Trust me. Lora Hubbel’s loss was not caused by “Ogres of the Republican Party.”

A little less than two weeks ago now, Former State Representative Lora Hubbel lost yet another race for office, and oddly blamed her loss on bloggers:

Hubbel blamed her loss in part on Republican bloggers, which she called the “ogres of the Republican party.”

Read that here.

Yet, what have we seen in the days since the election from Lora?

For one, that the Masons are in control of South Dakota…

…… that no fewer than “8 shotgun deaths” are somehow connected to the GOED…

… And in her latest, she accuses the leadership of the SDGOP of being homosexuals.

It might be easier for someone with those types of views to accuse others of causing her electoral woes and call them names. But if bloggers are “ogres,” what do you do with a person like that who expresses views bordering on madness regarding state involved shotgun deaths and that the Masons are in control of our state?

The truth of her loss was that her opponent Deb Peters ran a textbook example of a hard working campaign. It was perfection in a contest that had the most conservative of conservative voters voting, and should have been an environment where Lora could compete. But what did Lora bring to the race? The kind of things that are as noted above – the worst things you see on your Facebook feed. Unproven statements and in some cases, outright lies unbecoming a member of polite society, much less someone who wants to lead it.

Shouldn’t a politician who makes outrageous and unproven claims such as saying publicly that “the SD Republican State Party” is “led by gay men” expect that their public statements might be held up to scrutiny, even if no one bothers to bring a lawsuit for slander?

If that makes one an ogre in her eyes, so be it. But I suspect it is more of a case that she didn’t care for what was written. Because what she espoused as truth was laid bare for all to see. And many found it monstrous.

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  1. Tara Volesky

    Pat, I think you’re being a little hard on Lora……..There is nothing wrong with questioning everything. I do believe Scot Westerhuis did not murder his wife and four children……Just go to USD, Dakota Hall and look at the faces that were involved in the MCEC scam…….other people that embezzled money didn’t murder their families. I believe Richard Benda was also murdered.

    1. Pat Powers

      Tara –

      My daughter is part of that project. And no one in it is claiming The existence of GOED death squads.


        1. Pat Powers Post author

          These are college students. Not paranoid schizophrenics. Murder and assassination hasn’t come up as far as I’ve heard.

  2. Anonymous

    Tara, “questioning everything” is one thing. Accusing party leaders of being gay when all male state officers and staff are straight is another. Lora is bearing false witness, and that is evil.

    1. Tara Volesky

      Who is she accusing of being gay? Well maybe she will retract her comment. Lora is just frustrated with the way the state is being run. She really is a kind and caring person……nurses are caregivers……

  3. Troy Jones

    It. Not I.

    Or is a Freudian slip? Oh, oh. Freud is part of the conspiracy. I hear things in my head.

  4. anonymous

    Calling this lady crazy would be another casebook definition of an ad hominem attack, and a fallacious one at that.

    So much for learning anything in the past 2 weeks.

    It would be much more useful to refute this ladies odd views point by point–calling her crazy is a sign of intellectual laziness or simply not knowing how to refute her.

    1. Anonymous

      Intellectual laziness is oozing from Anon @ 1:42, who apparently couldn’t be bothered to read the original post and understand the construct of common knowledge.

      1. anonymous

        Looks like Troy Jones, or whatever his name is, is now using an anonymous handle.

        cowardly fior sure.

  5. Anonymous

    I am always baffled by people who profess patriotism but then bash the Freemasons who were so central to the founding of this republic. Masons signed the Declaration of Independence, fought in the Revolution, wrote the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, etc.
    George Washington was a mason. If it hadn’t been for Freemasonry, the members’ ties and responsibilities to each other, who knows how that would have turned out?

    1. enquirer

      it’s usually the whackjobs who finish blasting the masons, then start a long tirade on the evils of the roman catholic church.

  6. Troy Jones

    I can assure you that I didn’t post anonymously on this thread and never do intentionally. Sometimes, I think I’m logged in and am not so do so inadvertently on very rare occasions and always try to correct it if I notice it.


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