Turn off the cell phone, or we’ll do it for you.

This is solution looking for a problem to fix, only it doesn’t fix it, not really.

From the Daily Caller.

The hosts of Morning Joe pushed the secretary about the possibility of requiring scrambling technology installed in vehicles.?I think it will be done,? said (Ray) LaHood. ?I think the technology is there and I think you?re going to see the technology become adaptable in automobiles to disable these cell phones. We need to do a lot more if were going to save lives.?

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Do we really need a device installed in our mobile device to disable a communications device, while the mobile device is being used?  Will we get a device that can turn off or disable non-device distractions.  Like kids fighting, eating, drinking (coffee), or reading a map?

We are more connected today than we ever were.  More than once, I have had to snatch the cell phone from my texting daughters hand while at the dinner table.    More than a few times, once while sitting in church, I received a text message, followed  by a phone call, not more than five minutes later, asking if I received the text, and why I haven’t responded.

I agree we should put the cell phone down and get some ‘real’ face time.  Not by using an iphone, by shaking someone’s hand, sitting down and having a conversation.

Driving and texting just don’t mix.  But to jam cell phones, is going too far.  What about others in the car?  why can’t they be allowed to use their phones.  or maybe using a headset.

You can  almost bet, it is going to come up this year in the legislative session.

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  1. Spencer

    Forcing people to jam signals in their car is definitely crossing a line, but allowing for that option in your car, where the owner can turn it off and on is fine with me. I could see where this would be useful in case one needs to lend their car to their teenager.
    When it comes to privacy, do I not have the right to use cell phone jammers? Do Verizon and AT&T have some sort of inherent right to constantly intrude? Dealing with teens and cell phones in school is a constant annoyance. Forget the car, put them in the class room!

  2. springer

    It’s truly frightening how we are gradually being conditioned to the nanny state and big gov’t legislating our behavior. No salt, no toys in McDonald’s meals, no smoking, invasive scanning at airports, scrambling of cell phones, and with each one of these we lose more of our personal freedom. Wake up!

  3. Holy Cow!

    Holy Cow! I now know who MC is….it’s really Nancy Turbak! She spent her whole political career trying to take away our individual rights until we finally threw her butt out of office! She was the Queen of the nanny staters! And then PP has her now doing part of his blog to get everyone riled up which generates more viewers. Smart move PP, smart move.

    Holy Cow MC, or Nancy, if you dislike getting texts while your in church, there is this little button on your cell phone that says something like “power off”. You should try it sometime. You will be amazed at how well it works!

  4. MC Post author

    Holy Cow! I don’t mind getting text message, however I don’t respond immediately. I normally wait until more appropriate time to call or text back.

  5. Cliff Hadley

    Ever since the gubmint put that chip in my brain, I don’t mind anything they do.

    Seriously, the jury’s out on the efficacy of legislation to ban texting and driving, as accident rates have not improved. But the next step that LaHood wants — to fiddle with the technology itself — is such a crock. Next thing you know, the feds will want to regulate the amount of water going down our toilets. Oh, wait…

  6. SDMike

    Being a libertarian I’m all for hands off from the government, but this cell phones and texting thing has gotten out of hand. Sunday I was coming home from west river hunting and this girl was passing me and as I watched in the mirror she was weaving all over the road (typically a HP would have picked her up for suspect drunk driving) and as she went by me she was texting on the phone and not paying attention at all. This all took place just before the area where that guy was killed at Vivian. Here is the way I see it if your have an accident and the police can prove you were on the cell phone/texting you have to spend the next 4 months cleaning toilets and bathrooms at the local retirement home and no cell phone for 6 months.


  7. Les

    It is quite easy to determine if texting was the cause of the accident. The texts are all stored on a server and times as well. If texting is the cause of the accident, I see no reason why a penalty similar to reckless or DUI should not be enforced.

  8. duggersd

    Les, that makes a lot more sense than putting in jammers. I really do not mind people talking on cell phone when they are on the Interstate and traffic is usually rather light. In town, a call can be answered, but keep it short. People who drive across town with the phone glued to their ear drive me nuts. And texting in town? That really does not make sense.

  9. RadioActive Chief

    Comment on the bit about getting the txtmsg in church, followed by a call.

    Are you a Doctor on call? If not, why have the phone turned on in church? This to me, is common courtesy.

    In church, in a movie, or whatever…there is no REAL need to have the cell constantly turned on! If something is really that important, it’ll catch up when you’re back into a more unrestricted environment.


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