Trolling Tom Pischke.. better not spend that yet.

Not sure if someone was trolling Tom Pischke or myself.. but Tom probably should not spend that just yet.

Funny. Aside from the fact if I had sent it, it would be postmarked Brookings. And, I didn’t send it. Which would actually make it a donation from an unknown source.

 12-27-11.   Required information about contributors–Contributions from unknown source to be donated to charitable entity–Violation as misdemeanor. No person, entity, candidate, or political committee may give or accept a contribution unless the name, mailing address, city and state of the contributor is made known to the person, entity, candidate, or political committee receiving the contribution. In addition to any other information to be made known under this section, the name of the custodial parent or parents of an unemancipated minor who makes a contribution shall be made known. Any contribution, money, or other thing of value received by a candidate or political committee from an unknown source shall be donated to a nonprofit charitable entity. A violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

I probably need to make the “not me” notice official on that.


(Another update.) I posted it to his facebook page, so he had early notice of this.  Somehow, it appears that it was ‘accidentally’ deleted, and I was blocked. (Where’s Jeff Church when you need him?)

In case Tom didn’t see it before he ‘accidentally’ deleted that note and blocked me….

15 thoughts on “Trolling Tom Pischke.. better not spend that yet.”

  1. As someone who has had to forge your signature for “forgotten” slips I had to show you for school, it’s like they didn’t even try lol

  2. Cut me some slack Tom! You send yourself $200 in the mail, and trying to garner support from Powers’ friends, you make up this cockamamy story that the donation is from him.

    Tom, the people who know you knows how your cracked mind works!

  3. Seriously when we get into GOP Caucus Mtg’s how does this guy ever get into any discussions on leadership knowing the perverted scale of his perversions?

    Learning a lot here of who is and who isn’t credible.

  4. You are like the kid who got picked on in highschool and found a way to be a bully as an adult. Grow up, Pat.

    1. This is deceitful on so many levels. All you can come up with quit being a bully? I think thou protests…. because you know who sent it illegally.

      1. Bully is exactly what he is. He will just remove any post he doesn’t like as usual. He is a laughing stock when he isn’t around. He is easy to use and he is just a puppet. Cheap propaganda machine. Immoral scum.

      2. Tom and his legislative friends cant take-they can only dish out. THEY are the laughing stock, Anny.

    2. The bravery of the ANONYMOUS post! We kowtow to your righteousness oh anonymous one (who is clearly an expert on bullying- or is your specialty! Pischke will be guilty of a misdemeanor for accepting this “donation” from an obviously different also “anonymous” source. I wonder which charitable organization he’ll send it to (as is required by law unless of course he wants a misdemeanor charge). The fact that he would POST it on his Facebook page when it is obviously a false donation only proves he is a moron that doesn’t even know SD law. But… truth and actual legislation makes a lot of “anonymous” people feel so SAD these days. Poke fun at Powers if you wish but come up with a better rebuttal. Or is “Waaaa that’s not fair, you’re just a meanie head” all you have?

  5. Do donations for a vacation have to be reported to anybody?
    I know somebody who has asked for donations for a honeymoon in lieu of wedding gifts.
    I have also known people who solicited funds for mission trips. One 14 year old girl asked her church for donations (She needed $4K) so she could go to South Africa “to serve food,” there being a shortage of local people to do that, you know. I’ve also known people who were going on missions in the Caribbean, in the winter. Nice.

    This is a serious question, this isn’t a donation to a political campaign. It’s a vacation.

    1. Yes, we require disclosure of all “gifts” to politicians as they can also be considered bribes. Some have even gone to jail, forced to resign or censured for “vacation gifts.” Anonymous gifts usually get the most attention.

      Somebody clearly thought they’d be clever and in an attempt to have a laugh at Pat’s expense. While it looks like Pitchke might be in on the “joke” as he put it on Facebook, he may not be. In either case, I suggest he quickly donate this money (no tax deduction) to a charity.

  6. Pat, maybe you should at least run your letters by an English teacher before you send it. The only person who can send something to “myself” is “me”. 😉

    1. That little “myself” is a common mistake and it’s like nails on a chalk board! Good thing Pat did some CYA, though!

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