Two Johnson jabs in one press release — now that's a savings.

The SD GOP has issued a challenge to the two Johnsons on the EPA….

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        CONTACT:  Tim Rave, 605-224-7347
March 29, 2011

Johnson Family Dynasty At Risk In EPA Vote

SIOUX FALLS, SD – The SD GOP called on Brendan Johnson, son of U.S. Senator Tim Johnson and current U.S. Attorney based on his father’s recommendation, to distance himself from his father’s support of the EPA power grab.

“Despite the fact that his father helped get him his current job, Brendan Johnson should distance himself from his father’s increasingly liberal record.  Senator Johnson will likely vote to give the EPA even more power to regulate and tax South Dakota family farmers and ranchers to new record levels this week and we need to know if Brendan supports his father’s position,” said SD GOP Chairman Tim Rave.

The worst kept secret in political and media circles in South Dakota is that the son of U.S. Senator Tim Johnson, Brendan Johnson, wants to run for Congress in 2012 or 2014.  Brendan Johnson was appointed to the political position of U.S. Attorney by Barack Obama in 2009, an appointment brokered by his father, Senator Johnson.  When Brendan was appointed U.S. Attorney, the national Democratic Party desperately needed Senator Johnson?s votes because they barely held the filibuster-proof majority of 60 votes.

“Senator Johnson?s liberal voting record is increasingly putting Brendan Johnson?s ascendancy to the political throne at risk.  This week, when the Senate votes on limiting the powers of the EPA, Brendan Johnson will face a choice between once again promoting his father?s political legacy or considering the viability of his own political future.  Will Brendan Johnson stand by his father’s liberal voting record or will he stand up for hard working South Dakotans?” said Rave.

The U.S. Senate is likely to vote on a measure to prohibit the EPA from implementing a cap and tax plan this week.  Senator Johnson is likely to vote to protect the EPA’s power grab.


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  1. SD Common Sense

    This is such an old, ridiculous storyline. His dad didn’t appoint him. Sen. Johnson clearly said he didn’t lobby on behalf of his son getting the post. And who’s the pot calling the kettle black? Did Tim Rave call out Gov. Daugaard for getting his son a job that he clearly wasn’t qualified for? Or did the GOP call out Gov. Daugaard for giving his son-in-law his Communications Director job? Brendan Johnson was clearly the most qualified for the US attorney spot. This is just a cheapshot press release with zero relavancy. Maybe the SDGOP should concentrate a little more on educating our children rather than calling out a pair of gentelmen who are actually doing work to better our state.

    1. El Toro Grande Loco (The Big Crazy Bull)

      You’re joking right? If you believe this, I have some prime ocean front property in Eastern SD to sell you…

      Quid Pro Quo = Sen. Johnson did not entertain South Dakotans on Obamacare at townhall meetings, came out fully in support of the bill even before it was written at the same time Jr (an unknown young attorney in SD) received his magical appointment…

      The Jedi mind trick only works in the movies or on the idiotic left…

      1. SD Common Sense

        If I believe what? That Gov. Daugaard gives his family high paying jobs? His business buddies get taxpayer handouts if they contribute to his reelection? Yeah, I believe that stuff. I don’t believe Sen. Johnson had anything to do with the selection. Brendan Johnson was not a young “unknown” lawyer. He was a pretty prominent prosecutor in Minnehaha County and then worked for one of the most well known law firms in the state.

        1. USDALUM

          Can I ask why you think Gov Daugaards Son and Son-in-law are not qualified for their current positions? Look at both of their resumes and you will see that both are more than qualified for the positions. Then go and speak with their co-workers and see what they have to say. I am extremely confident that their co-workers would back them up 120%. I have done this and both are highly regarded in their current positions. Dont be angry because they got the jobs you wanted or should I say jobs you could qualify for????

          1. SD Common Sense

            I’m not qualified for those jobs because I’m not his son and didn’t marry his daughter. And if I asked their coworkers about them OF COURSE they’d say great things. BECAUSE THEIR DADDY IS THE BOSS. Who says something bad about the governor’s son? Come now. Sure he got the job right out of college. Sure he has no experience. Sure he probably didn’t know what the PUC even stood for two years ago. But you’re right. He’s the gov’s son. Therefore he is qualified. My fault.

          2. Stace Nelson

            Sour grapes always make for a bitter whine…

            USADALUM you are spot on, Tony & Chris are two of the sharpest people in our great state and both are a blessing to South Dakotans in their current positions.

            The sign of a great leader is when they surround themselves with great advisors & support. Matt Michels? Dusty Johnson? Jason Glodt? Tony? Jim Seward? etc, etc… If only we could replicate that bonanza of leadership abilities, brilliance, and altruism at the White House,

            God bless Governor Daugaard for bringing such stellar people into the service of this great state.

  2. Name

    I’m sure that Gov. Daugaard’s son and son-in-law are gentlement who are actually doing work to better our state. What’s Sen. Johnson doing?

  3. anon

    I agree with Rave.

    It looks like Noem is taking aim at her potential rivals for 2014. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and Brendan Johnson. I suppose Tim could potentially run again but I think he’s stayed long enough even in Democratic circles.

    I wonder what rumor or tidbit caused Rave to single out Brendan Johnson already. It seems like Noem is sizing up her competition.


    Round 1:

    GOP Senate Primary: Noem vs Rounds = ???

    DEM Senate Primary: Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin

    GOP Congressional Primary: Dusty Johnson, Jarrod Johnson, Shantel Krebs… this could be a free for all.

    DEM Congressional Primary: Brendan Johnson

    I don’t think Brendan will fight SHS for the senate seat. I don’t think Rounds is done with politics and I hear a lot of talk about him starting a Federal PAC. If that is true it will be for the Senate.

  5. Name

    This is stupid. Brendan Johnson is US Attorney and while he may want to run for Congress someday I find this attack kind of paranoid.

    I guess it shows that he is on Noem’s radar and that she thinks he is credible.

    I haven’t even heard rumblings of his interest in running for Congress in 2012.

    1. Name

      Are there internal poll #’s between Johnson and Noem for 2012 we aren’t aware of that warrants this? It’s almost like this is a 50/50 race or something.

      If Brendan Johnson responds to this that would be news.

      I like that Tim is pulling BJ down with the ship… Keep on destroying your sons future.

      1. anon

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the polls were close between Kristi and Brendan. probably 45%-45%. We like dynasties in SD.

        I don’t see how Noem would lose but there isn’t anything wrong with Johnson running a credible race against her. Had Noem not defeated SHS she would’ve been in great standing to run again.

        It would be hard for anyone to keep Noem below 50% + 1. But there isn’t any shame in losing a close one and it would be close.

  6. caheidelberger

    I’m impressed with Rave’s ability to manufacture a meaningless story with no connection to policy reality. Kristi, can I call out members of your family who have nothing to do with blogging or TV and ask them to renounce the objectionable things you say, just in case any of them are thinking of running for office or applying for any other job? Get real, Rave. Tim just wants us not to think about how the GOP majority has trashed the South Dakota budget, ignored the will of the people to protect education and jobs, and generally stunk up the joint.

    1. El Toro Grande Loco (The Big Crazy Bull)

      SD ranks near the top in the nation for weathering this nightmare national economy that the Democratic controlled Congress created. That is because our state has been GOP ran during this national threat, not despite it. Rail against that success as Democratic states like MN, NY, NJ, CA, etc. and our Democratic controlled country implode from the weight of debt from the tax and spend liberal agendas.

      Please, keep running your jibs. Every liberal candidate you supported and raved about went down in stunning defeats. You are the best campaign ?tool? that the SDGOP has.

  7. springer

    We have been asked to call Johnson’s office to ask him to vote against the EPA power grab, but you know what? This time I didn’t call as it would be a waste of my time. Johnson will vote for anything liberal, anything Obama, and anything Reid. Just a fact of life. Regardless of what it does for SD. And regardless of what his constituents urge him to do for the good of SD. And Brendan getting this apt on his own??? That has been discussed earlier, and the consensus was that the way he was appointed would always haunt him and his political career. Brendan should have waited and got this on his own when any hint of political influence was gone; he didn’t and it hasn’t and won’t.

  8. CaveMan

    Amen Springer!! Ditto everything especially calling out Senator Johnson now a solid Washington Liberal vote for Obama and Co. If I get this administration right they want to kill the coal industry, shut down oil exploration and drilling, tax you and your cows belches and blow by gas and send it all to Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. Wow, what a plan!

  9. Troy Jones

    One of the realities of American Democracy is it is a combination of:

    1) Chess: Each side plans a strategy of offense and defense and adjusted to the moves of the opponent.
    2) Environmental Analysis: Assessment of relative strengths/weaknesses of each side in light of the political environment
    3) Boxing Match: Throwing punches and deflecting blows from the opponent

    The key to success is to be the aggressor without peaking too early or opening yourself up to a roundhouse. If you look closely, you can begin to see elements of all three of these. It is now the Dems and Johnson’s move.

  10. Lee Schoenbeck

    It is amazing that SenJohnson is now such a predictable vote for the most liberal – most Obama – position in any debate. He never waivers an inch, That didn’t use to be true, but since his staff has been calling the shots and running this puppet program — you can set your clock by it.

    1. feasant

      Tim Johnson is a rubber stamp for every liberal idea. You clowns who think the EPA and their bad policies won’t effect you, it is time to wake up. China is burning our inexpensive coal, we should be using it.

      1. Alumni

        It seems that most legislators end up being rubber stamps for the party, rather than the constituents. I don’t think this is unique to Dems.

        1. Name

          Brendan will have to own up for his dad in the future but he’s also going to get the added advantage of his dad being a senator. I don’t think it would be wise for Johnson to publicly bite the hand that feeds him.

          I’d like to see Rave say something positive about Noem rather than ripping a faux candidate. Is he really that concerned about 2012?

  11. CaveMan

    Dear Krustee;

    Syngenta and Monsanto have genetically changed some very acute genes in plants allowing not only their growth using less chemicals but also producing extremely higher yields. The choice you have is to go down to the grocery store and pay twice as much for organic food or not. The rest of the world being kept alive by the good philantrophy of the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet do not have the resources to feed themselves today on the land they live on. Should we let them starve or feed them? Johnson and Obama it would seem are in a race to outlaw Co2, gavel down on the profit making companies they cannot control, and live in this dream utopia where everything is green. Keep dreaming for what happened in South Dakota last year is happening in America next year!!

  12. springer

    Much as I dislike Johnson’s votes and policies, I do have to give his office kudos for their quick response to a serious matter that I wrote them about. Nothing to do with anything talked about on this blog and an apolitical matter. But…they called within a day, checked on the issue with research, and emailed me back twice in follow-up. Still awaiting a response from the other two legislators, and it’s been a couple of weeks. Not even a “thank you for contacting me and I will check into it” note from the other two.

    1. Name

      Personally if there isn’t an internal poll that shows Brendan Johnson tied or really close with Noem this was a bad press release.

      I’m going to assume this would be a fifty fifty since the SD GOP is acting like it is.

      1. Troy Jones

        LOL If I were playing Bobby Fischer in chess and he was white (I am black), he’d still have to make the first move and it wouldn’t mean it was a 50/50 competition.

  13. Les

    IP since you are so knowledgeable on Montana and bison, why don’t you tell us of how Turners bison on his land are eroding the ground beyond cattle?

    I’ll tell it for you Larry, bison walk straight up and down the steep hills and cattle walk around them more so on the contour. Any ag man now days understands contour farming practices helps to eliminate erosion by heavy rains.

    Fly the Wilder Buffalo Ranch north of McLaughlin and tell us how buffalo can do any better than cattle with an idiot behind the wheel.

      1. Les

        Larry’s post must have been pulled, I would appreciate replies pulled when posts are pulled so I don’t appear more off the wall than I already am.

        1. Kristi Golden

          No clue what happened to the first comment. But in the future if I have to delete a comment you make a valid point about deleting responses to the removed comment

  14. Duh

    I am not a fan of T “where’s Waldo” Johnson. His son is nice and doing his job. However, this is a really stupid ploy by Rave. First, as a GOP’er, I would think he would want Mini TJ to screw up by supporting his father in every political aspect. Instead, he tries reverse psychology by stating that he should distance himself from his father’s tactics. “Senator Johnson?s liberal voting record is increasingly putting Brendan Johnson?s ascendancy to the political throne at risk.” Again, this is stupid. TJ is in charge of creating laws. Mini TJ is in charge of enforcing them. Two totally different responsibilities. Even if Mini TJ disagreed with his father’s vote on anything, there’s very little that he can do about it. Dumb.

    I’ve always hated political ploys captioned as “Press Release – For Immediate Release” like it’s an earth shattering event. Very Juvenile.

    1. Troy Jones Post author


      This is the chess match portion of the election and the implication of the early moves aren’t easily seen until later. And sometimes the moves are based on knowledge fo the other side’s tendencies. I think they have anticipated their next move as well so I see the “reason in the madness” and I think it will work.

  15. John

    Bring back Lucas. At least his imagination was better! But I guess he is happy sucking at the public teat even if he says government is bad!

  16. Duh

    Troy, I understand but by bringing attention to Mini-TJ in a stupid way like this, you give Mini TJ more attention and credibility than he deserves. Dynasty??? Please. In NBA terms, you cannot even have a dynasty until the third consecutive victory.

  17. anonymous

    Why mess with a sleeping giant? Brendan is all the Dems have left.

    I’d hope for Ben Nesselhuf if I was Noem. It looks like we are daring Brendan to run. (Not that I think he could beat Noem but if he ran it would be competitive even if she won 55-45. She should want an easy race that won’t require much operation. She will want to conserve for Seante and intstead Rave is puffing up a future candidate and the only credible alternative to SHS).

  18. Name

    Obvioiusly the SD GOP sees that Stephanie and Brendan are the only Democrats left who are threats statewide.

    And Tim Johnson’s voting record is terrible and liberal.

    So, while Brendan Johnson uses his “nonpolitical” US Attorney job to get publicity and good PR for himself in anticipation of a congressional run, why shouldn’t the SD GOP try to soften him up by tying him to his dad’s liberal voting record?

    That just makes sense to me. That’s politics.

  19. anon

    I’m mixed on this release mainly because I agree with Rave but I don’t know what the reason for doing it was. Brendan Johnson is pretty low key at the moment.

    Unless he knows something we don’t. Which is very likely. I agree with the content but maybe not the timing.

  20. Name

    Dems are wasting their time. Noem is not ever going to lose. She is one of the best candidates in SD’s history.

    I voted for her in the primary and general and she has not dissapointed. She cannot be defeated.


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