgraceful enough, you can imagine the outrage of being in the same locker room….. Just substitute the word n—– to transgender and we have on this thread the same attitude, same mentality and those that would have been saying the same things about “them” 53 years ago…. just the targets are different.

  15. Troy Jones


    If someone on this blog has knows actual cases and actual names and disclosed them on this blog, I’m pretty sure they’d be subject to a lawsuit or arrest in a heartbeat. What you are asking is for confidential information to be disclosed on a public blog.

    1. Jaa Dee

      Jones, here is whats going to be in the mensroom at Wal-Mart as per their gender at birth…..

      “If someone on this blog has knows actual cases and actual names and disclosed them on this blog, I’m pretty sure they’d be subject to a lawsuit or arrest in a heartbeat.”– Absurd, if there were a case it would be all over the news and police records are public.

  16. Tara Volesky

    Troy, I would think those lefties are the ones that are going to testify. Why have a bill if you are not going to have testimony. If you testify, don’t you usually state your name? I promise I won’t sue anybody for sharing this. Ok maybe I should have requested cases without names. Are there any???? And if so, how many?

  17. Janine

    Why does this just pertain to public school facilities? Does privacy not extend to other tax-payer supported public facilities? I have a membership at a community wellness facility that’s supported with tax-payer dollars. Should I be able to expect the same bodily privacy when I shower that we want to provide our children at school?

    1. Tara Volesky

      Has it ever been a problem for you Janine? We have enough problems in SD. Let’s not generate more.

      1. Janine

        Tara, you look at the world differently than I do. You’re reactive, I’m proactive. We have issues in many other states that I don’t want to come to South Dakota. Apparently you are fine with waiting for problems to develop here. I believe its prudent to take a preventative approach. I’m not going to wait for a problem to develop in South Dakota. To date, there are 13 pending lawsuits in state and federal government dealing with this issue. Kudos to the legislature for reconsidering this important measure.

        1. Anonymous

          Janine so we are now having our legislature use up valuable time solving problems that do not exist and for situations that will not occur? WE are talking about not only the safety and welfare of children but respecting each other and many good people and parents are being manipulated into believing we are in need of bathroom bills. This will only be the start after watching what bills were introduced last session.

          Fear is one of the oldest political motivators that have ever been used to distract and manipulate voters.

        2. Jaa Dee

          “We have issues in many other states that I don’t want to come to South Dakota.”– Well are you going to warn us of them so our so brilliant hired help can head them odd?—WHAT are they?

        3. Tara Volesky

          Janine, I don’t think I am reactive, just realistic. It’s an issue that can be handled locally. We don’t need to make a nation wide spectacle out of this. This is SD, not San Francisco.

  18. Bethany

    Because I’m passionate about our country, I dedicated years of my life to government service. Later, that same passion led me to focus on raising my three young children to become the finest citizens they can be, becoming a stay-at-home mom.

    Nevertheless, I have jumped back into the world of politics far earlier than I expected to because President Barack Obama’s school bathroom mandate is endangering the safety, security, and privacy of my children and yours.

    I cannot remain silent.

    Like many, I was shocked to learn the Obama administration had sent a “Dear Colleague” letter to our nation’s schools threatening them with loss of federal funds unless they adopt radical new gender identity policies. The letter twists Title IX—a law banning sex discrimination in education—and opens the door to a myriad of real dangers to women and girls Title IX was meant to help.

    To put it simply, a boy claiming gender confusion must now be allowed in the same shower, bathroom, or locker room with my daughter under the president’s transgender policies.

    As I learned more about the issue, I realized that I also needed to speak up for victims of sexual assault who would be re-traumatized by having biological males undress in front of them, women who may now feel themselves powerless to do anything about it, due to legal concerns and fear of being labeled a bigot.
    But what I found dismayed me. People were being bullied into silence by the threats from the federal government and LGBT activists.

    Let me be clear: It is not transgender persons who I am concerned about hurting my children. Instead, I’m concerned about those who will abuse these new policies.

    Some might consider me just a mom, but it’s a title I wear with pride: I believe it’s the most important job I will ever have. But that title also gives me a certain credibility when it comes to protecting children, because I know the dreams and fears that only parents can have for their kids.

    As parents, we have the privilege and duty to educate and protect our children so that they can lead our nation on to further greatness when it’s their turn to do so. Until that time, I will stand up to ensure the safety, security, and privacy of my children and yours so that together we all can stand united, safe, and free.

    1. Jaa Dee

      Bethany (whoever)— If you are going to lift someone else,s writing and claim it as your own you really should give its source or at least put it in quotation marks lest it be seen as plagiarism…Better yet, if you are incapable of expressing a thought————-don’t steal somebody else,s. . It doesn’t matter how many times that thing is posted it is still full of twisted, truths and lies….( GOOGLE) Like many, I was shocked to learn the Obama administration had sent a “Dear Colleague” letter

  19. Tara Volesky

    From one stay at home Mother to another, No need to worry, Trump will overturn Obama’s mandate. Don’t fret, you’re good. Trust God. The only thing to fear is fear itself. FDR.

  20. Troy Jones

    jaa dee, I know following a conversation is kinda hard for you but Tara asked for names, etc. regarding kids in school. Please either follow the conversation or stay out.

  21. Tara Volesky

    Hey, thanks for all the interesting comments. I hope everything gets resolved. Everybody has been very respectful, even the Chief wasn’t to bad. Sorry if I got a little carried away. If you knew me, you would understand….maybe.

  22. Anonymous

    The only things which such a bill or ballot measure will accomplish are a lot of negative publicity for the state and a lot of money for Dale Bartscher. The intolerant liberals will be howling and protesting, and Bartscher will take in the cash from conservative donors. It’ll be huge. I hope the legislators will not waste their time on this. It’s ridiculous.

    1. Tara Volesky

      Don’t fall for the scare tactic by Dale Bartscher…….when they say it’s not about the money……..IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY! Maybe Dale should donate all his fundraising over this issue to education and suicide prevention…..oh, I guess you could throw in some toilets and showers….MERRY CHRISMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!

  23. chief

    Thanks Tara, and by the way, the NC legislature today failed to overturn their current law. So, I personally hope the SD legislature and many other legislatures across this great country will do the correct thing and follow their lead, and stand up to the radical homosexual activists.

    1. Anonymous


      If you truly believe what you just posted and refuse to consider what has been posted nor look into this further as to what the TRUTH is then I feel bad for you and sincerely pray that you never have a child, grandchild, niece or nephew that is transgendered.

      1. chief

        and I pray that if I do, they will be humble, polite, and considerate enough not to demand special treatment, privileges, or accommodations.

          1. chief

            ya, which is what Dauggard did when he vetoed it, despite overwhelming support from the legislature and the public

            1. Tara Volesky

              In a poll taken from he Argus leader with also 4000 polled, 74% of the public are overwhelmingly opposed to the bill.

              1. chief

                I’ll bet 74 % haven’t even read the bill or understand it. Plus this is the Argus, so bound to be skewed. Merry Christmas Sunshine !

    2. Tara Volesky

      Hey Chief, I think this is more about keeping their Legislative seat. Quite a surprise to me. Also, just to set the record straight, I am not a radical homosexual activists. Being a mediator I really do believe this issue could be resolved between schools, parents, and children. Thanks Lobbyists and Legislature, but we don’t need you. Now go do something constructive instead of something easy. This issue is way to easy.

    3. Tara Volesky

      Chief and taxpayers of SD, as a Certified Mediator, I would be willing to save the state millions of dollars and mediate between the two sides if ever becomes a problem solving this issue in any school district in the state of SD.

  24. Anonymous

    South Dakota tourism is built on being family friendly. The showers bill will put out a welcome sign to families. Let’s do it–the right thing! It will reap positive economics.

    1. Anonymous

      Plus it will trigger a landslide of monetary donations for Bartscher. He should hope the legislature shoots it down: then he can spend almost two years getting a ballot measure passed and raising the money to promote it. Money money money.

  25. Lora

    WAAAY too much attention given to this. This is what the bill should say…let the public decide what THEY want to do…local control in other words. If there is a problem locally or a business wants to be proactive….just have an alternative shower/toilet facility. I would legislate floor to ceiling enclosures for single showers and toilets for those who want more privacy. NO BIG DEAL….no need for all the hoopla and sensationalization just to increase funding for fake Christian organizations.