Two additional cabinet posts filled

Gov.-elect Daugaard  announced two additional members of his Cabinet on Friday.

Sandy Zinter, Commissioner of the Bureau of Personnel
Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Social Services

Zinter has served as Commissioner of the Bureau of Personnel since 1995. She was instrumental in creating and administering the South Dakota Risk Pool, and more recently the federal Risk Pool.

Malsam-Rysdon has served as Deputy Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Social Services since 2005.  She will replace Deb Bowman, who is leaving her position as Secretary of Social Services to serve in the Governor?s Office as Senior Advisor to the Governor.

12 Replies to “Two additional cabinet posts filled”

  1. grudznick

    This is probably good news for taxpayers because I understand both of these young ladies will cut back on payments. Ms. Malsan-Ryson cutting back on welfare payments and Ms. Zinter cutting back on how many full time employees the state hires.

  2. grudznick

    I’d like to be the Secretary of AG too. And I wish fresh, soft prunes grew from my knuckle hair, but I don’t see that happening soon either.

  3. Les

    There are some brilliant GOP names out there more than capable of being a great Sec/Ag and bringing community to rural SD and DD!

  4. Arrowhead

    What do you guys think does Daugaard and Dusty appoint Jarrod Johnson to anything? I would say Dusty keeps Jarrod right where he is because Jarrod would be inefective running for congress as is but if you put him in an administration he might become more credible.

  5. Anon

    Jarrod would be a great Ag Secretary, but I expect him to stay in the office he ran for.
    who would you like to see get the Ag job? I think Lucas Lentsch would be a great pick

  6. May

    Arrowhead, if think you are 100% missing the point. Dusty isn’t making decisions based on his political future. If he was, he wouldn’t have taken the Chief of Staff job. The PUC gave him a much more public platform. You may not want to believe it, but Dusty is motivated by things beyond just grabbing the big brass ring. Hard to believe from a former politician, but that’s what makes him different.

  7. grudznick

    I hope this works. My granddaughter said it would but I’m not good at this. Here goes.

    That’s supposed to be this young Mr. Jarrod’s budget. He seems to have about 700 thousand and 7 employees. That seems a tiny office that he’s barely managing now to then move to managing hundrends, maybe thousands of employees in the department of Agriculture and Farming. I’m sure Mr. Jarrod is a good farmer, I’m just not sure he’s an experience enough administrator to have the other young Mr. Johnson appoint him to something over his head. Let him season a bit.

  8. CaveMan

    Number one candidate for SD Secretary of Ag. in my book would be Rich Burres formerly of Wells Fargo Aberdeen and now in another ag banking job. Sharp, articulate, brilliant actually, with tons of experience in every sector of production ag and internal politics.

  9. CaveMan

    Les do you feel the same about all lawyers too? And millionaires? Some of THEM certainly feel the same way about those fat farmers and high on the horse cowboys. 🙂

  10. Les

    Now Cave Man, are you avoiding this great opportunity to give us his experience?

    Heck no I don’t feel the same way about lawyers CM. They had to work seven hard years to acquire that education!

    Not millionaires either, same deal, most had to work to get the $$$ or for sure to keep them if inherited.

    Many banksters I’ve known have that thugster mentality and are hired on the spot because of it.

    Although I own a ranch, I’m not particularly happy with the mentality of many in the ag business but, if you are going to put a banker in charge of the ag, lets put ag in charge of the banks.


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